Unroll Me Handles Email Overflow For You

Email subscriptions are options websites utilize to send consumers updates and alerts via email. For many such subscriptions are a form of marketing, and for others a means to regain client attention. Smartphone applications and games often use them to send alerts and reminders. Some businesses even use them to track employee progress. Subscriptions are a handy tool for modern companies but can be a massive headache for users.

Today’s businesses are very coy about the way they offer subscriptions. In fact, some are so sly users do not even realize they are signing up for them. It is only until a user’s inbox is filled to the brim with subscription messages that they realize there is a problem. Unfortunately, by then it is too late.

In order to stop subscription emails from coming, you have to actually unsubscribe but that is a tedious process at best. This is why Unroll Me is such a great service. Unroll Me cleans up user inboxes of subscription clutter. It uses a very accurate sifting program to move all subscription messages into a separate folder. What remains are a client’s important messages. This makes checking email a breeze, removes the danger of accidentally deleting important messages, and allows such messages to be easier to find. Unroll Me also does what its name implies. It allows users to unroll themselves from subscription emails.

The way Unroll Me works is threefold. First, it organizes inboxes by separating subscription emails from regular messages. Secondly, the service places subscription emails in a folder called a Rollup. The Rollup is a digest of all mail flagged as subscription and can be perused and customized by the user. Thirdly, it provides users the ability to view their subscriptions, unsubscribe, and flag some emails to be put back in their inbox.

The removal feature is for any important messages that are accidentally added to the Rollup. It is also for subscription emails the user actually wants. Unroll Me is a free service that is still testing its Beta version. It is run online but must be downloaded on user computer’s before it can operate.


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