Academy of Art University & Its Winning Ways

There is no denying that art, in every form is the most beautiful way to express an emotion or feeling. Throughout history, even dating back to the days of the caveman, art has been a way of communicating and socializing. In extreme cases, art can also be an escape from a negative situation. Without a doubt, art is extremely important to the advancement of individuals and their mindsets. Needless to say, we need art and its forms more than it needs us to create it. Now that we understand how important art is to all of us as people, we get to acknowledge and be appreciative of the platforms who constantly and consistently promote art and its positive effects. Having said all of that, one of the most beneficial places that promote the advancement of art is none other than the prestigious Academy of Art University. Since its establishment in the late 1920’s, the Academy of Art University has proven year after year that artform is the way to a more creative and positive future. In fact, is based in San Fransisco, we can clearly see how the Universities promotion of art has effected such a diverse yet unique city. Nonetheless, here is more on Academy of Art University and how it has been winning in the promotion of art.

Academy of Art University & The Oscars

As mentioned before, the Academy of Art University has been more than beneficial in establishing the many different art forms. Among them, the Academy of Art University has recently won big on the animation side of art. For those who are unfamiliar with the Oscar awards nominating and winning movie “COCO”, its brilliant art creativity and imagination came from the mind of a former Academy of Art University student. This is just more proof of the effectiveness of the Academy of Art University and its influence in mainstream media. Because of its vast knowledge of the many artforms, the University has been able to succeed far away from the school itself. In addition, as we can see from how successful “COCO” was, the Academy of Art University is winning in all aspects of art.


The Vision of Jose Henrique Borghi in Marketing

Jose Henrique Borghi has been able to build a very impressive resume in his years of advertising in Brazil. He has been able to help many companies bring publicity to their name by creating some incredible marketing campaigns down through the years.

Jose Henrique Borghi knows that he is one of the best role players in the marketing industry. He has worked with several firms, and the marketing that he is done through Mullen Lowe advertising agency has become known through a variation of businesses like Kraft, Boeing and an assortment of other American companies.

Multimillion-dollar companies are part of the resume that Jose has composed for himself. His experience is quite impressive, and people can relate to what he has been able to do as a strong business professional. He has a wealth of marketing experience, and he definitely has been able to prove himself to be a great leader in marketing concepts that people can trust.

That may be the thing that has led Jose to become the person in charge of a multitude of campaigns. He has presented good work over the years, and a lot of business leaders feel as if they can trust the marketing campaigns that he brings into place. He has sound judgment on what will work, and he knows about the things that will not be successful to marketing to mainstream crowds. His advertising experience is invaluable when it comes to global marketing because he knows about Brazil and other cultures in the following: click here.

He is well aware that there are certain marketing campaigns that will work in America that will not work in Brazil and vice versa. It takes someone that knows about different cultures to connect with different environments even though they are trying to promote the same product in two different places.

Jose Borghi And Mullen Lowe Avoids Mediocrity

In order for one to succeed, there is something that he has to avoid. Mediocrity is the very thing that should be avoided for people who want to be successful in their own attempts. The funny thing is that society has mixed messages about how to be. While society does often say that people should do everything they can to fit in, it also gives messages on how it is good to stand out in some way. This could confuse people. The truth is that both standing out and fitting in is good for the lifestyles of various people. However, entrepreneurs might want to stand out.

Among the people that stand out is Jose Borghi. He is someone who is willing to avoid mediocrity. One of the ways that he has managed to rise above mediocrity and achieve his own status of greatness is by pursuing something that he is passionate about. As a matter of fact, when one pursues his passions, he increases his chance of not only succeeding but also truly shining and leaving his own mark in the world. This is one thing that Jose Borghi has managed to do with his career. Visit

There are plenty of advantages that come with daring to stand out. For one thing, people who dare to stand out and do what they want tend to find themselves a lot happier than those who just work a job and settle for something that gets them some income. For one thing, the person who is not working the job he likes is more likely to lose it. If he builds his business or works towards something he is passionate about, then he is more likely to take his career and his business to higher stages in its success for his career and the life of his company.

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