Igor Cornelsen’s take on investing

When most investors invest in the stock market or any other sectors, they often do so with the intent of instant gratification, that is, they expect to make profits within a short period. This according to investment guru, Igor Cornelsen is where they go wrong. Igor who has been in the finance pool for four decades now has seen countless people undergo massive losses due to investing with the intention of making immediate gains. It is for this reason that he advises any newbie in the world of investments not to focus on the quick dollar but instead focus on the long term benefits that any venture brings them in the long run. The only way to do so according to Igor is by first analyzing what will most likely happen in the future if they invest in individual stocks.

Another winning strategy that Igor Cornelsen often recommends is that of a diversified portfolio. He says that most business people often make the costly mistake of making one substantial investment with the hopes of making huge returns from it. Even though some of these investments usually pay off, the majority of those who do so often end up with immense losses on their shoulders. On the other hand, those who put their money in different stocks or areas often incur minimal losses and maximum gains as they spread the risks in various sectors.

Who is Igor Cornelsen?

Igor Cornelsen is a skilled investment advisor based in Brazil. With more than four decades of experience in finance, Igor is a man who has seen the investment arena take different forms and as such is knowledgeable about the art of investing. Bainbridge group Inc. is his brainchild, and it is where those seeking to better their proficiency in investing can tap into what he knows. He has worked with banks such as Multiblanco and Unibanco among many others during his long, compelling career.

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