AvaTrade Review: Trading with one of the largest forex brokers

AvaTrade is one of the leading forex brokers in the world. The company was started in 2006 and has offices in different parts of the world including New York, Dublin, Tokyo Milan and other locations across the world. The company is regulated and licensed by major European financial institutions such as the Central Bank of Ireland as well as MiFID. AvaTrade is also regulated by the Financial Services (FSC) of Japan, B.V.I Financial Services Commission and ASIC in Australia. AvaTrade has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.


Trading Accounts offered by AvaTrade

AvaTrade has several accounts that users can easily get started with. However, there is one standard account where a trader is required to deposit a minimum deposit of $100. AvaTrade also provides both variable spreads beginning from 0.9 pips. Compared to other online forex brokers, AvaTrade offers the most competitive spreads. Other orders available on the AvaTrade platform include Limit orders, Entry Limits, market orders, Entry stops among others.


As a trader in AvaTrade, your funds are held in separate account for security purposes. Considering the high number of forex brokers online, most people are always are cautious while making transactions. Hedging is often allowed in spread betting and is tax-free. It is important to note that spread betting is exclusively available for Traders in the UK and Ireland.



AvaTrade was one of the first forex brokers to start CFD trading on stocks, commodities, and indices. Besides, it was also the first forex broker to introduce currency trading on its platform hence making it possible for retail traders top easily access the Bitcoin market. From our AvaTrade review research, AvaTrade is one of the most transparent forex brokers in the world when it comes to how it handles its users. The fact that the company is regulated by major European financial institutions such as the Central Bank of Ireland makes it even more credible.


Education & Bonuses

The company has a generous deposit of about $40 for new clients opening accounts at AvaTrade with a deposit of $200 and above. In addition, AvaTrade also offers online courses to its traders in order to familiarize with forex trading.

Igor Cornelsen Maintains Independence in his Sterling Investment Consultancy

Few people have achieved as much as Igor Cornelsen in the world of investment advice. In an interview on IdeaMensch, Igor says that he has maintained an independent mind all through his investment and financial advising career. He says that he avoids being influenced by the opinions of other analysts and professors interviewed and publishing articles all over the place. Mr. Igor is a respected financial advisor and investment guru in Brazil. He has a wealth of experience spanning several decades.

The Insights Responses Igor Gives

Mr. Igor was asked how he manages to develop a concrete set of ideas that he uses to enrich his clientele and followers in the investment segment. Mr. Igor notes that he is only convinced with facts. He says it is the only way to give advice that will positively influence upcoming investors. Mr. Igor also notes that it is from wide reading and catching up with current news that he manages to understand and predict market trends. He says that his day starts early in Brazil just when the markets in Europe are opening. He seeks business news. He says that it is news that influences the markets more than anything else. Mr. Igor was asked how he came up with his investment advisory career. He says that it was a natural occurrence. He had accumulated sufficient experience in the financial sector. So the business he started can only be a product of a rich knowledge base and insights he drew from his long career.

Background and History of Igor

Mr. Igor Cornelsen was born in October 1947 in Brazil. He attended one of the most prestigious Engineering Schools in Brazil at the time. It is noted that gaining a placement at the Federal University of Parana was not a mean feat. He studied Engineering for two years before he changed courses and pursued Economics. He completed his studies in 1970 and joined investment banking. He was one of the graduates that the investment banking sector loved to employ because of their exceptional ability to calculate complex interest rates with shifting base figures. He excelled and was promoted to higher ranks. He became the CEO of Multibanco in 1976. When Multibanco was acquired by The American Bank, Igor moved to work for Unibanco and, later for Libra Bank. View: https://about.me/igorcornelsen1