Siteline Cabinetry Produces Custom Finishings At Competitive Prices

Siteline Cabinetry is a custom cabinet and home finishing company that is owned by The Corsi Group. The company was founded in 2015 with the intention of combining modern production and supply systems with traditional craftsmanship. This allows customers to purchase custom cabinets that are produced quickly at a low price.

Siteline Cabinetry uses a detailed ordering system that allows customers to select from hundreds of different options. The company offers 289 different kinds of materials. These options include many different kinds of wood, paint, and finishing. They offer traditional light woods, and they offer modern dark woods that work well with contemporary designs. Siteline Cabinetry produces cabinets that are of such high quality that they do not need paint or varnish. This offers a sleek look that speaks to the value of the cabinets. They can even make cabinets out of metal.

Siteline Cabinetry can produce many different designs. They offer forty-five different cabinet doors. They can produce cabinets with any kind of shelf spacing, and they offer designs that are perfectly designed for different uses. Siteline Cabinetry can install cabinets with wire shelves, slide out features, and they have cabinet door designs for small spaces.

Siteline Cabinetry uses innovative design, supply, and manufacturing techniques to produce the best cabinets while keeping costs low. Customers pick features out of a catalog that cuts down on design time. They source their materials for dependable suppliers that allow them to always have access to what they need. These suppliers help Siteline Cabinetry keep their prices at a rate comparable to mass produced cabinets. Siteline Cabinetry uses skilled craftsmen who work in a streamlined manufacturing process. They generally have between fifty and two hundred employees at any one time. This means they can have different employees work on different parts of building a cabinet. These innovative techniques come together to allow Siteline Cabinetry to produce custom cabinets with less than a month of waiting time.

Stream Energy Chairman Rob Snyder Replaced by Bouncer

Energy and connected life services retailer, Stream Energy, had to replace its chairman, Rob Snyder. Snyder stepped down from his position after a strong 13-year career with the company. Snyder left some big shoes to fill, but Stream had just the right man for the job. They hired Mark “Bouncer” Schiro to take over Snyder’s position as the chair, and he is delighted to take the spot. He commented that he appreciated that the company trusted him enough to give him a chance and that he wanted to be a part of the company’s future growth.

The reason that Stream Energy hired Schiro for the job was that he already had a ton of experience with the company. Schiro had already served on Stream’s team as a board member and as the chief executive officer. He was not new to this field. Stream’s board feels strongly about his aptitude for the position because he has been longstanding in his career there. He was the perfect match to work smoothly with the management staff and take the company in a fruitful direction. Snyder is happy to see that Schiro is his predecessor.

Board member, Don Kendall commented that Rob Snyder had been a pivotal member of the team because he brought forth profits and growth. The board wanted someone who could live up to his reputation, and they felt that Schiro was the perfect person to do that. Everyone is hoping that he will make some magic happen.


Details About Stream Energy

Stream Energy graced the world with its presence for the first time in 2005. It’s founders Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji wanted to make a difference in Texas, so they started a small energy company. The services the company offered quickly grew from just energy and expanded to other things like services for the home and everyday life. Now Stream has expanded to eight states and offers an entire menu of items that can help improve its customers’ quality of life. Stream Headquarters is currently in Dallas, Texas and Larry Mondry is the CEO at this time.

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Glen Wakeman’s Personal Strategy for Business Success

Glen Wakeman describes himself as a business leader that improves his performance by constantly questioning his core ideas in business ideas and in life. He regularly reevaluates his decisions by asking whether he’s delivering a solution that meets the high standards of his customers, whether it is providing high value, whether his offering is different and if his product or service is adequately represented by a simple and clear message.


The Accomplishments

Wakeman’s approach to developing his business philosophy has produced some outstanding results. A veteran executive of GE Capital with 20 years of solid business experience, Glen Wakeman grew to become the CEO of GE Money in Latin America where he built a working business plan that generated $2 billion in income and employed 17,000 workers. In his earlier roles at GE Capital, Wakeman served as the General Director of the Global Insurance Ventures division where he grew the London-based operation’s assets by more than $3 billion. His business accomplishments drew the attention of the Board of Directors, who recognized Wakeman for his performance and him for his achievement as a Growth Leadership role model, see more.

A believer in the practical application of his education, Glen Wakeman’s academic accomplishments leading up to his success in the business world are equally impressive. Prior to earning his MBA from the University of Chicago, Glen Wakeman received his BS in Finance and Economics from the University of Scranton. He is also Six Sigma Black Belt certified, read here.

He has a penchant for bringing ideas together with money in winning combinations. The key is to create an execution plan from a business idea to create a business success.

A routine day for Wakeman often involves going over the previous day’s business results. These come from sources such as sales figures and capital figures. After reviewing this data, he puts together an action plan that gives his team their marching orders for the current day’s order of business. Wakeman ends the day reflecting over a cup of tea, a margarita or coffee.

His latest project Launchpad Toolkit allows Wakeman to reach a broader range of entrepreneurs with which to share his strategies, mentoring and leadership through a highly effective software solution, discover more.


Stream Energy expands its wings to Delaware

The year 2017, on December 5, Stream energy which is a leading provider of connected life services and a direct selling company officially launched its services in Delaware. This was its second launch of expansion of energy in 2017 after the Illinois market was opened in September. This is the eighth state that has been added to stream energy’s expanding energy retail provider across the country. Other states include New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois and Washington D.C.


In a press release Larry Mondry the CEO and President, Stream said that the company was thrilled to finalize the application process and licensing and Delaware was officially added to Stream Energy’s list of energy states. Customers in Delaware will have to choose from Stream’s 12-month fixed-rate plan and six-month fixed-rate energy plan at a market pricing that is competitive. Chief Operating Officer Dan O’Malley was excited about the momentum of expansion and looked forward to 2018 as Stream energy expands to new markets read more.

Stream Energy is a company that provides home, wireless, protective and energy services. It was founded as an American natural gas and retail electricity firm. The company’s headquarters is located within the Tallway Center in Dallas. The company uses the multi-level marketing approach as its primary sales channel. Initially, it recruited through Ignite, one of its multilevel division which later merged with the Stream energy brand in 2014.


Stream Energy’s Services

Customers of Stream energy enjoy a variety of packages and services.

Energy services- Stream energy offers a variety of energy products plans that are affordable and designed to suit your budget and lifestyle. This includes natural gas, electricity, and tools specifically designed to help you with managing your daily usage.

Wireless services- Stream energy ensures you stay connected through its cell coverage that is nationwide and data options that are unlimited which is powered by 4G LTE network. Stream energy offers simple wireless plans ate very affordable prices you will love.

Protective services- Stream protective services covers your health, travels, technology and identity so you can live a worry-free life.

Home services- Stream services ensure you are connected whether at your home or no matter where you are, through Stream Home Services such as Digital Voice.

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Matt Badiali’s expertise in natural resources helps readers invest in them

Thoroughly educated scientist Matt Badiali knows a lot about natural resources. He has a Ph.D in Sedimentary Geology. There he had a change of mind in 2004 when a friend introduced the idea of working in the finance industry. Then in May of 2017 he launched his newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist with the Publishing giant Banyan Hill. Due to his extensive background in the natural resources industry Matt was able to use it in his newsletter. It is all about investing in natural resources. It was a clear fit for Matt and has worked out very well for him. He helps average people make smart investments in metals, energy, and natural resources.

The average day for him starts bright and early in the morning. He gets his daughter off the school and drinks a cup of coffee as he reads the news. Keeping up with what is going on in the world Matt likes to watch the Weather Channel and Bloomberg as he reads through the headlines. He arrives at the office at 8am and writes for about two hours, which is when Matt is at his peak energy. His work style is more relaxed after lunch focusing on reading, meetings, and phone calls. He uses his own experiences to draw readers in. Mr. Badiali carefully chooses topics that people can relate to, telling a story as he goes. The Ph.D is able to be pretty productive by focusing on one thing at a time. He is able to block out other distractions to get stuff done before deadlines. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

Matt Badiali attended Penn State University and got his Bachelor of Science in Geosciences/ Geological and Earth Sciences. From there Matt went to Florida Atlantic University and received his Masters in Geology and Earth Science. On top of that Mr. Badiali got his Ph.D in Sedimentary Geology at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The 20-year Natural Resource Industry Veteran is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Matt Badiali has worked in a number of countries all over the world. He has worked in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Iraq, Singapore, and many other places.



White Shark Media: Being the Leader in Advertising

White Shark Media is one of the leading digital marketing companies in the world today. They are doing their best to help small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses to gain more customers and clients. They are now considered as one of the most prominent advertising firms in the United States which are helping the startups to promote their brands and gain a lot of customers. White Shark Media is doing their best in promoting their customers and clients online, and they are creating pages on social media for the businesses who are asking for their assistance. White Shark Media is also responsible for marketing the brands that they are supporting to a vast audience and using their resources, they are trying to make each brand’s viral overnight. Creating a huge following is one of their goals because they believe that marketing in the 21st century is focused on gathering more customers and reach.

White Shark Media is also one of the legitimate partners of media and broadcasting companies, and they are using this influence to promote the brands of their customers and clients. Starting as a small advertising firm in 2011, White Shark Media has gained the reputation for being a reliable advertising firm, and the demand for their services started to grow in the past few years. White Shark Media is also trying to conquer different markets, and one of their focuses is concentrated in the North American and the South American market.

White Shark Media continues to become one of the fastest advertising firms in the world, and because of their online presence, more customers are asking for their help. They have the ability to make a brand popular in just a short amount of time, and with the vast network of influencers that they have, they can promote the brand and make it viral in a short amount of time.

EOS Crystal Vegan Lip Balm Review

A few years ago, the words “lip balm” brought to mind a classic tube of Chapstick or Carmex. Generally, lip balm looked the same and had the same result: protecting your lips from getting dried out and keeping them supple and smooth. The traditional view of lip balm was changed forever when breakout brand EOS (Evolution of Smooth) emerged on the scene. Distributed in a cute, compact sphere, EOS delivered a smooth, creamy formula that kept people’s lips hydrated while delighting the eye with an unorthodox but fun round container.

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Today, EOS has all but taken over the trendy lip balm world. It has been plugged by numerous celebrities as their go-to lip balm and they’ve built up over six million followers on Facebook alone. Making something like lip balm trendy is not an easy feat; after all, it’s main purpose is to prevent chapped lips. Yet EOS seems to have mastered marketing in such a way that consumers are excited to buy their lip balm.

To add even more pizzazz to their brand, EOS recently unleashed brand new vegan crystal flavors of their classic balm. EOS has struggled with the vegan market because their initial launch of balms contained beeswax, making them not vegan friendly. However, they are changing that with an exciting, new balm that anyone can use, vegan or not. Not only is their new balm free of animal byproducts, it is absolutely clear, which is a trend that’s been dominating 2018. It’s aesthetically pleasing in a jewel-shaped container, so it’s no surprise that they’ve already sold out of their new crystal vegan balm multiple times. The vegan balm comes in two enticing flavors: peach and hibiscus, and for the low price of $4.99, it’s safe to say that this new crystal balm is a hit. Check it out here!

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The Leader, CEO And Role Model

In October of 2017, one of Bradesco Banks oldest and most respected executives retired at the age of 91. Lazaro Bandao was serving as the President of the board of directors at Bradesco bank. Brandao has been working at Bradesco bank for over 70 years and is only the second president of the board of directors. Brandao will be replaced temporarily by the banks current CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also been with the bank for almost five decades. A tradition in Brazil is to hold only one executive position and therefore, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will find a new CEO by March of 2018. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will retain the presidency of the board of directors however. The Banco Bradesco’s bylaws say the maximum age for the CEO is 65, but in 2016 it made an exception for Luz Carlos Trabuco and changed the bylaws to 67. Now, at the retirement age Luiz Carlos Trabuco will replace the revered nonagenarian Brandao as president of the board of directors.

In the seven-decade history of Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is only the fourth CEO. The first CEO was none other than the legendary Amador Aguiar. Today, Banco Bradesco is the second largest financial institution in Latin America. It manages over $280 billion in assets and has a loyal workforce whom many have been with the bank for decades. For example, Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme, who has been with the company since he was 13 years old, will take up Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s vice-presidency role of the board of directors.

Read more: Lázaro Brandão será substituído por Trabuco no conselho do Bradesco

During Brandao’s retirement function Luis Carloz Trabuco announced that his replacement as CEO would be chosen according to the banks traditions. The banks tradition states that one of the banks Vice Presidents will be elected as the new CEO according to There are currently seven Vice Presidents including Mauricio Machado de Minas, Alexandre da Silva Gluhar, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Josue Augusto Pancini, Marcelo de Arujo Noronha, Octavio de Lazari, and Andre Rodrgiues Cano. One of these talented and qualified men will become Banco Bradesco’s next Chief Executive Officer in March.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently the CEO and President of the board of directors at one of Brazil’s largest financial institutions, Banco Bradesco. Born in Marilia, Brazil in 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had an immaculate career and is an exceptionally hard working leader and role model. He earned his bachelors degree in philosophy, science and letters from the University of Sao Paulo and his masters in socio-psychology from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo. He joined Banco Bradesco while still in college at the young age of 18. A little over a decade later he was promoted to Departmental Director and after several productive years was again promoted to Managing Director Executive and then quickly to Executive Vice President a year later. In 2003, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became President of Bradesco Seguros where he excelled at his position. Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco Seguros had phenomenal growth, doubling its assets and increasing its ROI by 7%. His brilliance and excellent performance earned him the respect of his peers who would elect him as the fourth CEO of Banco Bradesco in 2009. Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco took the helm the bank has seen a 75% increase in accounts and is now comprised of over 5000 agencies.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues in the footsteps of his predecessors. He maintains Banco Bradesco’s traditions and culture of providing loans to everyone and supporting financial services that are not glamorous or even lucrative to the company. These minor services help more people and in turn elevate the banks reputation and responsibility to the entire Latin American community.

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Tony Petrello- A leading executive in the drilling industry

The United States has many wealthy persons. However, not all of them have become wealthy through hard work. There are those who have gained their wealth through the use of conniving techniques that draw cash from innocent people. On the other hand, there is a group of brilliant minds who have earned their wealth through hard work. These are people who have come with brilliant ideas that have worked. These are ideas that have resulted in the development of the country as a global center for innovations. Among the people who can claim to have earned everything, they own genuinely, Anthony Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries is one of them. He is a brilliant manager who has led this drilling firm in becoming the best firm in the world. Nabors Industries is leading the way for other companies to come up with ideas that will create changes in the society through enhancement of the economy.

Anthony Petrello joined the company in 1991. He was committed to seeing the company change. His life has been marked by great achievements and this was one area that he was not going to allow any underperformance. He had everything to prove with his role in the drilling firm. Before he joined the drilling firm, Anthony Petrello was working as a lawyer. He is not a trained business executive, he has no academic qualification in business. This was his first attempt at business management. Previously even before he joined the legal field, he was a mathematician. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is a dedicated business executive, he has been diligently in his work. He has implemented measures that have made this company the greatest in the world. His ability to remain innovative at all times have kept the company on a steady trend of growth. He has been able to keep Nabors Industries ahead of the competitors at a time. Nabors Industries which is located in Texas has been growing at a very high rate in recent times. It is a company that has the best drilling rigs in the world. This makes it the best services provider in the world. It is the ability to provide best services have made it a global leader. It has experienced its operations in more than 25 countries in the world.

Under the management of Anthony Petrello, it is clear that the company will continue growing. It is a company that is doing very well and shows signs of maintaining this trend for a long time. Anthony Petrello’s brilliance is great for the company. He is a brilliant manager who is not leaving anything to chance for his company. Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Will Purchase Tesco This Year

Securus Technologies: Preventing Crimes and Improving Inmates’ Quality of Life

A good man had been shot for doing his job well. This good man was shot a total of six times in the chest and stomach, and his life has never been the same since then. The doctor already told his wife and family that he would not survive after the accident, as the bullets hit vital parts of his body, causing great damage, but he had other plans.


This man is Robert Johnson, a civil and criminal justice correctional officers whose primary task is to confiscate illegal contrabands in the prison he is working in such as improvised weapons, cash, narcotics, cellphones, and others. Robert was doing so good in his job that he earned the ire of several hardened inmates, and this almost cost him his life.


One morning, Robert Johnson heard a loud sound on his door, and he knew it was a hit ordered by an inmate using a contraband cellphone from inside the facility he’s working at. This almost cost him his life, but even after he survived the hit, it only made him more motivated to stop contraband items, especially cellphones inside prisons. One particularly disturbing incident motivated him more to continue this line of work. It was a hit, again ordered through contraband cellphone inside a prison, to kill a baby because that baby’s uncle did something that the inmate didn’t like.


Robert Johnson now is more passionate than ever to stop inmates’ use of contrabanded cellphones inside prisons, but he knew he couldn’t do it the old way. He knew that there should be a more efficient way to prevent criminals from doing more crimes inside prisons, and that’s when he started working with Securus Technologies as a consultant.


Securus Technologies is the leading technology provider for correctional facilities across the United States, and they have become known for their effective Wireless Containment Solution which is used to prevent contraband cellphones from being used for calls or internet.


Securus Technologies has prevented more than 1.7 inmate calls using contraband cellphones across the country. Several search and arrest warrants also have been issued with the help of systems provided by Securus that led to arrests of criminals outside the facility and even prison staff collaborating with inmates.


The company has developed many useful technological solutions for the prison environment, and their biggest strength is in the communication sector, where they improved the quality of the telephone services in many agencies and developed a tool for monitoring calls that had already been performed.


Another useful tool developed by the Securus Technologies is the Wireless Containment Systems, where they allow for law enforcers and owners of the prisons to control the wireless usage and keep track of the IP’s that connect.


This specific environment was changed when the entrepreneur responsible for the company almost died.