Talos Energy Oil And Gas Co Achievements

The Talos Energy is an oil company based founded in the year 2012 by Timothy S Duncan who acts as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of this company. It was started at an estimate of six hundred million dollars but then being funded by Riverstone Holding and Apollo Global Management. This public company has its headquarters located in Houston Texas. Its major activities include in the exploration of natural gas and oil elements and building towards its production in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. This is because of the years they have had experience in offshore oil mining using the most modern technological methods courtesy of the able managerial team. Oil mining and exploration in Texas and its environs are also done by this oil producing company.

For the past years it has been operating, it has worked together as a cohesive group that has helped them strike a good record with results that are indeed on top. Talon Energy traces back even before the foundation. In the year 2012. The founders had established and later on sold the Phoenix Exploration Company and the Gryphon Exploration Company both serving in the gas and oil fields that in turn brought handsome returns to the founders and investors. This company has managed to maintain a one-step advantage over their competitors because of the rate at which they have decreased the risks that come along with drilling of oil wells. This can be attributed to the over thirty-three thousand square miles of that was designed for proprietary extraction data.

The team of employees is well familiar with the geographical settings of deepwater areas and the great experiences of operation. They have also ensured members of the community play a major role in their activities by bringing them in as employees in the company. Not only in providing human labour have they involved the community but also in participating in charitable activities. On safety and the welfare of the contractors and workers have been prioritized and have been made the company’s top core value. Their drive is that no work is so important or so urgent that can be put before the safety of a worker.

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Ryan Seacrest Call The Shots Becomes Bankable In Entertainment Industry

Ryan Seacrest has a lot of jobs. This is something that anyone will notice if they have paid attention to him. What started as a hosting job for American Idol has transitioned into a variety of different platforms where Seacrest has become very bankable.

There are not a lot of people that get hosting jobs that can eventually start to call their own shots. Ryan Seacrest this one such person that has been able to go from prime time reality television to morning talk shows like Live with Kelly and Ryan. He has also been able to fill in the gap for the absence of Dick Clark in his passing. Shows like Rocking New Year’s Eve and a chart topping syndicated radio show called On the Air with Ryan Seacrest have made him a multi-millionaire. In an article from Men’s Journal, Ryan talked about his weight loss struggle.

This abundance of wealth has inspired Seacrest to give back to the kids. This is one of the reasons why he started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He has done a great amount of service for children that are in hospitals, and he has inspired many of them to keep believing in their dreams even though they are faced with major health issues.

Spectators that see what Ryan Seacrest is doing may say that he is playing it forward in a major way. He has even worked in the producer’s seat for a reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He is connected to the millennial generation through shows like this along with American Idol. Seacrest, however, is also a celebrity that has a fan base of elderly ladies thanks to his morning time show with Kelly Ripa.

There are even men that are aware of how successful Ryan Seacrest is because they may be patronizing his Distinction fashion line at Macy’s. All of this shows that Seacrest, a self-described attention deficit disorder personality, is someone that knows how to handle himself in the entertainment industry. He is always two or three steps ahead of the game when it comes to his income. Visit ryanseacrestdistinction.com for more info about his clothing line.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Regarded As A Skilled Professional By Her Colleagues And Her Patients

Not only is Dr. Jennifer Walden a highly respected member of her community, but she is also considered to be a skilled professional within her chosen field. As one of a handful of women who are board-certified in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Walden has been a featured guest in several popular magazines including Texas Monthly Magazine. In her interviews she often speaks openly about being a rare individual within her chosen profession, since there are over 8,000 board-certified plastic surgeons within the United States, out of which only about 180 of them are women.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also sees an advantage to being a female in a male dominated profession. As someone who has chosen to specialize in cosmetic surgery, she believes she is better able to empathize with the cosmetic changes her patients are looking to make. Since more than 90 percent of cosmetic surgeries are performed on women, she understands the importance of making them feel comfortable about the changes they want to make to their physical appearance. The compassion Dr. Walden has for her patients is seen in the positive feedback they provide, which not only indicates she is a caring individual, but a skilled professional as well.

As someone who has been practicing plastic surgery for the past eight years, Dr. Jennifer Walden has established herself as a knowledgeable and competent medical professional. Not only has she been the subject of many magazine articles she has also been the author of numerous publications, some which have been used in medical textbooks. She also takes an active interest in the applications made in medical technology, which includes the use of a 3D imaging scanner known as Vectra. Dr. Walden has made her own contributions to the advancement of plastic surgery in the development of better instruments for breast surgery procedures.

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Victoria Doramus Conquers Digital and Print Marketing

Technology has positively transformed every aspect of our lives thereby bringing formidable powers to the workplace. Art has also been impacted by this revolution that affects creation as well as dissemination. With the evolution of the internet, e-books in addition to other digital devices and the way of conducting business have changed. Inspired by the multiple opportunities that the digital revolution has brought into the world, Victoria Doramus has joined the industry to help business professionals create revolutionary brands.

Telling her Story

Doramus is a perfect example of a strong woman who has overcome challenges in life. If asked about her profession, she might have to narrate a long story coupled with many career successes.

Working as a Marketer

As such, Doramus boasts of having more than five years of experience in marketing trend analysis. She understands how the global market, as well as consumer retail trends, impact the marketing world. Moreover, Doramus has an extensive history in media and creative work where she worked for Mindshare, Creative Arts, in addition to Trendera. Other than that, Doramus has also worked as a personal assistant for Peter Borg, the prominent film director.

Conquering Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Doramus is well defined by her endless stream of delivering different pitches for prominent make-up firms while celebrating her success. But, that is not all from this budding entrepreneur as in the past, she encountered challenges while growing up. For years, she battled drug as well as alcohol addiction. She checked into a rehabilitation center and eventually overcame her struggles. Her ordeal with drugs was life-threatening, but she survived her misfortunes and became stronger. Having recovered, Doramus is now sharing her true-life experience with the youth who are struggling with drugs. To her, addiction is not the real issue. What matters is how it is handled and the eventuality of being successful.

Being a Communication’s Expert

Doramus is a communications expert. She took a degree in journalism from the Colorado University in Boulder. Also, she has extensive skills in art and history. In 2012, she took a semester to study history and development marking the contemporary beginning of the Greek.

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Fortress Investment Group And Ipass Agrees On A Deal Expected To Meet The Global Demand For Unlimited Wi-Fi

Fortress Investment Group is a leading investment company that has been helping investors across the world to produce risk-adjusted returns. Fortress recently partnered with iPass, a company that specializes in providing connectivity options across the world. Their partnership is a form of investment strategy whereby fortress was to provide funding of $20 million to iPass of which $10 million was provided immediately. iPass secured the loan using their assets such as patent portfolio and SmartConnect technology. According to iPass CEO and president, Gary Griffiths, the funding has strengthened their balance sheet, and now they have a chance to shift their focus on growth and to improve their revenues. He also added that the fact that they can use their patents to secure such a loan proves credibility of their patents, which are the foundation of their Veri-Fi product and iPass Smart Connect technology.

The deal between Fortress Investment Group was brokered by an experienced investment bank, Riley Financial, whose main focus is on spearheading such prominent deals. Riley Financial deals with four categories of investment and these include Auction and Liquidation, Principal Investments, Capital Markets, and Valuation and Appraisal. The company was the best choice for this transaction because they apprehend the value of equity and this particular deal was within their valuation protocols. iPass is renowned for its giant Wi-Fi network across the world and has been helping consumers to enjoy fulltime connectivity through Wi-Fi. Using their Software-as-a-Service (Saas), one can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi using unlimited devices because they have over 60 million hotspots in the world. The hotspots are situated in places such as airports, hotels, train stations, conventional centers, restaurants, and outdoor entertainment venues.

With the funding provided by Fortress Investment Group, iPass intends to increase the number of hotspots to about 340 million before the year 2018 ends. In today’s digital world, Wi-Fi technology seems to grow rapidly, and this is one of the reasons why Fortress saw iPass as a good investment decision. Inventors at Fortress Investment Group also saw it as a brilliant idea to take a risk in investing in exponentially growing Wi-Fi technology. Since the deal gave ipass access to $10 million immediately, they can begin to transform their iPass Unlimited into a cloud-based business while leveraging the 340 million hotspots in its business model.

According to an analysis carried out by Maravedis Rethink, these hotspots will be available globally, and it’s the company’s responsibility to grab the opportunity and expand their operations. The demand for unlimited Wi-Fi has been foreseen by other tech companies such as Microsoft and HP, and this encouraged Fortress Investment Group to join these elites by investing in iPass’ cloud-based SaaS policy among other services they offer.

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Talos Energy Is The Wave Of The Future

Talos Energy is a firm that deals with the drilling of oil and gas. It was started in 2012, and since then it has achieved a lot of success in the field of mining. The main offices for the company are currently in Houston, Texas. The company has been trying to come up with new, advanced and innovative ways to drill gas and oil. They are only focused on techniques that are responsible. The man leading the company to achieve success is Tim Duncan. He started the company with a few of his friends, and they have been working to ensure they deliver the missions and goals they set. Tim Duncan is a focused man, and he wants to move with the gas and oil markets since the market is not constant. The man behind the success of the company attended Mississippi State University where he studied petroleum engineering. That marked the start of his career. When Duncan completed his education, he went to Phoenix Exploration, and in a few years, he had helped the company to expand.

Today he Tim Duncan is serving as the head of Talos Energy. The talented engineer is committed to ensuring he works to make company successful. Tim works with other professionals at Talos Energy. Some of his helpers are the co-founders. John Parker and Stephen Heitzman have been offering great support to the company. They work together as a team, and that is how they have managed to ensure firm is stable. The three make the team that keeps operations moving at the company. They are experienced, and that is why they have what it takes to guide other employees for the company.

The Gulf of Mexico makes one of the best sites for Talos Energy. The area is strategic, and the company has gained the place because of the knowledge and experience of Tim Duncan. They have managed to beat the competition because the company is led by people who know what they are doing. Duncan was working at Phoenix with his friends Parker and Heitzman. Even before Talos became operational, the three entrepreneurs had already located several oil and gas reserves. They have shown that they have what it takes to mine oil and gas.

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OSI Industries Success Recipe

Good policies and visionary management are the two key drivers of any company. OSI Industries is fortunate to have them both. The company is one of the most well run the USA private companies scene. Under the leadership of the visionary David McDonald and the chairperson Sheldon Lavin who is also the company CEO. The current leadership has expanded the company to reach new markets especially in the potential Asian market and Europe. They have concentrated explicitly on mergers. The private company is now one of the major food producers in the world. Thanks to OSI Industries traditions, Sheldon Lavin was able to implement new strategies in the mid-1970s that would later see the company catapult to international markets.

With the help of state of the art technology and new strategies, it becomes possible for OSI to increase its efficiency and improve its impact on the environment and community. The growth and success of OSI Industries have been recognized through several international awards like Global Vision award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, and the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award. These awards crowned Sheldon Lavin’s career. It also made him receive international recognition as a visionary leader. David McDonald also played a huge role when it comes to the success of this industry.

OSI started as a neighborhood butchery in Chicago with the name Otto $ Sons. It later became one of the significant McDonald meat suppliers. Upon making a name for itself, it began concentrating on the technology and improving its management. One of the things that Sheldon Lavin concentrates on is sustainability efforts. Sustainability efforts have made it possible for the company to have plenty of international plants in different parts of the world.

These plants have also received recognition for not only creating employment but also influencing the environment in a significant and different manner. Some of their international industries include its Philistine based industry recognized for efforts in training animal welfare officers. It’s Taiwan based industry that found a way to re purpose and recycle wastewater. This industry has also been involved in animal care and conservation of resources. Visionary leadership and partnership also made it possible for it to expand its market to other parts of the world and acquire other industries under their banner. With the growing success of OSI Industries, there is a lot more to expect in the future.

What Chris Burch Says Entrepreneurs Should Do To Follow His Steps

Ideamensch had a special guest interview with billionaire Chris Burch, the President and CEO of Burch Creative Capital not long ago in which they were asking him about some of his business activities. Chris Burch is both an angel investor and a real estate guru and he said he gets ideas for his ventures by being curious and seeing how things around him can be improved. One thing he’s really excited about is a new small house model that he’s been promoting in his Cocoon9 company. Burch loves to see that people are changing how they enter the housing market and are looking for the experience in how they buy homes. He also believes people are the foundation to generating great ideas and that they must be passionate about the ideas to make them happen.

Chris Burch first started as a fashion retail entrepreneur who founded Eagle Eye Apparel. This company grew out of his dorm room at Ithaca College as a sweater sales gig and eventually opened up over 50 stores and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Burch continued in fashion even after he sold this company as a founding partner of his then wife fashion model Tory Burch’s brand, and later as the founder of a prominent Manhattan retailer known as C. Wonder, see (Ideamensch.com).

Prior to founding Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch started looking into private equity and real estate investments as a member of the Guggenheim Partners and also as a partner of the Faena Group in Argentina. He became a shareholder in Alan Faena’s Hotel + Universe which was designed by world famous architect Philippe Stark, find out more information on nihi.com. Burch explored residential real estate in the northeast Atlantic region during the mid-2000s and bought several multi-million dollar homes that he flipped during that time. He also started J. Christopher, a building supply and distribution chain for contractors. But his biggest accomplishment as he became billionaire was buying Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba Island in Indonesia, a former surfer hostel that he transformed into a complete 5-star luxury hotel which is currently ranked tops in vacation destinations, visit http://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/christopher-maya-j-christopher-burch-hamptons-house-article.

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Hussain Sajwani Uses His Success at DAMAC Properties to Engage in Philanthropy

Over the years, many people have decided to invest in the real estate sector. As much as that is the case, succeeding in any industry is solely dependent on factors such as the ability of a person to face challenges whenever they come about. With that said, Hussain Sajwani is among the real estate investors who have succeeded in this particular industry. Hussain Sajwani is widely known for founding DAMAC Properties. Apart from being the founder of the company, Sajwani has also been an active member of the organization by serving as the chairman.

Background Information

In Dubai, UAE, DAMAC Properties is among the renowned real estate companies. As a company that has been keeping the clients’ needs before anything else, DAMAC Properties has always ensured that all their clients are always satisfied. Far from that, the company has been dealing with lavish forms of property such as luxury apartments.

Hussain Sajwani has also been doing business with like-minded investors among them being Donald Trump. The two have known each other for many years, and they have successfully come up with various forms of property together. With that said, it is evident that Donald Trump was chosen by the United States citizens to serve as the president of the country. Since President Donald Trump’s primary duty is to serve the American citizens as of now, Hussain Sajwani has been working together with Trump’s family to make sure that the business dealing that they had together are still running smoothly.

Additional Information

As of now, Hussain Sajwani is famous for the success that he has garnered with time as an entrepreneur. With that as the case, it is good to acknowledge that Hussain Sajwani plotted his path to victory in a desirable manner. Since he was not born in a family that was very wealthy, he knew that he had to plan on how to achieve his goals at the end of it all, which is why Sajwani decided to go to school to attain a formal education.


Hussain Sajwani is a benevolent person. He has been using his success to help out the people who are termed as being less fortunate in the community. By helping out such people, Hussain Sajwani’s charitable acts never go unnoticed since many individuals always benefit from what he has to offer.

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Wes Edens Sees Aston Villa Football Club Scoring Big

After the Aston Villa Football Club missed out on rejoining the Premier League this year, Wes Edens of Fortress Investment Group and Nassef Sawiris invested into the team. Now the 55% owners, they hope to bring some big changes. Aston Villa is ready to try again when it comes to the prestigious soccer league and Wes Edens believes they can do it. The former owner, Tony Xia, will take the position of co-chairman after the purchase by Wes Edens and Sawiris. In addition, he will still be a member of the board for the team. The transaction was made for around $39 million in early July this year. Currently, Aston Villa plays in the 2nd tier of the Championship division after dropping out of the Premier League in 2016.

In order to make it back into the league, a large investment was made into recruiting and training new players for the team. While they came close to making it back into the Premier League earlier this year, a loss against the Fulham Football Club delayed their efforts. Tony Xia believes the new partnership with Wes Edens and Nassef will be integral in helping the team return to their former glory. The team plans on fighting even harder to obtain their goals to achieve the success that they know that they deserve. The board plans on doing whatever is necessary to support the team. The English Football League approved the significant purchase by the foreign investors.

Aston Villa has been the champions of the Premier League 7 times during their 29 years in the division. When they were dropped to the lower tier, the team suffered a big hit to their finances. Aston Villa isn’t the only sports team that Wes Edens has a financial stake in. Aside from the soccer team, Edens also owns a large portion of the Bucks in Milwaukee. Since childhood, he always been a huge fan of sporting events and is excited to be able to participate in the industry in this fashion. Business is not the only focus of the Fortress Investment Group co-founder. In addition, he is dedicated to his family and staying active. Together with his wife Lynn, the 2 have 4 children. He is also a huge fan of horse riding, mountain climbing, and running. He has given away millions of dollars for different philanthropic causes with a focus on education, healthcare, and art.