Greg Blatt Contributions to the Law and Business Industries

Greg Blatt is a graduate from Colgate University where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts before joining the Columbia Law School for further studies. He has exceptional leadership skills that contribute to his employment in various companies serving at the top positions. Upon graduation, Mr. Blatt joined Grubman Industry, and Schneider then moved to Lipton, Rosen and Katz recognized law firms based in New York. He was able to gain extensive experience as an attorney hence understanding the requirements of the law. In addition to serving in the line of the law, Mr. Blatt was selected as the Executive Vice President working with Martha Stewart; his role was ensuring that all the company’s transactions were legal.

Having worked for some years in the law business, Greg Blatt joined the entrepreneurial line of work; he began this career at the prominent company IAC. Greg Blatt was given the responsibility of monitoring communications and human resources; his experience and devotion as the Vice President and a general counsel he was promoted to be the CEO at the IAC`s match segment. He believes in giving the best hence Greg Blatt was devoted to improve the company and play his role responsibly bringing significant contributions (Tvguide).

Currently as the CEO and Chairman at IAC Greg Blatt also works with Wachtell, Lipton as well as Rosen and Katz where he is an associate. Over the years he has gained extensive experience that enables him to run the companies to success; he is also able to make significant decisions for IAC to ensure that the logistics of the company are high. Mr. Blatt has set an example to many people encouraging them to be responsible for their given positions.

According to Greg Blatt, each person has to strive and work hard to excel in the business sector; he urges people to combine dedication, experience, knowledge and skills and be ready to take risks. It’s also essential to have a role model to guide any decision made in business to avoid making common mistakes. Mr. Blatt has ensured that IAC has increased the number of customers as well as the portfolio.

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Unroll Me Handles Email Overflow For You

Email subscriptions are options websites utilize to send consumers updates and alerts via email. For many such subscriptions are a form of marketing, and for others a means to regain client attention. Smartphone applications and games often use them to send alerts and reminders. Some businesses even use them to track employee progress. Subscriptions are a handy tool for modern companies but can be a massive headache for users.

Today’s businesses are very coy about the way they offer subscriptions. In fact, some are so sly users do not even realize they are signing up for them. It is only until a user’s inbox is filled to the brim with subscription messages that they realize there is a problem. Unfortunately, by then it is too late.

In order to stop subscription emails from coming, you have to actually unsubscribe but that is a tedious process at best. This is why Unroll Me is such a great service. Unroll Me cleans up user inboxes of subscription clutter. It uses a very accurate sifting program to move all subscription messages into a separate folder. What remains are a client’s important messages. This makes checking email a breeze, removes the danger of accidentally deleting important messages, and allows such messages to be easier to find. Unroll Me also does what its name implies. It allows users to unroll themselves from subscription emails.

The way Unroll Me works is threefold. First, it organizes inboxes by separating subscription emails from regular messages. Secondly, the service places subscription emails in a folder called a Rollup. The Rollup is a digest of all mail flagged as subscription and can be perused and customized by the user. Thirdly, it provides users the ability to view their subscriptions, unsubscribe, and flag some emails to be put back in their inbox.

The removal feature is for any important messages that are accidentally added to the Rollup. It is also for subscription emails the user actually wants. Unroll Me is a free service that is still testing its Beta version. It is run online but must be downloaded on user computer’s before it can operate.

Dr. Dov Rand and his medical endeavors

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He has been practicing for the last 15 years, especially in his Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Born in Washington DC, Dr. Rand has been instrumental in his service by helping create the right environment for those looking to optimize their health using sound scientific backing.

Dr. Dov Rand developed a passion for medicine since his teenage years, and this has remained constant to date. After going through his Undergrad, he went on to join the medical school at Howard University. He then went ahead to take his internship at Saint Barnabas Medical Center where he sharpened his medical skills. He would finally complete his residency in medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Interestingly, Dr. Dov Rand notes that his success in his professional career was cultivated by his early interest in athletics. While undertaking various forms of athletics, Dr. Rand got to learn and nurture the value of hard work and determination when it comes to chasing after one’s goals. His athletic prowess saw him master his tennis training and went ahead to play on competitive levels of the sport.

Dr. Dov Rand intimates that his day starts early in the morning where he takes a healthy breakfast before heading to work. He then gets involved in helping patients with their medical needs and making follow-ups as well as consultation. After all is done and sorted, he takes time to review his work and this includes responding to emails.

Having learned the art of hard work, Dr. Rand had entrepreneurial success to his willingness to learn from people around him and reading extensively. He notes that his passion to help people goes beyond business and this has seen him win the admiration of those who meet him.

Dr. Rand’s fascination with nutrition health led to him starting up the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. His main aim was to make sure that the real effective treatments that were being ignored were put to use. This, he says, would help optimize people’s health and in so doing make a difference in their lives, both inwards and outwards.

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Betterworks Receives $27 Million Injection from Extended Series B Funding Round

Betterworks Systems Inc. was founded in 2013 with a focus on innovating quality human resources management applications, and it has achieved stunning success through its Continuous Performance Management program. The software development company previously received investor funding of $65 million from investors like Emergence Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and others. Through a recent extended Series B funding round, it raised an additional $27 million from these established investors and other seed investors. 

The company is a leader in its niche and competes actively against other HR management software firms. However, the competitors generally produce software that is designed to facilitate annual employee performance reviews. The Betterworks program is a cloud-based product that offers a robust list of features and has been continuously enhanced and innovated over the years. Its applications are accessible through an exceptional dashboard design, and these applications include performance conversations with nudges and cheers, in-application feedback, and goal creation. 

The company’s management states that the company’s exceptional success is driven by its desire to continue to innovate while focusing on meeting users’ evolving needs. The additional investment funds raised will be used to promote further innovation. As evidence of its results, the company generated 100 percent growth in each of the last two years in the area of program features’ accessibility. Through users’ improved and increased use of the program, they have seen an increase in talent retention, agility, and general performance. 

Headquartered in Redwood City, Betterworks Systems Inc. also has a New York City branch office. In addition, the software firm has had success with other HR applications. These include Glance and Goal Science, which facilitate goal production and monitoring of progression in different ways.

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Steve Lesnard Advises on Principles to Follow when Marketing Products

Nowadays, people have adapted modern marketing methods such as social media network to reach their consumers. The digital medium is changing how businesses market their products. However, if they are not used properly will not yield the best results. Brands have to put their consumer’s needs first. Steve Lesnard gives two principles in marketing the products.

Keep it simple

The best product should outline what the consumer will benefit from the new product. Focusing on the innovative features of a product is necessary. For instance, Apple on the iPod campaign used the slogan, 10k songs in your pocket. The company used a simple solution to bring music on the go to consumers. Apple continues to keep their messages simple even when marketing its watch. It always gives consumers more reason why they need to upgrade. Peleton is yet another company that used simplicity to market its products. The company offered an indoor cycling studio which allows individuals to exercise from their homes.

Bring it to life

The other principle that Steve Lesnard gives is to bring the consumer experience to life. Using videos in the product in the right context. Using consumer testimony into the story line is necessary. Using consumer video is a way to outline the products best features. You need to describe the features that you want consumers to remember your product. Yeti entered a traditional business making their premium products using the outdoor lifestyle. The company’s products will make your water warmer or cooler for longer when you are in the wild. Yeti used their ambassadors to spread the word about their premium products.

If you are thinking of marketing your products, you should first think about the consumer benefits that people will remember in your product. You must look for the most immersive and creative way to make your product comes to life. It is also vital that you look for ambassadors who will help spread the message about your product. Steve Lesnard advises that you must always present your product in a way that can cut across the marketing medium that you choose.

Organo Gold – Enjoy the Many Health Benefits It has to Offer

There are millions of coffee drinkers around the world, and everyone loves one brand or the other. But, most of the people choose coffee based on their budget since many of the best coffee comes at a high price. But, Organo Gold is one such brand that has made excellent coffee affordable for everyone. Organo Gold is one of the hugely popular coffee brands that has taken the market by storm and can be bought through the many distributors of Organo. It is a health and wellness company that has many different products other than Organo Gold coffee. The reason why Organo Gold coffee has become so popular across the globe is that it ensures that you receive many health benefits from it. Some of the health benefits that consuming Organo Gold coffee offers is weight loss, regulating blood pressure, and maintaining blood circulation.

Organo is committed to its huge customer base and has exceptional customer support that ensures that any question or queries by the customers are quickly answered. You can also purchase many other health and wellness products offered by Organo, which includes nutraceuticals, supplements, health supplements, personal care items, and more. With time, the company continues to develop new products to add to its inventory. With its distributor network spread in over forty-five countries, you can be sure that you would easily be able to buy its products with ease. You can also choose to become one of its distributors and sell their products and receive a commission over sales, which would aid your existing income greatly.


Sharon Prince And Grace Farms

Sharon Prince is a successful business leader who is making a positive impact on others. After enjoying a great career in the corporate world, she decided to start a non-profit company called Grace Farms.

Grace Farms provides refuge for people who are struggling with various addictions. Prince is also committed to ending human trafficking. Sharon believes the government should spend more money to protect children from becoming victims of human trafficking.


Sharon has a business degree from the University of Tulsa. When she attended college, she worked several jobs to pay for school. She graduated with honors, and she started working for a local company.

Sharon earned several promotions early in her career. Although she enjoyed a successful career, she felt like something was missing from her life. She decided to spend more time volunteering with people in the community.


Sharon is passionate about helping children who come from tough situations. She joined a local education club that provided a safe place for children to learn. Each week, she read books to children at a local school. She decided to start a company for several reasons. She had a lot of business experience, and she wanted to use her expertise to help others.

Future Goals

Sharon Prince plans to continue expanding Grace Farms for the foreseeable future. Each year, she helps hundreds of people improve their lives through her program. She also wants to write a book about her experience helping others. She firmly believes that everyone should spend time and money helping people in the community.

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Improving The Energy Market and Enhancing our Environment: Agera Energy

Agera Energy was launched in 2014. Since then, they have become a major player among the deregulated energy states. They offer energy in the form of electric, natural gas, and green energy. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

They focus on reducing the cost of residential as well as commercial needs. Agera Energy agents meet with clients and devise a plan of attack for meeting their energy needs while being cost effective.

Agera Energy’s Tactics

LED Lights are less expensive, utilize less energy than the average light bulbs, and emit lower levels of CO2. They also offer a wind program where they match customers energy usage (from 50 – 100%). Read more about Agera Energy at

Agera Energy Locations

Although Agera isn’t available in all states. I believe that in time it’s success will garner and gain more ground in other states. Currently, this is the 13 states Where Agera Energy can be found:







*New Hampshire

*New Jersey

*New York



*Rhode Island



*Washington D.C.

Agera is a company to watch. Not only are they a certified green company, but they’re concerned with their client’s bottom line.


Ways to Have Top ROI From The Press Release Distribution In 5 Steps

You need to get an apparent goal initially which will certainly generate you to plan and apply your effort.

A great tracking and also tracking tool can help you recognize the actual worth of your ROI. Though not all releases might offer makers a straight conversion, it’s an exceptional initiative to make an audio about your items and also brand name.

ROI describes the basic expense of making up as well as dispersing launches within the monetary effect of the outreach.

1.Determine your purpose.

What do you require to attain? This is a considerable product of information which will enable you to evaluate the results of your initiative.

Would you wish to drive even more site visitors to your website?

  • To have even more leads?
  • To enhance your incomes?
  • To improve your e-mail memberships?

It’s a basic statement that’s tough to gauge.

Rather than an overall target, create” To increase site visitors to my site.” Your goal ought to be possible and distinct. Create just how much site visitors you want.

You additionally require to see to it you’re concentrating on creating a call-to-action that will certainly motivate the audiences to click. Do not confuse traffic. Do not give them a good deal of links to click which may result in some failed CTA.

Remember that each best press release distribution has actually got their particular objectives. Just make certain you’re ready to check it later at the close of the effort.

2. Target the crucial suitable word.

The following factor to an effective supply is recognizing what key phrases to target. You can accomplish it by carrying out essential word study.

Usage key words or expressions which people utilize while running Google searches. Ought to you optimize your launch for the online search engine, then it’s mosting likely to have better ranks.
When individuals go to online search engine, then they want to obtain the replies to their inquiries as quickly as possible. If your web content has been maximized, after that they will certainly find your write-ups, and you’re going to get a much better ROI.

3. Utilize your platforms.

If you are not a brand-new company, you have brand name prompts. Alerting them that your supplier has a brand-new release is simply one fantastic procedure to increase the end results.

Publishing your launch on your site is possible. Place it on your newsroom, social networking networks and web site.

You could also alert them by means of RSS feeds and email. The even more individuals understand your narrative, the longer it might offer you a high ROI.

4. Make use of paid ads.

A different methods to boost the results of your releases would be to utilize paid advertisements. It’s an excellent area to market your company and products and accomplish a broad array of the audience.

You can find a lot of your supply, using paid newswire solutions. Need to take notice of these variables:

  • Know the geographical location your news release might have a superb result.
  • Be certain to the business and upright market attain. That’s your objective?
  • Make use of the correct multimedia to your releases. It ensures your web content is enhanced for its online search engine.

5. Create a relevant content.

Possibly this is the most primary step to have a fantastic ROI out of your supply. A well-written yet can appear on top of the online search engine.

If customers situate your material, it means even more people can pertain to your website. They could make a buying choice as soon as they find that you’re a credible brand new.

As a marketing professional or PR expert, you need to recognize which kind of material might create a maximum influence on your ROI. If you are uncertain concerning any one of this, register to comprehend exactly how to compose press releases that are interpersonal. You might additionally check out a great deal of launches online. It just takes practice.

Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Explains How He Got His Start In The Database Industry

Vinod Gupta is a very successful businessman who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. He was born in an Indian village and was encouraged by his parents to become highly educated. He earned two master’s degrees which were business and agricultural engineering. His journey as a businessman began when he made an observation at his first job and turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

He started out working in the marketing department for a mobile home manufacturer. Vinod Gupta wanted a list of information about every mobile home dealer in the country but found out a database like this didn’t exist. He decided to rectify that issue and then offered the list he compiled in his free time. He offered the company he was working for exclusive rights to this list but they declined.

Vinod Gupta put together a small business that sold this list to other mobile home manufacturers who saw the value in what he had created. He expanded the concept to other industries and over time added on additional marketing services. Eventually, this company was sold by him in 2010 for $680 million. Go To This Page for related information.

He now is at Everest Group where he is the managing general partner. He invests in database technology companies and offers underperforming companies his consulting services. Vinod Gupta uses his years working as the chief executive officer of his own database company to executives who critically need access to his knowledge.

Looking to the future, Vinod Gupta says that artificial intelligence and Big Data are revolutionizing the database industry. Gupta points to technologies such as geotracking which allows people to find out geographic information on their smartphones. He’s excited to see where the industry goes and all the young entrepreneurs that now work in it.

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