Paul Mampilly: Solar Revolution

Paul Mampilly is most well-known for the investment advice that he publishes through Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He has over 25 years of his working experience  in investing and has worked on Wall Street is a successful hedge fund manager in the past. Today he spends most of his time creating custom-tailored investment advice for his readers. Paul Mampilly has recently published an article on a potential investment opportunity found within the solar industry. He states that whenever he was a young child in the country of India he was unable to take electricity for granted.

As a result of this, he believes that the prediction that solar energy is set to increase by 65 times within the next 30 years means that this is a great industry to get into if you are looking for large returns on your investment. Paul Mampilly believes that as the world continues to move forward there will only be an ever-increasing demand for electricity and solar power could be the source of electricity that is needed to meet these new demands. Paul Mampilly says that within the next 10 years over 95% people on the entire planet will have access to electricity. This means that we need more power sources as the electricity demand is growing at a very rapid pace and will soon be at an all-time high.

As the demand for electricity grows ever higher there is no better time to begin to expose your investments to this high-growth industry. According to Paul, everybody wants to experience high yield returns and that one industry that is sure to experience them in the near future will be the solar power industry. In particular, one easy way to expose yourself to this market is to invest in the exchange-traded fund that is focused on the global solar exchange Invesco Solar ETF. Over the next several years and months this fund will likely experience large growth due to the increase in the demand for electricity across the business world.

The Successful Career Of Eric Miranda

With many years of experience in the biopharmaceutical field, Edwin Miranda has brought a change in the world through his innovative ideas and inventions. His career has been marked by notable successes, and he has worked hard to ensure that he works for the benefit of others. He was currently elected vice president of the prestigious Cytovance Biologics company, that is famous of its ability to manufacture a wide range of drugs used in the treatment of various conditions in humans and also other mammals. He has already enabled firm to solve the different challenges that it goes through and as a result, his impact on the growth and rise of the firm has already been felt by everybody.

Additionally, Edwin Miranda has been highly amended by most executives from the firm for his exemplary behavior experience in the field. He has however not gained pride in his abilities, but he has instead sought better ways to improve them and make his career a successful one. His versatility has also led him towards his significant achievements in his profession. Based on the terms agreed with the Chief Executive Officer of the firm as well as other executives of the firm, Edwin Miranda will oversee the companies quality production. He will rely on his 33 years of experience in the field to ensure that every drug manufactured by the firm is of high standards and good enough to address the many rare conditions that affect humans. Having pursued a degree in Biology and Chemistry, Edwin Miranda already knows the basics for the operation of such activities, and he seeks to continue impacting the lives of others through his broad knowledge. He has always shown determination in everything he does, and he believes that his efforts will ensure that the company grows tremendously.

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Ted Bauman has a New Warning for Elderly Investors about Telephone Scammers

Most times when you think about fraud and phishing scams and how millions of people are ripped off by evil scammers tricking them into handing over their hard-earned money, they usually think of emails, online chatbots and ads that go taking them to fake websites intended to steal identities. But what’s happening now is something even bigger and worse that’s causing more and more people to give out information; and it’s phone call scams. This is because more and more information about scam emails is out there, and spam filters are making it easier to weed them out. But as newsletter writer Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill writes, more and more scammers are using the phones now because phone calls can be a lot more convincing, and there’s also number spoofing to make it look like they’re coming from legitimate agencies.

One of the most recent victims of these scam calls that Ted Bauman mentioned was a woman who took her own life because she had been tricked by a scammer who said she owed back taxes to the IRS, and she paid them off using a home equity loan and emptying her retirement savings. But she isn’t the only one. What Bauman says needs to happen is new technology must be implemented by the telecom companies to weed out spoofed numbers and protect innocent hard working Americans. The mobile providers have been largely reluctant so far, but Bauman says he will provide information to investors on how they can get them to act.

Ted Bauman primarily writes “The Bauman Letter” as an editor at Banyan Hill. This newsletter has a variety of information on diverse investments and how investors can keep their portfolios growing without high risk. Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Bauman was an executive director at Habitat for Humanity where he managed housing operations around the world. He was also a consultant and researcher for various UN led organizations and other humanitarian non-profit groups. Ted Bauman spent many years from his college days into his adult life in South Africa where he helped work with government and non-profit housing committees and even helped start Slum Dwellers International. His newsletters reflect a lot of information he has gained from traveling.

Alex Hern: Driving Change Using VR

When VR headsets first came into the market they were viewed with skepticism as items that would not sell since no one would want. Today they are so popular and with advancement into extended reality they are becoming functional than merely entertainment tools through a company founded by Alex Hern called Tsunami XR Company. The idea for VR was not born in the 2000 but in the 1950s in the 360-degree murals of Antonin Artaud plays.

He created the murals with the aim of immersing the playgoers in the play experience which is exactly what VR does with movies. This was followed by the sensorama which played movies and one had to put their head and shoulders into it. Today VR headsets are small enough that one can carry theirs with them wherever they go.

Alex Hern has the intention of breaking VR from the entertainment box and bring it to the workplace beginning with remote companies or international companies. XR can enhance the work experience and increase remote workers productivity. The company aims are creating software that makes it possible to use extended reality for different purposes.

XR has been integrated into training such as in the training of firefighters as it provides a very realistic experience. This has been made possible by the work Alex Hern is doing at Tsunami XR.

Unlike VR it combines physical reality and the virtual reality to make everything seem very real. It has been theorized that in a few years VR and XR will become an integral part of every training programme. Unlike human trainers who may not be able to teach every member of the class at their pace VR headsets can do that with each learns taking the material in at their pace.

About Alex Hern

Alex Hern is the founder and CEO of Tsunami XR and has been involved in the establishment of Silicon Surf and Tags.

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Help! My Hair Is Coming Out

One of the worst feelings in the world for most people is having a lack of hair, especially if you’re a woman. If your hair is falling out, and you’re a healthy person, then it’s definitely something that you’re doing. To simply get straight to the matter at hand, you’re probably using haircare products that are too harsh. Extra-strength haircare products can literally strip the follicles out of your head over time because they possess dangerous chemicals. Parabens are loaded into many of today’s haircare products, and many of the ingredients can’t even be pronounced correctly,

The solution to this problem is to use a more gentle approach, says Another great bit of advice is to stop washing your hair more than three time per week. Over-washing can literally strip away the scalp’s natural oil. When this occurs, your scalp will become inflamed. Have you ever heard of Wen by Chaz? Well, this particular brand was created by a hair stylist, and this hair stylist just so happen to have years of experience in the game. Chaz Dean, the founder of Wen by Chaz (see;, is transforming the haircare industry one head at a time thanks to the brand’s unique approach. The WEN brand effectively utilizes some of the best plant-based ingredients to meet its goal. These plant-based ingredients are grown right from the earth itself.

Pomegranate, panthenol, wild-cherry bark, rosemary extract, lavender, chamomile extract and glycerin and some of its advanced ingredients. These ingredients does not posses any of the harsh chemicals that are found traditional haircare brands. According to, Chaz Dean has designed this brand as a reflection of self because he certainly believes in living a healthy lifestyle. All in all, Wen by Chaz is basically setting new trends while changing the status quo. Wen products are available online on

InnovaCare Health: A Business Strategy that Works

Managed healthcare solutions is an industry that aims to help people in a bind get the best healthcare possible at the lowest costs to them. Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services are just two of the main types of services that companies like InnovaCare Health offer, and it is because of these services that millions of people around North America are able to get the care that they need.

InnovaCare is a Company that is focused on helping people. This Company works with medical providers and insurers, as well as the governmental agencies that often end up footing the bill for many of these procedures, to get the best care for their customers. These customers are individuals who have had a hard time in life, and many of them do not have the money to pay for rising healthcare costs. Nearly 500,000 people like this are currently being managed by InnovaCare Health, and all of them are now receiving the care they need at a fraction of the cost they would normally be paying because of the relationships and business strategies being employed at the Company. There are two people who came up with these strategies that are now helping so many people, and those individuals are the CEO of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto, as well as the COO of the Company, Penelope Kokkinides.

Shinto and Kokkinides have worked for a combined four decades in the managed health industry, and both of them have impressive resumes when it comes to leading successful companies. Rick Shinto has worked in executive positions at several managers of healthcare, including NAMM of California, MedPartners Group, and Aveta, Inc. Kokkinides also has executive experience, working for Aveta, Inc. and United Health Group before moving over to InnovaCare. These two individuals are able to develop strategies that help people, and these strategies have also earned them several awards and accolades in their fields, including Shinto earning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2017 for the Services category.

Now Shinto and Kokkinides are working hard to get their customers the care they need. Using the three-point system developed by Rick Shinto, InnovaCare Health works to understand the culture they are dealing with, getting to know the leadership of the companies they need to work with to get the care managed, and working with governance bodies to ensure that no matter what the economic condition or location of the patient, they are able to provide the highest quality and lowest cost care.

Jeunesse’s Efforts in giving you a youthful Look.

The company has transformed the lives of many people by providing products that help them to acquire a youthful look and attaining their full potential. According to the founders of the firm, every person can achieve their full potential irrespective of their age, race, or financial strength. The firm embraces scientific techniques in developing their products that mainly focus on cellular health.

Jeunesse has gained a global recognition over the years. The firm was pioneered by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The duo is known for having have succeeded in the running of other enterprises. The two started the organization in September 2009. One of the initiatives that the entrepreneurs took was to develop a compensation plan for direct sellers and this has led to a positive trend in the firm’s sales revenues over time.

The pioneers of the company have embraced technology in its operations to ensure that the products are more effective for human use. The growth of the company can also be attributed to the good relationships that it has established with their distributors. Randy Ray is the Chief Executive Officer of Jeunesse. He acquired his higher education where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. The businessman has worked in the computer industry for more than four decades and mainly specialized in computer designs and installations of computer software and hardware worth hundreds of millions of U.S dollars. Wendy Lewis is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she specialized in Sociology and Mathematics.

Jeunesse focuses on developing products that meet the customer needs of slowing down the signs of premature aging. The objective is achieved as the vitamins in the products targets the DNA and this leads to the delay of telomere deterioration. Some of its most popular products are known as AM and PM supplements. They provide nutrients that are essential in the energy-making process and this leads to mental clarity and focus. On the other hand, the PM essentials have a special formulation that helps the body to balance systems to enable a restful sleep. The products also contain oxidants that protect the cells from radical damage.

How OSI Industries Has Grown to Become a Premier Food Supplier Around the Globe Under McDonalds

Ottos Kolschowsky, a businessman established a small meat shop in Oak Park Illinois about a century ago and dubbed it Otto & Sons. As is the nature of the business, if flourished and began expanding and several branches had been opened by 1928 in Chicago. It was later rebranded into OSI Industries and has a global recognition today as one of the food processing company.OSI Group McDonalds restaurant was opened in Des Plaines in 1955. It began selling custom-made value-added food products such as burgers, sandwiches, beef, chicken, pork among other food products. OSI Industries understood far too well, that the range of products they were dealing with was highly perishable, some effective preservation means had to be adopted.

The obvious tech solution was to use the cryogenic food processing which use frozen nitrogen to give food products a longer lifespan. This has helped the company align with it commitment and goal to provide high quality foods to their customers.Today, the company has many line products and have established specific food processing plants that manufacture these foods. For instance, the Moy Park deals with Chicken, GW Padley Poultry and Dove Valley manage poultry affiliated food substances among other companies. This business’s success can be well understood is the main food supplier in over 65 countries around the world; bringing the American experience to other parts of the world. It has scooped million making food supplies deals and with quality being a strong emphasis.

About David McDonalds

About David McDonalds is the Chief Operating Officer and President of the OSI Group, based in Aurora, Illinois. He has served in various capacities before raising to the present position; he has been a project manager, headed the OSI International Foods in Australia, Brazil, and Europe. Elsewhere, he has also worked for Marfrig Global Foods, North American Meat Institute and is now the chairman of directors at OSI Group McDonalds. OSI Group McDonalds holds a Bachelor of Science –Animal Science degree from the Iowa State University. Another keynote person in OSI Industries is Sheldon Lavin who is the Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group McDonalds was ranked among the largest private companies in America by Forbes.

Jeremy Goldstein Has Come Through For Fountain House Once Again:

Jeremy Goldstein has worked hard over his extensive legal career to develop the reputation as one of the finest lawyers in the USA in the area of corporate legal counsel and CEO compensation. His reputation proceeds itself and he has been involved in some of the most critical transactions that have transpired in the corporate world in recent decades. He has done this as the head of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. Though his expertise as an attorney is what Jeremy Goldstein is known most well for throughout his professional career, he also has an undeniable reputation as a philanthropist as well and has made it a major commitment of his life to give back to the community.


Atop thelist of the philanthropic activities of Jeremy Goldstein, his commitment to lending support to Fountain House is one of his top priorities. Fountain House represents one of the top models for the treatment of individuals with mental health issues. The organization has regularly made clear the effectiveness of its programs and has changed the lives of many. Fountain House has an overall mission to assist in the recovery of both men and women who are suffering from the damaging effects of mental illness. The organization is also notable for the outstanding support system that it provides in assisting its members to utilize their individual talents in the atmosphere of a supportive community.


Jeremy Goldstein recently organized an outstanding fundraiser in the form of a pair of fabulous wine dinners. The proceeds of these events went to Fountain House in order to help the organization in doing its critical charitable work. Jeremy Goldstein worked side by side with the Fountain House Board of Directors in order to coordinate these fundraising events. The end result was impressive, to say the least. More than $56 thousand was raised as a result of the pair of wine dinners that were put together under the guidance of Jeremy Goldstein. Learn more:

Steve Ritchie : Backing up his words with action

Current public relations at the Papa John’s company have been in crisis mode due to an internal scandal involving a former employee of the company. Today, Papa John’s is under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie. Steve is no newcomer to the company as his involvement dates back to the late ’90s where he worked as a customer service rep. In addition, Steve has owned and operated a Papa John’s franchise as well as recently being the president of the company.

In a recent apology letter by Steve Ritchie to employees and customers, Steve begins to attempt to bridge the gap formed by distrust and anger against the company. He begins by letting customers know that there is no excuse for the hurtful words spoken within the company, words that have caused him one of the roughest weeks of his life and a pain greater felt within the communities. He adds, however, that people be understanding in the fact that those hurtful words did not represent the company as a whole, not the employees or staff of Papa Johns because, at the end of the day, those people working their locations are our sisters, mothers, brothers, and fathers.

The letter would not end with mere words of apology but with a promise to take action as well. Steve Ritchie announced within the letter that a full audit of the companies culture would take place through its locations. In addition, his senior management along with himself would also travel across the country in an attempt to communicate with employees and customers in a more personal manner. Lastly, is the promise of a more transparent company for everyone. There is no doubt that this new leadership for Papa John’s will cast a light of hope for those who were hurt by hateful speech.