Transforming the Classroom Experience

Since its release ClassDojo has been transforming the classroom experience for students, teachers, and parents alike. The goal of using the app is simple. Those who utilize the app are aiming to create a more tailored classroom environment for the students involved. Thus, ClassDojo encourages parents and teachers to communicate in a more effective manner so as to provide the best learning environment for the individual students. Parents and teachers are able to achieve this level of communication through out the day. One strategy for continued communication between parents and teachers has been for parents and teachers to send pictures through the app. Further enhancing the communication between parents and teachers the app allows for private messaging. These messages can then be translated into any language. While communication between parents and teachers is one of the app’s essential features it is only one step towards achieving the overall goal.

ClassDojo also aims to increase the participation of students within the classroom. The app provides numerous features allowing for the success of students. One such feature is to allow for the students to share their own photos and videos of their experiences. As the student builds confidence in his or her abilities to complete the assignments offered in the classroom, the child will more likely share their moments throughout the app and in the classroom. In addition to this, ClassDojo also offers a section to help students focus on and improve key areas of learning such as active listening, working hard, helping others, and leadership skills. This feature allows for students and teachers to identify the skills that the child is struggling with and actively aim to improve them.

In short, ClassDojo is a wonderful app that allows for better communication between parents, teachers, and students. It is transforming the classroom.