Sujit Choudhry using constitutional law to proponent for peace

Sujit Choudhry offers his services to the University of California, Berkely School of Law where he is the professor and the dean. At the New York University, he was the professor of law and the University of Toronto he was the Scholl Chair. He is recognized internationally because of his authority when it comes to politics and constitutional law. Sujit has been asked to speak in different parts of the country just because he has in-depth experience in the various fields, refer to ( The passion that he has in law was inspired by the law degrees that he has gained, upbringing from a multicultural background, and the years of experience.

Sijuit Choudhry has spent a better part of his life traveling around the world with the aim of forging the constitutions. That was one thing that drew him to the idea of doing all he could to build a global knowledge network. The networks he wanted to use them in assisting him in the new constitutional democracies, clilck While he was traveling, he found out that there was a lack of up to date research. The lack of information led to him having difficulties in implementing the constitutions and with that he could not offer advice. The degrees that he has are from three different countries. The global background that he has is the reason why he can approach the public policy with a worldly stance.

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Sujit has had the chance of working with different people of all cultures, and he has learned that taking on a more empathetic approach is essential in the constitution building, check him in ( The first step that he has taken to help the constitutional democracies is first getting to understand the viewpoint. The second one is welcoming new ideas by not fearing change. Currently, Sujit Choudhry is preparing himself so that to found the three global collaborative research projects. Sujit was raised in Canada, but he was born in India, his multicultural upbringing was the reason for his global perceptive and his career. His parents were well educated, and with that, they created an intellectual stimulation in their home. The three degrees that he possesses are from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard.

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