Securus Technology being praised for its effectiveness in preventing and solving crimes

Picture this scenario, you are the person in charge of a certain correctional facility, and you start suspecting that there could be some inmates that are planning illegal activities with the help of people on the outside. In as much as you would like to make the accusations, you will need strong and conclusive evidence that supports your claim. This is where companies such as Securus technologies come in. The company has been around for the past four years and for the time that they have been there, they have been offering services such as monitoring, surveillance, reporting, background checks and related services to people that need the services.

The people that have used the solutions that are offered by Securus have nothing but praises for the team. They are happy about the cutting edge technology that is used in their tracking processes, the accuracy of the data collected and the speed with which results are achieved. One of the people that used the services stated that they were for a long time suspecting that one of their employees was engaging in illegal activities. When the company was called in, they were able to put in monitoring devices and have the administration monitor what the person was doing without their knowledge. They discovered that the man had been trying to introduce contraband to their company. With the evidence that had been gathered by Securus’ Cameras, they were able to confront the person, an arrest was made and he was brought to justice.

This is one of the many cases of customers that are in love with the services Securus is offering. The company has been serving more than 20,000 in correctional facilities across the country. They have invested millions of dollars to get state of the art technology, their call center has permanent staff and their service is superior to that of all other service providers.


At Look At Equities First And Its Presence In The United Kingdom

What Is Equities First?
Equities First is a financial company that has its headquarters in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. The company was founded in 2002. It is officially known as Equities First Holdings, but is often just referred to as Equities First.

Equities First Limited fulfills a small niche market in the financial services and lending industry. It provides loans and alternative funding for both businesses and high net worth people for non-specific purposes. These loans are backed by securities such as stocks, bonds and treasuries. Such loans are often much better for borrowers seeking non-purpose specific loans from traditional avenues such as banks.

The company is a small boutique lending and financial service company that employs about 17 people full time. Despite having a relatively small staff and only serving a limited niche market, Equities First Limited has a truly global presence with its loan and financial service offerings. It does business on four different continents and has successfully completed over 600 financial transactions with businesses and private individuals.

Locations Of Equities First And How To Contact Them

Its corporate headquarters and main office is located at 10 West Market Street, Suite 3050 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 USA. The main office can be reached by calling 1.866.507.9160 or sending a message to [email protected]. Its UK location is at The Prow on 1 Wilder Walk, London W1B 5AP. You can reach Equities First in the United Kingdom by calling +44.203.747.3270. Additionally you can send a message to [email protected]

Equities First also has a second European location in Switzerland. Its office address is at Rue du Rhône 14 1204 Geneva, Switzerland. The telephone number to reach the Switzerland branch is +41.22.819.1997. A message may be sent [email protected] via the web. Please be aware that a call or appoint may be necessary before visiting any Equities First Location outside of the USA, as the office space may be shared with other financial companies. for more.

Jose Borghi And Mullen Lowe Avoids Mediocrity

In order for one to succeed, there is something that he has to avoid. Mediocrity is the very thing that should be avoided for people who want to be successful in their own attempts. The funny thing is that society has mixed messages about how to be. While society does often say that people should do everything they can to fit in, it also gives messages on how it is good to stand out in some way. This could confuse people. The truth is that both standing out and fitting in is good for the lifestyles of various people. However, entrepreneurs might want to stand out.

Among the people that stand out is Jose Borghi. He is someone who is willing to avoid mediocrity. One of the ways that he has managed to rise above mediocrity and achieve his own status of greatness is by pursuing something that he is passionate about. As a matter of fact, when one pursues his passions, he increases his chance of not only succeeding but also truly shining and leaving his own mark in the world. This is one thing that Jose Borghi has managed to do with his career. Visit

There are plenty of advantages that come with daring to stand out. For one thing, people who dare to stand out and do what they want tend to find themselves a lot happier than those who just work a job and settle for something that gets them some income. For one thing, the person who is not working the job he likes is more likely to lose it. If he builds his business or works towards something he is passionate about, then he is more likely to take his career and his business to higher stages in its success for his career and the life of his company.

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Innovative Lending Alternatives Emerge at Equities First Holdings, LLC

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) is a financial service company that provides lending solutions for businesses that have a high-net-worth and are looking for a non-purpose capital. The firm was founded in 2002 and has its head office at Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition, its branch office is located in New York City. It offers loans based on its assessment of risks and future performances of treasuries, stocks, and bond.

Since its founding, Equities First Holdings has enabled individuals and companies to obtain alternative funding against publicly traded stocks. As a result, the firm has transacted more than 650 applications that are worth over $1.4 billion. Furthermore, the funds provide clients with high loan-to-value rates, a lending risk assessment ratio that is examined by financial institutions before approving a mortgage, at minimum interest rates.

Margin Loans versus Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings has increased its transactions in margin loans and stock-based loans. However, Al Christy, Jr., the founder and chief executive officer of EFH, notes that borrowers have difficulty in distinguishing margin loans from stock-based loans. In the case of margin loans, borrowers should be pre-qualified before applying for it. This is because; the bank may need to know the purpose of the loan. Additionally, the interest rates on loans are variable, and the loan-to-value ratios are between 10 and 50 percent. However, the bank can liquidate the collateral without notifying the borrower in case of a margin call, when a broker demands an investor to deposit more money to compensate possible losses that may arise.

Stock- based loans allow the borrower to use the money for any purpose; thus, the loans are non-recourse. Moreover, the borrower is offered fixed interest rates, an interest rate on a liability like a mortgage that remains the same during a loan period. It also provides the loan-to-value ratios that are between 50 to 70 percent. for more.

Services Offered by Equities First Holdings

Just like modern businesses, Equities First Holdings has capitalized on the mistakes of other businesses to offer quality and unique services. The company was established years ago after financial institutions tightened the lending criteria making it difficult to acquire a loan for a normal person. This move saw a migration of customers from margins loans to stock-based loans. Equity First Holding specializes with the customers that are in need of quick capital but does not meet the qualifications that have been put in place by the banks. EFH US is based in the US city of Indianapolis, Indiana with other offices in big cities like New York and Chicago. The chief executive officer of this company is Al Christy, and he says that plans are under way to expand its services to other cities in the United States.

Since its inception in the year 2002, EFH has managed to expand its operation in other parts of the Globe such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. As a result, the following subsidiaries have come into place; Equities First Holdings Hong Kong, Equities First Holdings London, Equity First Holdings Singapore and Equities First Holdings Australia. All these subsidiaries offer the same services offered by the EFH US.

One thing has remained constant with all the branches. They continue to operate with the highest level of transparency and integrity. Customers are guaranteed that their stocks will be returned at the end of the deal. Over the years it has been operational, Equity First Holdings has managed to conduct over 700 transactions that have on the other hand earned the company over $1.6 billion. Their loans have low interest rates and are also fixed. The borrowed money can also be used for any purpose, and one can choose to walk away from the loan without further obligation. for more.

Prolific Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Steps Up Fight against Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky has been a huge supporter of cancer research. The influential Chicago tech figure had in the past made huge monetary contributions to fund the search for a cure to cancer. However,   Eric Lefkofsky took his contribution in the field a step further and co-founded Tempus; incorporating smarter technology to fight cancer.


Tempus is a technology company that has constructed the largest database that contains molecular and clinical data. It is regarded as the world’s biggest library of its kind and incorporates the use of an operating system to enable access to the data.


Once the data is accessible, it becomes useful, especially to physicians. They are able to quickly analyze a large amount of data that is available. Quick and accurate analysis enable doctors to plan more effective treatment plans for patients.


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Tempus’ approach to diagnosis makes use of genome and transcriptomic sequencing alongside deep machine learning in their labs. This process produces a comprehensive report on each tumor exhibited by a patient. Thus physicians come up with more personalized treatment options after such a thorough analysis of the molecular and clinical data.


In previous reports by the Chicago Tribune, Eric Lefkofsky was quoted comparing Tempus to an operating system for oncologists. The company avails all the necessary data that allows them to figure out the next course of action.


Genome sequencing not only guides the immediate treatment options for a patient, but it also encompasses the future treatment options too. The advantage of this is that it lowers the chances of patients receiving treatments that may not work. Physicians see this as something that will ultimately improve survival rates.  Based on


Tempus has collaborated with physicians, researchers and even health providers such as the Mayo Clinic. This collaboration further advances the development of cell culture and novel automation technology which is vital in the medical field combating cancer.


Various therapies will be therefore evaluated in synthetic models or animal models instead of patients. Tempus Health Inc. office has incorporated a genomic sequencing lab. This facility has the capacity to offer its services to more than 50,000 patients annually. as such, it has received a lot of credit globally.


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Who is Kevin Seawright?

Kevin Seawright is a big name in the world of finance and leadership. At the moment, he holds two management positions as he holds the position of executive vice president and chief financial officer. He holds these positions at the Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Since he started his career, he has experienced great success as a leader and an entrepreneur. Many organizations and business owners have come for his advice, and he is always ready to advise them accordingly.

He has worked consistently in the financial management and administration. His career has been fulfilling, and he is still succeeding in various leadership positions. Though he has accomplished a lot in life, he still lives a life that is public and interacts with people through their daily lives.

He is active in Social Medial and is popular on Twitter with many people following him because they want to see the knowledge that he shares through those platforms. His career has flourished in both public and private sectors since he has also worked for the government.

Though working in the government in Maryland and other private organizations, he has gathered a lot of experience. While working with the government, he succeeded in various programs.

According to Crunchabse, Kevin Seawright also used to work for a construction company still it a success and got a lot of experience. He has worked with a passion for transforming small companies to big organizations and small cities to large urban centers. Newark CEDC saw the excellent services of the talented entrepreneur and decided to hire him for his services. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

The organization aims at ensuring the development of the small organizations and helps them achieve their goals. Kevin Seawright is the suitable person for the position because he has always had passionate about developing and guiding business owners to obtain great things in their business.

So far they have achieved a lot under his leadership. There is the rapid development of communication network since that is one of the agendas of the Newark community.

They have also created human resources and helped much small business to achieve their missions. The organization knew that by seeking the leadership skills of Kevin Seawright, they would make a lot. He knows that to succeed in what you do, you should have the passion for doing it.

Brown Modelling Agency: A model for all agencies

The world of career modeling or acting is a very intimidating one. Standing on the outside looking in, anyone who has even the slightest aspirations to join, it can look like a far and distant world. That is where an agency such as Brown can make a difference. Based in Austin, Texas, Brown Agency was founded by Justin Brown. And they specialize in fashion, print, commercial print, commercial print, film, and television. Coming from a modeling background himself, it was only natural that Justin Brown decided to start his own agency. Armed with a business management degree he started the company JB Models and Talent back in 2008. Two years later the company was licensed by the famous Wilhelmina National Agency. This gave Brown Agency a lot more resources to work with.

The reason for Justin’s attraction towards a city like Austin was very simple. He found the city to be open to new ideas and it was the right size. Austin, which can be described as the little big city, has a vibrant television, film, modeling and of course music scene. Compared to most cities, Austin has a more open culture. All these factors put together made Austin a natural choice for establishing the agency there. But what about the day to day stuff? How well does talent do at Brown agency? This is a question best answered with numbers. As of 2015, Brown agency oversaw the career of 450 models and actors! Not bad for an agency with around 10 employees. Many of them go on to bigger careers in modeling and acting.

So, for those who are looking to get into the world of modeling or entertainment, it would be a good idea to take a closer look at Brown Agency. They hold an open call every Thursday from 3 to 4 P.M. If you can’t make it, then they have an option of uploading your photos on their website.


George Soros Supported Causes

George Soros is a very generous man to causes that he believes are right. Most of the money that he gives is provided by his Open Society Foundation that he founded in 1993. This organization gives millions away each year with a majority of it going to causes backed by the Democrats.

Human Dignity
The first value of the Open Society Foundation is the right of all humans to live with dignity under the rule of law on Investopedia. The foundation actively supports think tanks that would see fewer people incarcerated like the Sentencing Project, All of Us or None and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Fully Participate in Life
The second value stated on their website is the right for everyone to fully participate in civic, economic and cultural life. According to Discover the Networks, he actively supports the American Federation of Teachers that has voiced a very left-wing agenda since 1997. George Soros is also a supporter of American Friends Service Committee who believes that American policy is responsible for most of the suffering around the world. George is also a funder for the American Institute for Social Justice who works to support minimum-wage bills in many states.

Stop Discrimination
A third goal is the stopping of discrimination including race, class, gender, sexual orientation and citizenship. He is a supporter of the American Immigration Law Foundation working to make sure that illegal aliens can stay in America. He is also a major funder of the American Library Association who supports the rights of all Americans to use libraries without having their information shared with law enforcement agents on Forbes.

Holding Legislators Accountable
Soros funds several organizations that aim to hold legislators accountable for the laws that they pass or support. According to the Media Research Center, George Soros has spent over $48 million buying news outlets. Some of these outlets include:

National Public Radio
The Washington Post
The New York Times
The Center for Investigative Reporting
The American Prospect Magazine
The Committee to Protect Journalist
The Center for Public Integrity
Independent Media Institute
The Media Fund
Columbia Journalism Review
Free Press
The Lens
Media Matters for America
The Nation Institute
National Association of Community Broadcasters
National Association of Hispanic Journalists

George Soros came to London as a young man from Hungary where he studied at the London School of Economics, and he worked two jobs. After graduation, he moved to the United States. George Soros has a brilliant business mind that has allowed him to make billions in the stock market where others have failed. He has the right to spend his money as he desires. The public has the right, however, to understand when his voice is influencing a topic that interests them.

The Manaira Mall – A Crown Jewel in Robert Santiago’s Portfolio

Roberto Santiago is one of the prominent businessmen from Brazil. Roberto Santiago’s life is a classic tale of a man who started his career from modest beginnings by working at café Santa Rosa and gradually went on to become one of the most successful businessmen and visionaries in Brazil.

He is also the owner of the Manaira Mall, one of the largest malls in Brazil. It is located in the state of Paraiba in the area of Manaira which has a large urban population. A brainchild of Roberto Santiago, the mall opened to the public in 1989 and since then has made a name for itself in Brazil for its international standards and exclusivity. Read more on Polemica Paraiba.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall is indeed a crown jewel in Roberto Santiago’s accomplishments, and it certainly shines the brightest. No effort was spared in the construction of the Mall or in furnishing it with the best interiors. It is located in a scenic environment close to the coastline of João Pessoa and has been expanded at least five times since its construction. Among other fixtures, the mall also houses bowling alleys, restaurants, movie theaters, shops, food courts and many more commercial enterprises that make it a one-stop for the urban population of the city.

The Manaira Mall is a favorite destination for people from all age demographics, especially for shopping and entertainment. It has well over 250 stores which cater to the shopping needs of the entire family. The movie theaters in the Mall are among the most popular sections of the mall. It has 11 state of the art theaters, which also offer exclusive bar services to its guests. Three of the 11 theaters are equipped with advanced 3D technology, which is a treat, especially for the children. In addition, young people also love to visit and spend long hours playing video games at the popular Game Station, which offers a unique gaming environment to entertain kids and adults alike. For the food lovers, the Gourmet Space in the Manaira Mall offers a wide variety of cuisines, including the popular Steakhouse. Situated above the food court, is the popular concert hall, called the Domus Hall. True to Robert Santiago’s standards, the Domus Hall is fitted with the best amenities including air-conditioning, state of the art sound facilities and it host an audience of up to ten thousand guests.

Roberto Santiago’s achievements are not limited to his business. He is also a sportsman who loves racing and has won championships in motocross and karting.

Proof to Roberto Santiago’s sharp business acumen, are also his varied investments in other industries where he saw opportunity much before others did. It is not by coincidence that Roberto Santiago went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil.