The remarkable initiatives for the people of Dallas by James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. He has done a lot of humanitarian work and has donated millions of his proceeds to non-profit organizations and charities. James has always worked hard to improve the standard of education for the students of Dallas. He has also joined hands with many other people to work together for the betterment of Dallas residents. He has achieved a lot through his hard work and commitment and wished to achieve a lot more in his life.


The Dallas Zoo has improved a lot with the help of the money donated by James. James has donated almost one million dollars towards the development of this park through his organization. With the help of this amount, a Highland Hippo Hut with an area of approximately four thousand five hundred square feet was built. This hut is currently used by the management of Dallas Zoo to arrange private events.


Since James is a staunch supporter of bringing reforms in education sector. His organization has donated almost two million dollars to the Southern Methodist University. The aim of this fund is to educate students on certain topics like public policy making, access to main leaders in the globe, opportunities for students to go abroad and get an education there along with internships. His donation also serves to help needy students with the finances of the school or who are unable to get a college degree. The program run under his donation provides professional development, leadership, mentor support, test preparations and internship programs.


Another venture of James is George W. Bush Presidential Library. This library has a purpose of promoting a deep understanding of President Bush administration through artifacts and historical records. The library and institute aim at developing a sense of leadership among younger generations to understand the current political structure and become great leaders in the future.


Capital for Children is another initiative by James. It’s a network of investment and management professionals who volunteer to aid the needy children particularly residing in Dallas by providing them quality education

About Alexandre Gama and his Career

     Alexandre Gama is respected as one of the top business men in Brazil. He owns an advertising agency in Brazil called Neogama. Neogama is situated in Sao Paulo but is known for serving clients all around Europe, the United States and beyond. Thanks to the able leadership of Alexandre Gama, the agency has made it to the top. It has been recognised as one of the best 20 advertising and communication agencies in Brazil alone.

Alexandre Gama is not only the founder of Neogama but also serves as the firm’s CEO as well as Chief Creative Officer. The firm has made it to the Publicis Groupe, a network of advertising agencies. Gama is one of the six leaders of the network whose headquarters is in Britain. Most people attribute the success of the network to the leadership it enjoys.

When Alexandre Gama is not working, he enjoys listening to music. Most people do not know that he is also a car lover. He has also invested in the sector and has a collection of his own. He also loves helping the poor and participating in causes that transform lives. He is also thinking of venturing into the technology and design industry.

Redefining the Brazilian Real Estate with Jose AuriemoNeto and JHSF

JHSF is one of the major real estate companies in Brazil that is making a big impact in this South American nation. This real estate company is well known in its dealing with affluent buildings and clients both in the residential and commercial sector. Some of the projects this real estate development company has been previously involved with includes high-end hotels, shopping centers and airports to name but a few. Currently, JHSF is located in the heart of Sao Paulo and serves the vast Brazilian economy. The company has also opened its doors to the outside market and now enjoys a market presence in cities such as New York in USA as well as Punta del Este in Uruguay.

The success enjoyed by JHSF is majorly attributed two factors; first, the good leadership it enjoys through Jose AuriemoNeto and a resource of talented employees. JHSF employs highly skilled and competent individuals in all its departments starting from administrative to construction. Thanks to this team, the company is able to identify and take advantage of new opportunities that comes its way therefore being able to stay ahead of its competitors.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto is the most celebrated and established real estate leader in Brazil. Currently he hold the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in JHSF a company he has been involved with since 1993. Mr. Neto has been remarkable in strengthening the service department of the organization. He was at the forefront of building JHSF first service department when he set up Parkbem, a company that specialized with the parking management in 1997. The success of this firm led Mr. Neto to go into managing “Santa Cruz shopping mall” a project that has helped the company achieve a lot of success.

Mr. AuriemoNeto is a graduate of Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University. In addition to his education and industry experience, Mr. Neto has always been passionate about the real estate industry having been brought up in this industry by his father Mr. Fabio Auriemo, JHSF’s founder.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and Top Media Firms in Mexico

     Currently, the media industry in Mexico is growing and vibrant. Mexico has a wide array of entertainment, information and news sources offered via a broad spectrum of modern and traditional media. Examples of major regional and national magazines and newspapers include El Norte, Milenio, El Universal, Reforma, and La Jornada just to name a few. There are major top broadcast TV companies such as Televisa and Azteca. As a result, Mexicans have quite some options for pay television, radio, and even internet.


This company operates national TV networks with entertainment, news, and sports broadcast on approximately seven channels. Televisa is one of the biggest media companies in Hispanic America. In fact, it is the second largest corporation in the media industry in Latin America. The company also operates a subsidiary TV cable well known as Televisa Networks which distributes the programs via satellites.


TV Azteca, on the other hand, is the second large company in Mexico’s media industry that is owned by Grupo Salinas. This company is in competition with Televisa as well as other local media companies. The company reaches over 13 countries in Central and South America. Apart from that, Azteca also owns two soccer clubs known as Atlas and Monarcas Morelia.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is a Mexican native who serves as the Director and Executive Vice President of Groupo Televisa, S.A. Alfonso has had the privilege of being on the board of the company since 1997. Afterward, he became the Chief Financial Officer between 1999 and 2003. In 2009, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega became the finance committee chairman for Televisa. Currently, Alfonso sits on the board of Sky Television, Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, and Empresas Cablevision.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was the instrumental financial mastermind who brokered a 1.2 billion dollar deal between Univision and Televisa which aimed at improving the company’s access to the American Hispanic market. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega kick started his career as the CFO of White & Case LLP. He later on progressed and became a founding partner in Mexico’s leading law firms Angoitia, Mijares and Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. Mr. Alfonso is an active Philanthropist Nad is heavily involved in charitable organizations such as Kardias A.C and American School Foundation.

The Vision of Jose Henrique Borghi in Marketing

Jose Henrique Borghi has been able to build a very impressive resume in his years of advertising in Brazil. He has been able to help many companies bring publicity to their name by creating some incredible marketing campaigns down through the years.

Jose Henrique Borghi knows that he is one of the best role players in the marketing industry. He has worked with several firms, and the marketing that he is done through Mullen Lowe advertising agency has become known through a variation of businesses like Kraft, Boeing and an assortment of other American companies.

Multimillion-dollar companies are part of the resume that Jose has composed for himself. His experience is quite impressive, and people can relate to what he has been able to do as a strong business professional. He has a wealth of marketing experience, and he definitely has been able to prove himself to be a great leader in marketing concepts that people can trust.

That may be the thing that has led Jose to become the person in charge of a multitude of campaigns. He has presented good work over the years, and a lot of business leaders feel as if they can trust the marketing campaigns that he brings into place. He has sound judgment on what will work, and he knows about the things that will not be successful to marketing to mainstream crowds. His advertising experience is invaluable when it comes to global marketing because he knows about Brazil and other cultures in the following: click here.

He is well aware that there are certain marketing campaigns that will work in America that will not work in Brazil and vice versa. It takes someone that knows about different cultures to connect with different environments even though they are trying to promote the same product in two different places.

Cassio From Music to Finance

Cassio Finance Background
Cassio Audi is a 46 year old Brazilian, with a rich professional background in finance. In 1994, Cassio graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University and later earned an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo in 1999. This laid a foundation for his future career at the Dow chemical and agricultural corporation among other firms both private and public. Cassio, who is result driven, has been in the finance profession for more than 23 years.

Cassio Passion for Music
What most people do not know is that Cassio, who is a successful result-driven financial expert, has a passion for music. He was once in the music industry and produced big hits in the 90s. What started as a band for teenage boys from the same neighborhood, in 1985 led to the establishment of a band called the Viper. This was after making attempts in other bands leading to the main metal band in Brazil (Viper). This was the only band by then that incorporated a variety of genres like thrash metal and rock.

The Viper Band
The Viper band gained momentum after they went on a trip to Largo, and encountered Celso Barbieri, who hosted a program that had an influence on the Brazilian rock music. They did a presentation that led to a performance at the SP Metal Project making more fame.

The Viper Growth
Cassio as a drummer of the band was responsible for creating the rhythm and uniting the band. His prowess contributed to the release of hit songs, like ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in 1987.This was one of the biggest heavy metal hits, and was played on radio shows thus gaining prominence in magazines. Cassio witnessed tremendous growth of his band such as the opening of the Motor head show and the release of the ’Theater of Fate’ album.

Delicious Lips with EOS!

The owners at Evolution of Smooth, the innovative company responsible for creating the EOS lip balms, recognized a need for a lip product that was not only effective, but tasted great. Their plan was to shake up the beauty isle of every drugstore with a selection that provided organic ingredients, tasty flavors, and which broke free from the common ‘unisex’ idea of lip care. Competing against a brand that was over 100 years old, they knew there was much room for improvement. The results have been astounding.

Adopted by famous stars and personalities, it has become a trendy fashion statement to brandish this colorful, tasty little sphere for lip moisturizing, jump to this link.  All the EOS lip balms contain shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and are gluten-free and paraben-free. With over 10 different flavors and formulas, EOS has set the world of boring, bland, waxy lip care on its ear!


Below are just a small sampling of the delicious flavors available:

PASSION FRUIT (PURPLE) – A tropical delight for your lips! Sweetly flavored, this all-natural balm will moisturize and soften your lips, and do it deliciously!

SWEET MINT (LIGHT GREEN) – The sweet, minty flavor and long-lasting moisture will keep your lips hydrated and smooth all day long. Give your lips the fresh flavor they crave! Get your favorite lip balm here on

BLACKBERRY NECTUR (PURPLE AND WHITE SWIRL) – Part of the Visibly Softer line of balms, this swoon-worthy selection is enriched with natural conditioning oils, shea butter, and enhanced with Vitamins E and C for soft, beautiful lips all day!


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Whether you are looking for an exciting, flavorful way to moisturize your lips, or want a little shine and tint to keep your smackers smooth, EOS will fit the bill scrumptiously! Healthy, smooth and hydrated lips are within reach, and you owe it to yourself to give these a try!


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EOS rocks three new Visably Soft lip balms

Oh my! EOS has introduced three new lip balm flavors called Visibly Soft to their already yummy selections. I’m so excited to try them all but the first one I tried is my new favorite. The new flavors are Blackberry Nectar, Vanilla Mint, and wait for it COCONUT MILK! I love, love, love coconut. EOS lip balm are all 99% natural with conditioning oils, shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C & E . This wonderful formula glides on smoothly and keeps lips moist and soft. Each on is Petrolatum, Paraben, gluten, and Phthalate-free. Now that’s what I call naturel and isn’t that really what we are looking for? Check out more amazing articles here on

I can’t wait to try the others which is really easy since with the small compact design I keep one tucked in my purse, desk at work, and on a counter at home for easy access. My lips feel softer immediately. There are also many other options such as their seven original lip balms, two light shimmer balms and three stick balms. Treat you lips to something special, shop now at Look at their site Evolution Of Smooth to view all the wonderful balms and get shopping, check out more products here. Also look for these little wonder spheres in your local stores. Your lips will thank you.

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Rocketship Education Non-Profit public school system

Rocketship charter school have locations in the Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington DC. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network that consists of public elementary schools. Rocket schools are mostly located in low income neighborhoods where children do not have access to a quality education.

Rocketship charter school in the Bar area is located in the center of silicon valley. The Bay area location is the first established location for rocketship charter schools. There are currently ten rocketship charter schools located in the San Jose area. With an area rich in diversity and immigrant populations, rocketship charter schools seek to provide an education opportunity for those who are wanting high quality educational instruction. In addition to the ten San Jose charter locations Rocketship also has one location in Redwood City and another in Concord. Rocketship charter schoold educate roughly six thousand students and have an additional 1,200 on an established wait list.

Rocketship charter school was founded in 2007 and 75% of their students from kindergarten to fifth grade are ELL. They have continually been in the top ten percent of school districts in California that educate low income families. Rocketship charter schools refers to their students as rocketeers and they create customized learning plans for each student to meet their specific needs. While the main focus is the childrens education, rocketship also engages their teachers. Teachers are provided with leadership programs and dedicated coaching to help them grow both on a personal level and in the professional work place. Irregardless or their level of experience, these services are provided to all Rocketship teachers.

Parents are a key factor for the rocketeers at Rocketship charter schools. The schools believe that parents who take an active roll in their childs education will create a positive impact on that child. Rocketship encourages parents to be active at home and in the classroom through volunteer opportunities.


EOS Lip Balm Visibly Soft Spheres

There are a lot of lip balms, but few give your lips not just soft lips, but also taste good. That is why EOS Visibly Soft Spheres are something you might want to try. They give your lips some great softness while they taste great. Interesting articles here on .


Vanilla Mint

This flavor is great for you if you want a sweet taste with just a little bit of mint. This will make your lips feel tingly and fresh while they also help to heal the lips if there is any chapping.


Coconut Milk

This flavor is a fun mix of sweet coconut and a smooth feeling of milk in the lip balm. It is soft and makes your lips feel smooth and good. You might want to try this flavor if you don’t want anything that is too sweet. This flavor can be a nice change from the others you may have tried.


Blackberry Nectar

This one is sweet and tastes great. If you are looking for something that is sweet and soft, then this one is for you. The blackberry is super sweet and it’s a wonderful change if you are not using a lip balm that is sweet already, you may avail this lip balm on


There are a lot of options for your lip balm needs, but EOS is one of those that will help you to heal your lips and keep them feeling soft. This will help you to keep your lips happy and healthy. Take your time when you are looking at the flavors you might like. You might want to try a few different flavors that will help you with your chapped lips. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS lip balm today and have great feeling lips tomorrow. Additional reading on this link.