Jeunesse Global: on a mission to create Generation Young

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are stalwarts of the international health, beauty and direct-marketing industries. As the founders of dozens of the most successful businesses in the field, they have gained a reputation as skilled entrepreneurs and straight shooters.

When the couple decided to retire in 2009, they had long since achieved total financial security. Living in a sprawling Florida estate, the couple had no need for any additional money. But retirement soon proved to be far more boring than the couple had envisioned. It didn’t take long before Ray and Lewis began selling a few items out of their garage. Before long, they were spending more than 40 hours a week on their new venture. Jeunesse Global had become a reality.

But Ray and Lewis weren’t looking primarily to make money from their new firm. Instead, they were interested in creating innovative products that would fill market gaps that had been left ignored by the largest players in the industry. They were also interested in creating a business plan that would allow distributors to enjoy some of the immense economic opportunities that had defined the couple’s own career even if those distributors happened to be from less-advantaged areas of the globe.

Through the creation of the Jeunesse Global business plan, Ray and Lewis were able to create a system that would allow distributors up to six different ways to earn money. As the company got off its feet, distributors from all around the globe quickly discovered that the Jeunesse Global business plan was a real opportunity to earn life-changing money.

While the company is careful to only present realistic promotional material, eschewing the gimmicky tall tales of easy riches that other direct-marketing companies have become notorious for, there are, nevertheless, now a large number of Jeunesse Global distributors who have achieved total financial independence through following the company’s business plan.

This success is no accident. With the creation of the Youth Enhancement System, a package of over a dozen of some of the most revolutionary health and beauty products on the market, Jeunesse Global’s items virtually sell themselves.

Lime Crime A Blossom Demand

Riverdale’s very own Cheryl Blossom is always a vision to be noticed. Cheryl’s never boring attire matches perfectly with her bold and beautiful full lips. When acting the role of Cheryl, Madelaine Petsch needed a makeup that was almost rebellious. The choice she made in lip colour is something to be obsessed with. A lip product in the the Matte Velvetine collection by Lime Crime suits Cheryl’s unicorn personality perfectly. Lime Crime offers a vegan, cruel free makeup that matches vivid and bright people like Cheryl.

Outside of playing the role of Cheryl, Madelaine has many other colors and palettes to choose from at Lime Crime to match any role she plays. From Lime Crime’s more natural Hi-Lite glow to their flashing metallics and glitter lip colours this unique company based out of Las Angeles, California allows Cheryl Blossom to pop like the queen she is. Not only is this lip colour perfectly pigmented for the role of Cheryl it has many other wonderful qualities that Madelaine loves. The liquid, easy to apply colour is vanilla scented, kiss proof, and will not rub off! The classy red rose inspired colour container is just bright enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Lime Crime creates obsession with ease, pleasing the most picky customers with their variety . Lime Crime lipstick is perfect for the glammed up look or the bright, wow, and vivid color look. For a little Cheryl Blossom style just apply a swipe of Lime Crime’s red velvet on those lips to add pop, use the Venus palette for a even and natural eye shadow, and pair with some black mascara. Curls or Spiked hair work well with any of this line. From Cheryl’s bright red evening gown to the more natural fur coats, Lime Crime goes with it all. Its the make up for any type of unicorn and any type of person. The fans of Cheryl Blossom absolutely demand that Lime Crime lipstick is a must have.