Susan McGalla On How Women Can Climb The Corporate Ladder

Susan McGalla is the founder and chief executive of P3 Executive Consulting. She has deep expertise in branding, talent management, operational efficiencies and marketing. She also offers expert consultancy services to organizations that need these skills. She has spoken on many forums such as Carnegie Mellon Conference for CEOs and Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh, check, for related article.Susan McGalla’s speeches usually provide women with the skills and tactics that women need to get ahead in business.

According to McGalla, the most important asset that a career woman should possess is higher education. As the economy becomes more skill dependent, more women will need to gain university education. Susan McGalla encourages young women not to be turned off by the high cost of a college education. She advises them to plan smartly and obtain financial aid and scholarships. Susan states that the number of women with higher education is increasing. Additionally, female college enrolment rates have been surpassing males’ in recent years.

After obtaining their degree women will enter into a workforce that is male dominated. This situation can lead to a loss of confidence in their own abilities. She advises all women to find support networks that will help them achieve management positions. She also advises women to work for managers who encourage women to boost their aspiration levels. Additionally, women should not work with a chip on their shoulder. They should not feel entitled because of prior prejudices. A woman who focusses on her work ethic will help break stereotypes by letting her work speak for itself.  More of McGalla on

Women who follow the three simple strategies outline above will be more likely to rise up the corporate ladder. Statistics for the Labor Department show that women make up 46.9% of the work force but only compose 14.6% of executive positions. Women need to be more proactive to change this situation. Be sure to follow this link.

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Cassio Audi Understands Investment Markets

One of the mot interesting parts of the financial world is how different investment markets affect investments. An investment can be in one market literally halfway around the world but a situation in another country can affect that particular investment. The reasons why this can happen and does happen are varied. Markets are a part of the financial world that hold many keys to the success of investments.

Therefore, for people who make investment decisions, a big key to investment success is handling the market changes that will occur. Investment companies are often placed in decision making positions related to investments. In many of these companies, there are people whose primary job responsibility is to watch the markets. These professionals are placed with the task of following markets on a daily basis to determine what is occurring in the markets and what might occur in the markets that could possibility affect investments that are managed by the investment companies.

Decisions concerning markets and investments are made based on what these professionals decide. Investment companies put a lot of time and effort into following and understanding markets because the companies recognize the importance of the markets. In addition, all markets behave in certain ways based on situations but also based on location. The markets in Brazil will react to certain changes differently than other markets; investment managers and other investment professionals must understand the differences between markets.

Cassio Audi is a professional in the investment management field who has learned how to follow markets both locally and globally. Cassio Audi has worked in the investment profession long enough to discover the various characteristics of the markets that respond to specific conditions and situations. This knowledge has helped Cassio Audi to be able to make good investment decisions related to market changes.

As the markets change, investments tend to change based on the flow of the markets. Investment managers like Cassio Audi who have learned how to follow and recognize what markets do are in a position to make investment decisions that can save or make a lot of money.

Anthony Petrello Helps Businesses And Kids In Need

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia view their young daughter Carena eating as nothing short of a miracle. At eight years old, Carena finally mastered chewing her food. Carena is afflicted with a brain disease known as periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL. This neurological disease is due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brains of infants, making it difficult for them to perform basic tasks as they grow older.

Because of this personal experience, Petrello, the President and CEO of Nabors Industries, is dedicated to helping treat this and other neurological disorders in children. He not only has donated five million dollars to this cause, he also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has looked at potential treatment methods at places like John Hopkins University and UCLA.

Petrello has earned both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. He worked for the law firm Baker and Mackenzie from 1979 to 1991, specializing in international arbitration and corporate law. He was brought on as President and Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries in 1991. At the time, the oil drilling and exploration company was coming out of bankruptcy. Anthony Petrello turned around Nabors, and today, they are a six billion dollar company.


An in-depth Look at the Career of Vincent Parascandola.

About 25 years ago, his career in financial consultancy commenced. Vincent Parascandola started working as an agent of Prudential in the year 1987. During this year, he was honored to be named National Rookie of the year. In the year 1990, he joined an insurance company known as MONY Life Insurance. While here, Vincent Parascandola held various management positions both locally and regionally. Mr. Parascandola joined AXA Advisors, LLC in the year 2004 where he held the position of president of The Advantage Group which is a unit of AXA Equitable. He previously was a co-manager of AXA New York Metro branch that has more than 400 financial professionals.

From the year 2009 to 2012, Vincent Parascandola was the president of Continental Division a branch of AXA Advisors, which is located in Northeast and has branches in Hawaii and California. His responsibilities here was recruiting, human resource, compliance, and management development.

As a result of his hard work and able leadership, Vincent Parascandola has received many management awards which include the coveted GAMA’S Career Development and the Masters Agency Award. Many companies and industries seek for him because he is an excellent speaker. He has spoken at conferences such as GAMA’S national LAMP Meeting as well as LIMRA’S distribution conference.

Vincent Parascandola is the past chairperson of LIMRA’S Field Officers Committee and is a member of past president of Florida chapter and GAMA. Vincent Parascandola presently sits as the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors where he is in charge of sales, recruiting, retention, management development productivity as well as the elaboration of both experienced and new professionals. Under his leadership, AXA Insurance has been named the number one insurance company in the world for eight consecutive years.

Vincent Parascandola graduated from Pace University, New York where he earned his Bachelor of Science. In the year 2014, he went to Pace University where he gave a commencement speech. He received his MBA in finance from Fordham University.

Mr. Vincent has various skills that enable him to work competently. They include asset management, estate planning, financial services, as well as retirement planning. His present location is New York.


Creating A Positive Environment With ClassDojo

Parents know the importance of communicating with their children’s teachers. They are aware of the benefits of having a fruitful relationship with the teacher. A relationship that is built on respect between teacher and parent allows the students to have a great experience at school. The teacher will know what to expect of the student and the parent will know what to expect of the teacher. New technology is making it easier for parents to communicate with teachers and the other way around

A new mobile application called ClassDojo is taking the academic world by storm. With ClassDojo, teachers can message parents whenever they like. ClassDojo creates a positive culture between classrooms and schools. It is a communication platform that skips the guessing work and puts the control in the hands of the parents. This mobile application allows students to let their parents know how they are doing in school. ClassDojo is a great resource because it makes it easier for parents to know what is going on in their children’s lives, especially during times when they are not around them.

ClassDojo has recently done something great. They have raised over $21 million in venture capital during a Series B round of venture funding. The co-founders of the application Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don stated that the company loses the round in 2015. The company will be using the money to grow their team and new content and features for parents to use. They are trying to implement new features that will make it easier for parents to use the application at home. The founders are looking to guide parents to allow them to enhance the learning experience for their students at home. Check on

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There are many features to the application already. Teachers can share the school schedule to parents. Teachers can also send photos and videos to parents within the app. Based on, ClassDojo is used by 85,000 schools in the United States. The schools that use ClassDojo are private schools, charter schools, and large public schools. The grades that are using ClassDojo are kindergarten through 8th grade. Privacy is very important for the co-founders. They are dedicated to making sure that children’s information is never shared and compromised.

ClassDojo is doing great things within the education industry. They are taking a simple thing like communication and making it a hugely successful mobile application that many, teachers, parents, and students will use for years to come.


Working for Her Community: Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is currently one of the most successful lobbyists in Texas. Having been thrust into politics as just 21 years old, she quickly showed the world what she was made of and became extremely powerful in the political realm. Having now been named in Texas Monthly’s POWER profiles and the Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power, Andrea McWilliams is showing no signs of slowing down.

Andrea McWilliams helped to found McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, a consulting and lobbying firm for those companies, organizations, and non-profits that want representation on Capitol Hill. McWilliams and her husband, Dean, work together to provide a bi-partisan and unbiased approach for their clients, winning them several victories over the years. One of the latest victors was winning over $100 million in breaks and incentives for the energy industry and advanced clean coal, making Texas the first state to adopt this new way to burn coal.

Andrea McWilliams has also been very involved in her community over the years. Having been born in Austin, she finds it extremely important to preserve the architecture and culture of old Austin for the foreseeable future. She has been a President of Inherit Austin an organization that was created to protect Austin’s architecture, and is currently on the board of Preservation Austin, the Pease Park Conservancy, and Ballet Austin. McWilliams is also on the board of several other non-profits, including the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Austin Children in Crisis, Pioneer Farms, the Mexi–Arte Museum, and Arthouse. She has been named to the Austin American-Statesman’s Fortunate 500 list and been called a “style setter” by Austin Fashion Week for her work with local non-profit organizations. She has even been given an Austin Under 40 Award and a Woman of Distinction Award by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas for her efforts.

Andrea McWilliams will continue to work for her clients and community into the foreseeable future.

A Look at Jeffry Schneider

Even though he has a range of causes that he supports, as a father, he has a wholehearted commitment to help disadvantaged kids around the world. In fact, Jeff has made it his mission to help kids everywhere as he knows they are our future. By supporting children, he is supporting individuals indefinitely as they mature into adults, make decisions, and impact our world. In this way, Jeffry will continue to inspire others even after he is not directly present in their lives. Jeff deeply believes in the power of people everywhere honing their strong suits, so he encourages all to strive towards self-actualization. His naturally giving personality is invigorated by uplifting the less fortunate, and in doing so, he hopes to leave a legacy that encourages others to do the same with their time.

Utilizing his leadership skills, Jeffry Schneider has helped many kids over the years improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. He’s worked tirelessly with organizations inside and outside of schools that focus on enriching the lives of children. In these programs, Jeffry has empowered kids to realize that they have the power to achieve any aspiration in life. From working with kids who have been through the trauma of natural disasters to spending his time at facilities for mistreated children, Jeffry uses his knowledge and innate skill to teach today’s youth the value of health and hard work.

The world understands the value of taking care of children. They remind us how precious innocence is and give us hope for the future. While caring about one’s own children often comes easily to a parent, today, it is uncommon to find a person that does as much as Jeffry Schneider does for other people’s children. A father of three, Jeff Schneider understands how vital a solid home support system is to a child. With the world changing quickly, it can be easy to forget about principles like altruism, but selfless giving is crucial for the fate of our future. Fortunately, Jeff is willing to step in and be a role model for not just his children but for any child that needs care.

Childhood obesity, the plight of today’s youth, is a major concern for the US, so Jeff is doing all that he can to combat the problem. In addition to charity, Jeffry Schneider has been devoted to fitness his entire life. Now as a father he tries to inspire kids everywhere to stay physically active and is especially interested in rebuilding communities starting with their youth. Today, Jeff works with kids of all ages and backgrounds and volunteers a majority of his time at local nonprofit organizations that focus on abused and neglected children. He knows how important it is for kids to learn healthy habits in their early years, so he aims to teach kids mental and physical wellness tips as early as possible. By showing children what it means to commit to a healthy lifestyle and by taking the time to mentor them, Jeff strives to show children how making small changes in the present can improve their future.

An accomplished runner, Jeffry Schneider, is part of a cadre of entrepreneurs dedicated to health. The group rises earlier than the sun for a cardio workout before their work day begins. If he’s in a location where he can’t access a gym, he goes to the nearest park for a jog or run. In addition to daily exercise, Jeff enjoys participating in marathons, eating a healthy diet, and practicing meditation. It’s remarkable and inspirational to see how much energy he devotes to his health especially compared to others in his industry. His devotion illustrates the notion that no one is too busy to adopt healthy habits.


Cancer Treatments Jump Into the Future With Help of Eric Lefkofsky

For those that have been diagnosed with cancer, any glimmer of hope is needed in what is often the darkest time in their lives. On top of the physical damage caused by the disease itself, not to mention the separate damage caused by the treatments employed to combat cancer, the financial strain, as well as the emotional strain leave patients looking for some sort of respite from the pain.

Often the potential to better treat the disease is hampered by the sparse ways in which it is treated. A lack of a unifying system that is collecting real-time data about the successes and failures of each course treatment leaves doctors and the patients charged in their care fighting a battle very much on their own.

Working to end that issue, Eric Lefkofsky founded his company, Tempus, with the goal of bringing together all of the data doctors would normally collect during the course of their treatments so that it too can aid other doctors tasked with fighting the disease. With each successive patient treated, the collection of data continues to become more useful and effective in fighting the disease. The systems created by Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus create more possibilities for each new patient that enters the system.

Though data collection and analyzation have been used in numerous ways across the world, from creating the algorithms that control traffic signals to discovering which demographics are at higher risk for cancer, this is the first time it is being actively deployed to help doctors.

The system works by gathering data from each individual patient and then using hat aggregate data to make connections between what treatments work most effectively and which only cause needless harm. So as each patient is treated they potential help countless others who will come after them.

The work being accomplished by Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky is certainly indicative of the heart and empathy inherent in its founder. To learn more please click here.

What Drives Troy McQuagge Towards Professional Success

Troy McQuagge is a corporate leader by profession. Currently, he heads USHealth as its Chief Executive Officer and President, an organization that he joined in 2010. Ever since he set foot into USHealth, he made it his vision to transform all the operations that the company has had involvements with in the past. Under his leadership and guidance, USHealth has been able to record unprecedented success, due to Troy using new approaches of doing things.

According to Troy, productivity is of the essence. He uses his expertise to nurture and motivate his fellow employees so that they can deliver quality output at the end of the day. Also, Troy has revolutionalized how USHealth Group distributes products to the rest of the world. To this end, Mr. McQuagge is the Gold recipient of the One Planet Awards, an honor bestowed only to the best of the best in the corporate world.Although McQuagge is a corporate executive, he values the productivity brought about by employees under him. To this end, he acknowledges the award he received for the combined effort of his employees since he would never have managed to drive the company to the place it is today. Under his leadership, Troy has seen to it that the price of quality health care comes down, so as to make it affordable to everyone.

Besides, Troy McQuagge appreciates the extent to which technology has been of impact to the world. As a result, he tries as much as possible to integrate technological advancements in the operations of USHealth Group, a step that has helped reduce the cost of healthcare provision.The USHealth Group is an institution that deals with health insurance and its current location is in Texas. It is an organization that has aimed at providing health-related assistance to small business owners and to people who are self-employed. With USHealth Group being an institution that deals with insurance packages, it has a strong team of highly trained professionals who try their best to sell company products to clients.

Also, the company has invested heavily in customer service, since the institution understands that it is its rich customer base that has enabled it to experience much success and growth over the years. USHealth is an organization that grows with its clients. It has customized its services and products in such a way that they complement the needs of customers. Thus, customers and USHealth Group have an equal chance of benefiting from the insurance packages.With a highly competent workforce, the corporation will not only boost its overall profit margins but will also be able to help people in matters concerning health and health care. Thus, Troy McQuagge has focused on seeing to it that USHealth grows to help ordinary citizens.

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Susan McGalla Shares Advice As a Leader That is Very Useful

A lot of people who represent a disadvantaged group are going to try to empower the group. However, they tend to do it in ways that are not quite so empowering. Among the things they do is cater to the plight of the group. At the same time, there are no goals or pieces of advice that can help the group overcome. Instead, a lot of emphasis is placed on the idea that they are victims of the system and that they are owed by society. One of the issues with that is that it teaches the disadvantaged group to just sit down until someone finally gives them the ultimate handout.

Susan McGalla takes a different approach. Check her on  She understands the way the system works. Therefore, she is willing to talk about a different way of moving forward. She advises women to work. This is not to say that she believes women should slave away. Instead, she believes that women should do more of an intelligent type of work that will get them ahead and able to support themselves. She offers plenty of useful insights that tell them how to relate to others. She also lets women know what to avoid in the workplace.  Read more about McGalla, click on

Be sure to check on this.

Susan McGalla is a lot of positive things. One thing that she does not encourage people to adopt is an entitlement mentality. This is the type of mentality that takes people nowhere. Unfortunately, a lot of leaders tend to have a combination of entitlement and self pity. Susan McGalla did not allow time to deserve better or be entitled to what she wants. Instead, she has understood for the most part that everyone works for what they have. Therefore, she takes the time to do everything she can to get ahead in an honest and productive way.