Contribution of Dan Bethelmy-Rada at L’Oreal Company

The Global Brand president in the L’Oreal Professional Products Division is known as Dan Bethelmy-Rada. He is very innovative in his field since he has experience of fifteen years with both the L’Oreal and Garnier products. His high proficiency is primarily on the field of marketing digitalizing the strategy that is used to manage brand plans in the world. He also advances the practices as a way to continue educating and diversifying the workplace. He has a good record of leading a good number of people and a dedicated team. This is a supreme effort as his candidates are always able to get top marketing positions.

Photography is one thing that Dan Bethelmy-Rada has a great passion for. He gets inspired by seeing photos and exhibitions. By putting his ideas into photographs, he can give the concepts some life. It is also a method he uses while communicating. He gets his inspiration from people and in places. This helps him to be more creative in his businesses and in networking with others. Reports on current trends and social media also strike some inspiration to him. He is an open-minded man, and he captures any moment and interprets them to grand thoughts. Through collaboration with his team, he can bring more ideas to life.

As a marketing executive, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has the policies he believes are crucial to success. One is showing significant commitment to every project every time. He believes that for one to succeed. It is vital that they put as much effort as possible to present the best work. He expects that his team at L’Oreal does the same since having high expectations leads to great work.

Secondly, he believes that prioritizing tasks and keeping a firm schedule is another key to achieve success. Having priorities allows one to ensure that all tasks in the schedule are tackled. He says it is also important to prioritize one’s own life together with these tasks as it helps to bring about balance. Communication is another thing he believes leads to great achievements. Most of his success in business has been achieved when he works together with his team. They discuss a topic and impart more knowledge to each other. Excellent communication is key to avoid setbacks as assumptions are avoided.

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