Jana Lightspeed Ventures at the Forefront of Business Technology

Jana Messerschmidt recently worked at Twitter as Vice President of Global Development and Platform until the summer of 2016 when she left. At Twitter, she was tasked with partnerships that the company made: business development, enterprise sales, and the company’s marketing and sales strategy. In addition, she was entrusted with partner engineering, relationships development, platform operations, and enterprise sales. Prior to being in Twitter, Jana Lightspeed worked at DivX and AT&T and at Netflix where she was director of business development. She focused on mobile and consumer electronics partnerships that Netflix made during her time working there.

Jana joined Lightspeed and was assigned to the consumer investing team after years of investing team. She had previously gained great experience advising and investing in start-up companies. She also held a series of different roles which included being working in engineering, business development, and sales and marketing departments at high growth rate companies including Twitter and Netflix. Jana Lightspeed has been advantaged enough to work with both business and technological fields getting the best of both worlds. She is well qualified to work in these two fields as she holds a degree in Computer Engineering and has experience in the business.

Jana also co-founded a company called #Angels an investment company that offered unique products to its customers. She has since then been at the forefront of backing up individuals with ambitious and bold ideas that they want to bring into reality. Jana Lightspeed is also passionate about hosting different kinds of events and conversations that can help in building up the community, diversify networks and include women in conversations they were previously left out. She believes in fostering equity for all in both technology and business industries. Wealth creation and successful companies should have an equitable representation of underrepresented minorities to make a change in society.

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