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OSI Industries Is Reaching Around The World

Have you ever given much thought to where your McDonald’s burger actually came from or where some of the meat products that you buy at the grocery store originate from? Most people do not, however, it does not hurt to be a little aware. There are plenty of businesses in the meat product industry, however, OSI Industries is one of the more established companies when it comes meat and other products.

OSI Industries started as a small family-owned butcher and meat store in Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky’s store was such a success that he needed to expand and in 1928 brought his sons on board. They quickly became a local success, however, they would soon expand past their backyard. After World War II, Otto & Sons made a deal with McDonald’s to provide their beef patties. After that deal, OSI Industries never looked back. Soon their products were being consumed all over the United States and eventually around the world.

Under the leadership of President David McDonald and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, OSI Industries operates in 17 countries and is always looking to expand their reach even further.

In 2016, OSI acquired a controlling stake in a Dutch company called Baho Food. Baho Food enabled OSI to get their products into 18 European countries. Also, in 2016, OSI purchased Flagship Europe. This allowed the company to move their frozen pies, poultry, and condiment operations to this facility. Flagship Europe will allow OSI to do business with even more countries on the European continent. OSI has also expanded into areas of Spain and Germany.

Even with all of their growth, OSI has not forgotten their roots. It is important that they maintain their presence at home too. In 2016, OSI purchased a facility in Chicago that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. This facility allowed for OSI to increase production. The facility contains a test kitchen for creating new products as well as making sure that current products meet their high standards. Time will only tell where OSI will reach next.

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