Sharon Prince Relates Carrie Mae Weems’ Performance With Grace Farm’s Initiatives

Carrie Mae Weems is a recognized American artist that has built her career over the years. Her performances address the power of occupying one’s space in society. Besides, the artist throws her weight behind the matters of inequality, race, violence, and race issues. Carrie performed, Past Tense, at Grace Farms recently in a show that addressed the mentioned issues in a big way.

The artist professionally applied images, words, and text to ensure the audience grasped the real message. She noted that society fails to stop violence by taking the value of life lightly. However, the theme of, Past Tense, rekindles the hope to change the attitude towards violence and embrace the value of life. According to an interview with the New York Times, Cassie admits that she is optimistic about the possible change in the issue of violence.

Weems points out that the changes would take shape by embracing a sense of hope, goodwill, and aspiration. Grace Farms founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Prince, was quick to note that the performance was in line with the facility’s mission. Sharon stated that Carrie Mae Weems’ show touched the critical areas of sexism, power consequences, violence, and trafficking.

Grace Farms began operations to provide the spaces that Carrie Mae Weems addressed to the public. The facility opened its services in 2015 for the public space needed in being useful in the universe. Grace farms doors remain open for the public to enjoy nature six days in a week free of charge. The facility has a built a reputation in providing the community space for participating in events and study nature. Go Here for more information.

Prince’s motive to start Grace Farms was to execute her passion for improving the lives of the community by engaging them with nature, faith, and justice. Sharon opened Grace Farms as a bridge between her vision and the community. The facility continues to win global admiration besides scoping various top-rated awards. Her desire to help people and the fight against humanity is admirable.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

She is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.

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Sharon Prince And Grace Farms

Sharon Prince is a successful business leader who is making a positive impact on others. After enjoying a great career in the corporate world, she decided to start a non-profit company called Grace Farms.

Grace Farms provides refuge for people who are struggling with various addictions. Prince is also committed to ending human trafficking. Sharon believes the government should spend more money to protect children from becoming victims of human trafficking.


Sharon has a business degree from the University of Tulsa. When she attended college, she worked several jobs to pay for school. She graduated with honors, and she started working for a local company.

Sharon earned several promotions early in her career. Although she enjoyed a successful career, she felt like something was missing from her life. She decided to spend more time volunteering with people in the community.


Sharon is passionate about helping children who come from tough situations. She joined a local education club that provided a safe place for children to learn. Each week, she read books to children at a local school. She decided to start a company for several reasons. She had a lot of business experience, and she wanted to use her expertise to help others.

Future Goals

Sharon Prince plans to continue expanding Grace Farms for the foreseeable future. Each year, she helps hundreds of people improve their lives through her program. She also wants to write a book about her experience helping others. She firmly believes that everyone should spend time and money helping people in the community.

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