Greg Blatt Contributions to the Law and Business Industries

Greg Blatt is a graduate from Colgate University where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts before joining the Columbia Law School for further studies. He has exceptional leadership skills that contribute to his employment in various companies serving at the top positions. Upon graduation, Mr. Blatt joined Grubman Industry, and Schneider then moved to Lipton, Rosen and Katz recognized law firms based in New York. He was able to gain extensive experience as an attorney hence understanding the requirements of the law. In addition to serving in the line of the law, Mr. Blatt was selected as the Executive Vice President working with Martha Stewart; his role was ensuring that all the company’s transactions were legal.

Having worked for some years in the law business, Greg Blatt joined the entrepreneurial line of work; he began this career at the prominent company IAC. Greg Blatt was given the responsibility of monitoring communications and human resources; his experience and devotion as the Vice President and a general counsel he was promoted to be the CEO at the IAC`s match segment. He believes in giving the best hence Greg Blatt was devoted to improve the company and play his role responsibly bringing significant contributions (Tvguide).

Currently as the CEO and Chairman at IAC Greg Blatt also works with Wachtell, Lipton as well as Rosen and Katz where he is an associate. Over the years he has gained extensive experience that enables him to run the companies to success; he is also able to make significant decisions for IAC to ensure that the logistics of the company are high. Mr. Blatt has set an example to many people encouraging them to be responsible for their given positions.

According to Greg Blatt, each person has to strive and work hard to excel in the business sector; he urges people to combine dedication, experience, knowledge and skills and be ready to take risks. It’s also essential to have a role model to guide any decision made in business to avoid making common mistakes. Mr. Blatt has ensured that IAC has increased the number of customers as well as the portfolio.

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