Sean Penn; the Author with a Keen Eye for Business and Talent is Interviewed about the Book- Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Born in California’s Los Angeles, Sean Penn is a revered American powerhouse film performer who is capable of multitasking by intensely moving his dreams into a working station. A dedicated filmmaker, Penn has drawn the attention of several media houses given his private life and personal political opinion. Most astonishingly is the fact that Penn recently quit his acting career to venture into something more significant; being an author (writing books).

Describing Sean Penn

Sean Penn grew up in California as the second born son of an actress called Eileen Ryan and Leo Penn, an actor as well as a director. It would be right to say that Sean Penn’s success is solely attributed to his roots as his parents were already nurturing a budding actor at a relatively tender age. Besides that, Penn has a brother who is an actor; Chris Penn. That sums it up when it comes to understanding his background. But why indeed did he quit his acting career?

Acting Career

In his entire acting career, Sean Penn won some of the Best Actor Academy Awards for publishing a plethora of loveable pieces that would better give a clear picture of the current society set up. Still, in his acting tenure, he had the opportunity to interview the likes of Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, Raul Castro, the Cuban president and Joaquin Guzman, a prominent drug load. And when a storm hit Haiti ten years ago, Sean Penn immersed his brains into a task that would later allow him to pin down the actual stories. At that moment, he chaired the establishment of Haitian Relief Organization, a charity foundation that receives donations to support the afflicted.

The Book

Recently, the versatile author was interviewed, and he had a lot to put across especially regarding his new book; Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The character is an American assassin who doubles as an entrepreneur. Always trying to make ends meet by juggling job opportunities, he grapples with severe loneliness, violence, and anxiety. According to Sean Penn’s friends, on a scale of one to ten, the novel scores ten.Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Sean Penn’s success story.

The Overview

Asked why he thought of this particular character, Sean Penn categorically stated that he wanted to try out something different but still, in line with his career. The book was a great place to start because he was tired of rubbing shoulders with the same faces every day thanks to his acting career.

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