Jorge Moll: Secrets of the Brain and More

Jorge Moll has been working in the medical industry with his colleague, Jordan Grafman. Together, the two managed to discover a lot of information about the brain and how it behaves, especially when it is subjected to a variety of factors. Several individuals were invited to become the subjects of the experiment that will be conducted by Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman. These subjects were briefed about the experiment, and they have agreed to become a part of the study about the correlation of human brain activity and being morally upright. After being given a few instructions about how the study would take action, the subjects were invited to go inside an empty room where they would be thinking about being generous and being selfish (Terra) .

As the study commences, the subjects were observed based on how their brain reacts with what they are thinking. Their brains suddenly showed extreme activity when they have thought about being generous. The machine which is measuring their brain activity have shown a great movement, and it was noted by the neuroscientists who are present during the activity. The scientists have also pointed out that whenever the subjects are thinking about being selfish, the brain does not move at all, and no activity is present. Based on the observation that they have presented regarding the reaction of the brain to simple thoughts, they came into a conclusion that the human brain responds greatly to acts of generosity, and a small portion of the brain is actually releasing the hormones which produces a pleasurable feeling for individuals. According to those who have experienced the “helper’s high” phenomenon in the past, the feeling is described as being equally pleasurable as sex or eating.

The study conducted by the team of Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman in 2006 created the framework for future experiments involving the brain. The result of the research was even presented to the scientific community, where they received countless praise and appreciation. Jorge Moll thanked everyone who has been a part of the historic study, and he stated that without the cooperation from everyone, the experiment would not end up being successful.