Vijay Eswaran Continues to Grow QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman who was born and raised in Malaysia. He was born in Penang in 1960 to a local school teacher and a member of the national government. After finishing his secondary education, Eswaran ended up moving to the United Kingdome where he earned his bachelors degree in London. After finishing his degree, he spent several years living in various places across Europe while working odd jobs.

Eswaran ended up moving to the United States in his mid-20s and earned his MBA from Southern Illinois University. While he was in school he was able to get a part time job working at a multi-level marketing firm, which gave him the experience necessary to continue to develop his career. After working for a multi-level marketing firm in the US for a few years, Eswaran moved back to Malaysia.

While working in Malaysia, he ended up gaining a strong reputation for understanding the concept of multi-level marketing. At this time he was approached to help start a new company called the QI Group, which would ultimately prove to be one of the top marketing firms in the world. The QI Group today helps customers in a wide variety of industries including consumer goods, transportation, and wellness.

While he is still heavily involved in the growth and management of the QI Group, Eswaran is also involved in a number of charitable causes. He currently sits on the board of directors for a few different charities and donates a considerable amount of time towards the advancement of those causes. Eswaran also spends a considerable amount of time as a public and motivational speaker in which he speaks at large corporate events giving insight to a variety of organizations looking to advance in the business world.

Learn How To Invest Like A Pro In Brazil


Investor Igor Cornelsen says that lots of people overlook Brazil as a place to invest their money in. Brazil offers the wise investor lots of opportunities. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind to invest successfully in Brazil.


First, though, Igor Cornelsen mentions why you should consider investing in Brazil. This is in addition to his WordPress entries about young investors getting involved for the first time. The country is a major exporter of foodstuffs. Food will be in high demand all over the world regardless of economic ups or downs. Another reason to consider investing in Brazil, is that the country has an abundance of natural resources. They include timber, arable land, fossil fuels and minerals. Many of these resources are only being developed and there is still great opportunity to invest in mining, logging or oil drilling.


If you want to invest successfully in Brazil, Cornelsen states that you need to pay attention to Brazil’s largest trade partner, China. He states that the two economies are linked closely together. Strong growth in China can stimulate exports of Brazilian raw materials. The advice here, is to pay attention to Brazil’s major trade partners. Relations between major trade partners will undoubtedly have an impact on Brazil’s economy and your chances of investing successfully.


Another thing to keep in mind is to know the real value of the Brazilian real. Right now says Igor Cornelsen, the value of the real, Brazil’s currency, is overvalued. Igor Cornelsen believes that with a new finance minister in place, Brazil’s currency will fall in value to reflect more accurately its real value on the market. As the real drops in value and becomes stabilized, you should see more and more opportunities appear for Brazilian exports and manufacturing. A lower real usually means more Brazilian exports and an increase in manufacturing investment.


Understanding the big players in Brazil’s financial system is also crucial. There are 10 major banks that play a major role in Brazil’s economy. Some are government owned and some are privately owned. You should keep an eye on the major Brazilian banks and see what they are doing. Their actions can impact your investments. For example a credit crunch may hamper business growth. An increase in credit availability may mean greater growth in business opportunity.  Tripod has more details about Igor, and you can see his full list of business credentials on LinkedIn.

Sam Tabar Joins Full Cycle Energy

Sam Tabar is a renowned financial strategist and attorney who is currently based in New York City. Tabar has accomplished a lot in his career, and this has made him get respectable positions in different companies.

Just recently, Tabar was appointed to become the COO of an institution known as Full Cycle Energy. Tabar is expected to work closely with the executive leaders of the energy company to ensure that consumers have access to high-quality and environment-friendly fuel at a reasonable price. Tabar has worked in similar positions before, and he is expected to bring changes in the organization.

Sam Tabar completed his university education in the year 2001. After his graduation, he started working at an institution known as Skadden, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP and Arps. At this organization, Tabar was an associate. He, however, decided to specialize in capital strategies and business development. This enabled him to acquire a lot of expertise in the finance and legal industry. He served in several organizations later on.

After working for several companies, Tabar was appointed by the Bank of America to act as the director and also the head of capital strategies. He mostly focuses in the Asian Pacific region of the bank, and he achieved a lot for the organization. Tabar has a lot of expertise in hedge funds, structure, and all the issues associated with the compliance and regulation of funds, the formation of funds and many other activities. When he is not working, Sam Tabar loves hosting special events and traveling to different destinations.

Sam acquired his honors at the Oxford University in the United States. Later on, he decided to proceed to the prestigious Columbia Law School where he received his law degree. Having these qualifications has enabled the successful professional to get some top positions in different countries. This has forced him to learn different languages to cope with the different nations. He is also involved in philanthropic activities. In the past, he has helped to raise funds for many charitable organizations in the country. He has a special spot for children in the society, and he donates most of his funds are given to the children.

Flavio Maluf Talks About the Fall of Industrial Costs in the Second Quarter

According to the National Industry Confederation mid-September data, there was a decrease of over 10 percent of the manufacturing cost in Brazilian Companies this year. According to the National Confederation of Industry data, the imported intermediate goods resulted in the reduction of costs. For this reason, the companies realized a decisive working capital in the fall of the industry costs.

According to the released information at the end of the mid-September period, the costs of running an industry also fell by 11 percent in the second quarter of the year. When the data is compared to the first three months of the year, the decline in industrial costs is evident. Flavio Maluf, the entrepreneur and Eucatex President, reports that the fall has never been realized for the past two years. For this reason, he also said that this decrement was last seen in the final quarter of 2014.

Costs of working capital and imported intermediate goods were the main factors responsible with the retraction. While bot factors reduced in operations costs, the companies had much to gain at the proximal. When the costs of working capital between June and April this year were compared with the previous quarter, there was a decrease in 8 percent. The decrease was 12 percent in the same intermediate goods comparison. The appreciation of the Brazilian currency significantly contributed to that fact.

For this reason, the entrepreneur Flavio Maluf comments that the data released by CNI appreciates with the appreciation or depreciation of the American currency. While there remains a reflection on cost, competitiveness has been lost in both external and internal businesses. While the imported goods retract in costs associated with production in the Brazilian economy remains at 12 percent, they are larger than the 10 percent experienced in the industrial contraction costs. For this reason doing business with other countries has become more competitive.

According to the analysis made by CNI, Flavio Maluf says that the products made in Brazil are quite competitive in the worldwide markets. They are highly valued in the American market. According to the CNI records, much of the goods produced in the country for export are consumed in Brazil.

The Midas Legacy: They Have It Figured Out

When it comes time for people to retire, it is both an exciting and scary time in their lives. On one hand, they are excited to spend more time with their family, enjoy their hobbies, and get the most out of life now that work is out of their way. On the other hand, there is always the concern about money and if there will be enough and what they are going to do in retirement. There is a lot that goes into this. They need to make sure they have the right retirement plan and all of their money is in order. That is where The Midas Legacy steps in to help.

One thing that The Midas Legacy has going for it over other companies out there is experience. That is something that can’t be bought, but when someone has it, they can offer it to their clients. They can tell them about something that happened in the past and they can remember it and use it for the future. Experience is the best teacher out there for many people in life. They have a lot of experience, so their clients know they are not just talking to anybody. They are talking to a company that has a been there, done that kind of attitude about them. That is meant in a good way.

They know that everyone wants something different out of their retirement. There is not one simple plan for everyone out there. For a lot of people, work has really stressed them out and taken a lot out of them. It has been physically and emotionally draining. Perhaps they had a boss that was not too nice and it was difficult on them. Now, they want to live a better life and enjoy themselves. Not only do they help with money, they help with life.

That is a rare combination to find in a company but that is exactly what The Midas Legacy has and what they offer to their clients. They are the one-stop place for their clients. At the end of the day, it is a business and they treat it like that, but they also treat people like individuals and they respect them, care about them, and really take the time to get inside their head. They know how to get people to open up about what they want without ever being pushy or in-their-face.

Geoffrey Cone Gives Advise Regarding Corporate and Domestic Income Tax Attorneys

Geoffrey Cone, one of the founding partners of the Cone Marshall Law Firm in New Zealand, has recently contributed his legal expertise to a local publication regarding the education of corporate and domestic income tax attorneys. In his published article, the established attorney discussed several frequently debated topics that currently plague the legal education field. Cone stated that legal educational facilities should primarily focus on helping future corporate and domestic attorneys to understand the practical implications of their profession, develop the ability to establish legal incentives that will produce propel their careers, and attain the meaningful experiences that will be required to sustain a career in tax law.


Understanding the Implications of the Corporate and Domestic Income Tax Industry

Geoffrey Cone is a major believer in the proper preparation of law students for a legal career. In his published article, Cone implied that most major legal educational institutions focus on preparation through textbook examinations to the detriment of the institution’s students. Cone suggests that practical legal education should hold a more prominent position in the education of future legal professionals. Cone also stated that practical training helps students to properly ascertain the potentially stressful realities that they may be entering upon their successful completion of the post-graduate program.


Developing Appropriate Legal Incentives

In his analysis of corporate and domestic income tax attorney training, Geoffrey Cone briefly discussed the development of significant legal incentives within a law firm in an effort to help future attorneys to create successful practices. Cone stated that legal professionals often graduate with little knowledge about the successful sustentation of a law firm. Cone described several legal incentives that new attourneys could use to attract new clients and help current clients to find tax initiatives and maintain the success of current accounts.


Attaining Meaningful Real-World Experiences

Geoffrey Cone’s most vital advise to future corporate and domestic tax attorneys was found toward the end of his published article. Cone stated that law schools must emphasize the importance of the development of real-world experiences among future attorneys. Cone noted the importance of practical and experiential legal education by describing the impact that his own experiences had had on his legal career. Cone discussed the fact that he began his carer in the early 1990s by working for an international trust establishment firm. The successful attorney discussed the positive way in which his career was shaped and developed through his experience.



Tips for Becoming an Authority in the Finance Service Sector like Brian Bonar

A financial service firm comprises of one or several financial advisors, who may also have extensive knowledge in financial planning, hence, helping people to manage their hard-earned money. Some financial service companies concentrate on specialties like retirement planning. Others specialize in offering financial guidance on liabilities and insurance, setting financial goals, and assets management.

Starting a successful financial service business demands hard work, thorough research, and planning. Leading financial executives such as Brian Bonar have succeeded due to their ability to plan and audacity to actualize their ideas.

Ideas for launching an ideal financial service company

  1. Training/certification

To earn the loyalty of your clients, you must have necessary academic qualifications and certifications. At least two or three professional designations such as the Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Financial Planner will boost your credibility to a top-notch level.

  1. Capital

Make sure you have enough capital to launch your financial service firm. Come up with a comprehensive budget for furniture, technology, advertising, rent, and utilities. Additionally, you can also account for training and license expenses.

  1. Business plan and model

A veteran financial executive like Brian Bonar uses a sound business plan to run his companies. Likewise, you should come up with a well-structured business plan and model and put it into writing. You should state the type of service you are planning to offer and the means of payment you will accept. Your business model will also define the type of license you should acquire.

  1. Mentors/ partners/workers

Forging strong professional relationships is critical for any aspiring business planner. Identifying a veteran entrepreneur who is ready to collaborate with you is a wise move. A mentor will help you to navigate through the tough challenges in the early stages of your business.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a self-established finance executive who has founded numerous successful financial startups and managed other leading firms in the financial service sector.

He has an extensive experience of serving as the head of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a premier company that offers exceptional services such financial management, risk management insurance, business management services, and employee benefits.

According to Crunchbase, Bonar holds a holds a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering from the renowned University of Strathclyde, a postgrad as well as a doctorate in mechanical engineering from the celebrated Staffordshire University.

Brian Bonar is the brains behind Trucept Incorporated, a leading firm that completes tasks on behalf of small and mid-size companies. It helps in managing the human resources administration, payroll, and employee benefits.

Under the exceptional leadership of Brian Bonar, Trucept comes up with strategies and make recommendations while taking into consideration the special qualities and work environment of every business.

The company offers both temporary and long-lasting staffing solutions. During his free time, Bonar enjoys playing golf, embarking on boating tours, and spending quality time with his lovely family.



Goettl Air Conditioning Integrates Moore Air Conditioning to its Team

According to a PRNewswire of May 24th, 2016, Goettl Air Conditioning experiences a drastic growth in the Las Vegas Valley. Meanwhile, Goettl’s Chief Operating Officer, Ken Goodrich has announced that Goettl Air Conditioning has acquired Moore Air Conditioning. The acquisition brings over 300 years of expertise to the Goettl Team. In partnership with the acquired Moore Air Conditioning, Goettl’s capacity to provide the best air conditioning technicians will increase drastically. As pointed out by Ken Goodrich, the integration of Moore’s highly experienced specialists in climate control increases Goettl’s capability to expand its addressable market while providing high-quality services to the Las Vegas Valley community.

The acquisition positions Goettl as the primary provider of air conditioning to residentials in Las Vegas. It also fulfills Goettl’s plan to grow its operations by 50% in 2017 and add over 100 employees over the next one year. Goodrich said that Goettl would hire technicians from the College of Southern Nevada air condition technology program. Ken came up with the endowment to form the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program. Ken created the program in honor of his father. Ken sponsors the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program, and its objective is to some up with job opportunities for veterans.

The president of Moore Air Condition, Bill Moore said that he looks forward to Goettl maintaining the legacy of offering quality residential services that Moore Air Conditioning built in the air conditioning market. Bill also stated that they share a lot of mutual respect with Goettl’s leadership team.

Gust and Adam Goettl were the original owners of Goettl Air Conditioning. The two partners created the firm in 1939. Goettl Air Conditioning came to Las Vegas Valley in 1968. However, the HVAC company left Southern Nevada in 2007 as a result of the recession. Ken bought Goettl, an Arizona Company in 2013. Ken then brought back Goettl to Las Vegas, his hometown because his love of the Goettl product started there. Goodrich’s passion began when he was as young as ten years. He would hold the flashlight when his father was doing evening service calls. It conveyed wisdom and knowledge that has helped Goodrich for life.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Founded in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning is the leading provider of high-quality AC and heating equipment. It also provides an extensive range of maintenance, replacement, and repair services in the Las Vegas Valley. Currently, Goettl’s services are available in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Southern California areas.

Mike Baur: Taking the Entrepreneurial Culture Further

The Swiss Startup Factory, which was launched in 2014 by Mike Baur, is an accelerator that seeks to support upcoming digital entrepreneurs. Mike Baur is a banking professional who boats of more than 20 years experience in the banking and investment management industry. As a teenager, Mike was fascinated about banking and his dream was to one day become a reputable banker and investor, a dream he pursued quite vehemently. Mike Baur has spent more than 20 years working in the Swiss private banking market, something that has equipped him with sufficient experience and skills to establish a financial institution.


Michael Hartweng, Mike Baur’s business associate, quit his job at Leonteq and immediately sold his shares before exiting. This offered him some capital that would stand in during his next attempt at establishing a business independently. He joined the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) and was assigned the role of coaching founders and companies.


At the time Mike Baur founded SSUF, his objective was to support young entrepreneurs to grow their ventures in the digital market. The company has grown into a reliable information outlet that can help to support upcoming investors to realize their potential. Mike Baur has been calling on experienced professionals to bring along their skills into the organization to help secure a stronger front for management.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is also working together with the Fusion in a cooperation that will build a bridge between the Swiss and French financial markets. Both are independent accelerators that complement each other in setting up goals and program orientation. The SSUF acceleration program assists start ups from establishment to the prototyping stage to encourage smooth transition into the market. Although Fintech will be the key focus in the program, other ICT topics will also be factored in and this will also include cooperation with universities.


The SSUF accelerator program will be launched this summer and will focus on Fintech companies. Mike Baur, the founder of SSUF, has expressed hope in the program and expects to meet many young professionals, who will bring forward actionable ideas and plans that can be included in the acceleration program. Through his diverse connection and experience, Mike Baur will source for professionals in the banking and financial sector to contribute towards the program. The coaching program will take several weeks and those admitted will be taken through until they are ready for funding to enter the competitive market.

The Benefits of Shared Office Space and CoWorking Rentals in Manhattan


There are many benefits to sharing office space or coworking with others. You will meet many professionals in your business and other fields. It is an opportunity to network and meet new clients to help your business grow. Many co-work environments have networking meetings and after hour events where you can socialize and meet new people.


You will find coworkers to work with on creative projects and be motivated by being around professionals like yourself. Shared offices will get you out the house into a professional work environment ever day. There you can develop a schedule and work with others or alone. The choice is yours.


Coworking eliminates the isolation of working alone in your home or an office. It increases your confidence and the ability to network with other professionals. It often complements or enhances your work at home situation. The computer and office equipment is more professional and better connected. There are no utility bills to deal with and you do not have to hassle with computer and equipment repairs.


Professional writers, artists, web designers, film producers, and others that work alone will find the advantages of co-working outweigh the negative points. Often when working alone the isolation does take its toll.


WorkVille NYC is one of many New York offices for rent located near Times Square and Bryant Park. These New York offices for rent are ready for you to move into and there are offices that you can share space with others. There are open desks, office equipment, a cafe lounge to take breaks or work from, and space for meetings. They are all located on the 21st floor. WorkVille has space for you to host special events for clients too.


The New York offices for rent have a beautiful view of the city with furniture and equipment available to use. Their staff will help plan the perfect event to impress your clients or help you to find new ones. Coworking at WorkVille has many benefits: conference rooms for meetings, virtual mail, state of the art office equipment, computers, 24 hour access, fresh coffee all day long, cleaning services, printers, and great co-workers.