JD.Com Among The Winners Of 2018 Seal Award

This year, JD.com will be among other companies that will receive the award for 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. JD.com also known as Jingdong is among the leading e-commerce companies that have embraced technology in their operations as a retail infrastructure. The award will be proof of its commitment to carrying out initiatives that support environmental sustainability and its contribution to social innovation not forgetting the impact the company has had on the society through the “Corporate Responsibility Program”.


The team in charge of the CSR at Jingdong is responsible for galvanizing the company by carrying out programs that support sustainable development. It has implemented initiatives that have touched on all areas of Jingdong operations from product production, packaging, selling activities, and their delivery to consumers. These operations are executed in a manner that promotes environmental sustainability and creates other positive impacts on society.


SEAL Award is given to companies that support sustainability, environmental achievement, and exceptional leadership. By receiving this award, Jingdong will be joining other honorees such as Nike, Apple, Samsung among others. The head of CSR at Jingdong recently reported that the company was honored by the award and it will continue to join other global companies in corporate sustainability.


The recognition is an indication of the company’s commitment to carry out activities that protect the environment, alleviate high poverty levels, and supports education and innovation. Jingdong has built a culture where all its people believe that the traditional metrics of performance are not enough, but its performance should also be evaluated by the impact it has on the people in the society. The company’s commitment comes from the belief that it has a responsibility to the society. Go To This Page for more information


Jingdong’s recycling initiative achieved the highest level of environmental impact among the contesting companies. The program’s effects were felt in 47 cities across China and it recycled more than 400,000 toys and more than one million clothing. These were extraordinary statistics and they show that Jingdong is leveraging on its wide customer base to make improvements on the environment. The company is also taking advantage of technology advancement to make significant contributions to environmental protection.


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Sujit Choudhry using constitutional law to proponent for peace

Sujit Choudhry offers his services to the University of California, Berkely School of Law where he is the professor and the dean. At the New York University, he was the professor of law and the University of Toronto he was the Scholl Chair. He is recognized internationally because of his authority when it comes to politics and constitutional law. Sujit has been asked to speak in different parts of the country just because he has in-depth experience in the various fields, refer to (Blogs.law.nyu.edu). The passion that he has in law was inspired by the law degrees that he has gained, upbringing from a multicultural background, and the years of experience.

Sijuit Choudhry has spent a better part of his life traveling around the world with the aim of forging the constitutions. That was one thing that drew him to the idea of doing all he could to build a global knowledge network. The networks he wanted to use them in assisting him in the new constitutional democracies, clilck http://www.law.nyu.edu/news/choudhry_award. While he was traveling, he found out that there was a lack of up to date research. The lack of information led to him having difficulties in implementing the constitutions and with that he could not offer advice. The degrees that he has are from three different countries. The global background that he has is the reason why he can approach the public policy with a worldly stance.

See also http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry.

Sujit has had the chance of working with different people of all cultures, and he has learned that taking on a more empathetic approach is essential in the constitution building, check him in (Facebook.com). The first step that he has taken to help the constitutional democracies is first getting to understand the viewpoint. The second one is welcoming new ideas by not fearing change. Currently, Sujit Choudhry is preparing himself so that to found the three global collaborative research projects. Sujit was raised in Canada, but he was born in India, his multicultural upbringing was the reason for his global perceptive and his career. His parents were well educated, and with that, they created an intellectual stimulation in their home. The three degrees that he possesses are from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard.

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Dr. Walden Works To Help Her Patients

Austin based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden works to give her patients the best care that she can. Rather than work for the love of money or for the sake of vanity, Dr. Walden believes that her work helps people to become the best person they can be. By helping improve their looks, Dr. Walden greatly helps their outlook on life and overall self-image. Dr. Walden herself has had cosmetic surgery previously and she believes this gives her some insight and empathy concerning her patients’ wishes.

Dr. Walden went to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston before starting her practice. She was the salutatorian of her class before completing her aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She started her practice at New York City before returning to the city of Austin in 2011.

One of the keys to Dr. Walden’s success is her ability to empathize. Over 90% of cosmetic surgeries are preformed on women. With so few board-certified female plastic surgeons in general, many patients are able to open up to Dr. Walden in a way they feel they can’t with a male cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Walden understands many of the plights and desires of her patients and is able to understand where they come from in terms of what they want. Many of her patients feel as though they can discuss changes they want without judgment. Dr. Walden has herself had botox and believes she will someday have a diastasis repair. This helps her to further connect with her patients.

Today Dr. Walden is raising her twin sons in Austin while practicing her craft. She believes wholeheartedly that her work is immensely helpful to women and hopes to continue her work for years to come.

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OSI Food Solutions’ Quest for Greatness

OSI Food Solutions, a prominent food processing company, has a story that dates back to the earlier 1900s. Yes, this particular company has 100 years of experience thanks to offering top-tier services in the food industry. Otto Kolschowski, OSI’s founder, put the ball in motion shortly after relocating to America via Germany. Prior to America’s postwar economic expansion, the city of Chicago was ground zero for German-immigrants. Chicago was also a center of industry, and the German-immigrants played a huge role in economics. Carl Sandburg, a famous American poet, stated that “Chicago was the city of big shoulders.”

In the early years, OSI Food Solutions was known by the name of Otto & Sons. This name fit the business really well as Otto, and his two sons provided the day-to-day operations. Fresh meat was the weapon of choice. This small meat market made a name for itself throughout the state of Illinois. Business was so good to where the Kolschowski’s decided to go into food wholesale. By doing so, the business was moved from Oak Park to Maywood, Illinois. This is when the business really took off, but even bigger success would come later. OSI Food Solutions is now a top 100 company. This food juggernaut has up to 20,000 workers, and it has physical locations in a number of foreign countries such as Hungary, China, Brazil, Canada and India.

Earlier in 2018, OSI Food Solutions merged with Turi Foods. This Australian-based food processor provides a wide range of food products, and the goal is to create a world-class food group. OSI is no stranger to mergers as it has teamed up with various companies in the past, including Moy Park and Alaska Milk Corporation. Things are looking great in the 21st century as OSI Food Solutions continue on its path to the top of the ranks.

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OSI Industries

OSI Industries Is Reaching Around The World

Have you ever given much thought to where your McDonald’s burger actually came from or where some of the meat products that you buy at the grocery store originate from? Most people do not, however, it does not hurt to be a little aware. There are plenty of businesses in the meat product industry, however, OSI Industries is one of the more established companies when it comes meat and other products.

OSI Industries started as a small family-owned butcher and meat store in Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky’s store was such a success that he needed to expand and in 1928 brought his sons on board. They quickly became a local success, however, they would soon expand past their backyard. After World War II, Otto & Sons made a deal with McDonald’s to provide their beef patties. After that deal, OSI Industries never looked back. Soon their products were being consumed all over the United States and eventually around the world.

Under the leadership of President David McDonald and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, OSI Industries operates in 17 countries and is always looking to expand their reach even further.

In 2016, OSI acquired a controlling stake in a Dutch company called Baho Food. Baho Food enabled OSI to get their products into 18 European countries. Also, in 2016, OSI purchased Flagship Europe. This allowed the company to move their frozen pies, poultry, and condiment operations to this facility. Flagship Europe will allow OSI to do business with even more countries on the European continent. OSI has also expanded into areas of Spain and Germany.

Even with all of their growth, OSI has not forgotten their roots. It is important that they maintain their presence at home too. In 2016, OSI purchased a facility in Chicago that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. This facility allowed for OSI to increase production. The facility contains a test kitchen for creating new products as well as making sure that current products meet their high standards. Time will only tell where OSI will reach next.

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OSI Group and its Chief Operating Officer David McDonald

OSI Group got its start as a humble butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois. The butcher shop was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. Mr. Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who settled near Chicago, Illinois.

Over the year OSI Group has changed its name many times. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s was one of the first business partners of OSI Group. The business relationship began with a handshake between the sons of Otto Kolschowsky and Ray Kroc.

David McDonald has worked with ODI for more than three decades. He began life on and grew up on an Iowa farm. This is considered to be a life lesson that he carried with him to OSI.

Mr. McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University. He is a member of the ISU Alumni Association. He lives near OSI headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. He is married with 6 children. The oldest 2 children are currently students at ISU.

Mr. McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and president of OSI Group. He began his career with OSI as an intern for the current chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin. When he gained enough experience with the company he moved up.

OSI is one of the largest privately owned businesses with headquarters within the United States. Forbes magazine estimates OSI to be worth over 1 billion dollars. This is not bad considering the company started as a humble butcher shop by Kolschowsky.

OSI is considered one of the leaders in food production. They grew from a small single owner butcher shop buy a German immigrant to a large-scale food production facility. They have offices in more than 17 countries.

In the 1970s OSI began to invest heavily in cryogenic freezing technology. OSI group became the name in the 1980’s and 1990’s after Sheldon Lavin took over offices as CEO.

OSI and David McDonald as the COO are only going to move forward from here on out. The company expects to expand its operations and even more countries than it has now. Mr. McDonald is going to continue his career with OSI. OSI and Mr. McDonald have both received many awards.

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The Great Vision Of Alex Hern For Tsunami XR And Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) may be considered to belong in the same category, but VR is widely used in a wide range of technologies while AR may be identified as the virtual family black sheep. Another difference is that Virtual Reality has developed over time for entertainment, but the Augmented Reality is utilized more practically. In Augmented Reality, the real object that exists in the world is augmented by the computer to generate more perceptional information. The AR is considered a tool that reflects the real world while the VR takes one away from the realities in the world.

According to the experienced entrepreneur Alex Hern, the revolution from the CPU computer to the GPU computers is very appropriate in developing new programs and platforms. With more than twenty-five years’ experience, Mr. Hern has experience in developing incubation technology companies. He co-founded Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO and served as the director. The company was the search expertise that powered Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. He also co-founded Yesmail Alex Brown Ied IPO that was web directory and marketing company that was later sold to CMGI t $650 million after it went public. He also helped in developing ArcSight, a company that was offering cyber security and served as the Director up to the time it was sold at $1.5 billion to Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Hern has excellent entrepreneurial skills and has worked in many companies as well as serving as a board member in Zero-Knowledge Systems that deals with encryption and security.

The development of AR by hardware companies should be put to fruitful use by software developing companies like Tsunami XR. The tsunami has been in operation developing and distributing software since 2014. The creative integration of analytic data and the visually appealing and interactive application done by Tsunami XR ids appropriate in explaining the operation efficiencies, and cultivating workforce training. The new AR is being developed daily to increase safety and productivity. Tsunami XR has made other companies notice the importance of software solutions that work together with the top hardware devices.

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Career achievements of Brian Torchin

The health sector continues to experience more changes with the emerging trends in the market. Various tech gurus have taken the initiative to employ this changes in the industry with the target of making health services better and reliable. Brian Torchin is one of the most committed individuals that has brought this changes in the industry. He is the current chief executive officer of the famous health consultation agency HCRC Staffing. Through the agency, he has nurtured talents from many medical officers, clinical officers, physicians, nurses and other staff in the medical sector. He continues to influence the lives of others through his hard work and commitment to bring people healing. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

HCRC is today among the leading firms in the health industry that offers consultation services to other health fields. Brian Torchin is passionate about giving his clients the best services, and he spends a lot of his resources to ensure that everyone benefits from the diverse products and services in the sector. He strives to ensure that each of them is served to their satisfaction and at times, he also conducts follow-ups to listen to the issues raised by his clients. Brian Torchin has been profoundly amended for his commitment and love for his clients and as a result, he today receives support for the excellent work he does.

The renowned entrepreneur is also determined towards creating job opportunities for people that show interest. Through his agency, he has ensured that a vast number of experts in the field acquire job opportunities through which they have acquired a better living. Besides, he consequently updates his fans on Facebook about the available job vacancies, and this has made it easy for people to contact him to gain more insight about the latter. His determination and commitment to the safety of others as well as the welfare of other people is inspiring.

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Alex Hern And The Advancement Of Cross-Reality

Once the Director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, Alex Hern has been in the business of furthering new companies with a focus on technological advancement for over 25 years. Hern has a history of working with Yesmail, Military Commercial Technologies, ArcSight, CloudShield, NewHomes.com, Triton Network Systems, and Zero-Knowledge Systems, almost all of which have been adopted, bought, or repurposed. His new venture now delves into the still-developing technology surrounding virtual reality, now covered by the recently coined term cross-reality, or XR.

Tsunami XR is Alex Hern’s brainchild, which he explained to Ideamensch as being a necessary change of programming and software in the midst of the transition from a CPU- to GPU-driven computer era. By encouraging the development of spatial computing, Hern seeks to “leverage the new capabilities made possible by the graphic procession now available on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.” Hern stays productive in his day to day routine by using his own software TsunamiXR, which he deems for engineers and scientists to be the next-level platform.

Virtual reality, a concept discussed as early as 1994 by Paul Milgrim, now fits under the umbrella term cross-reality, or XR for short. XR is defined by Wikipedia as “all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables.”

One of the many reasons Alex Hern likely saw value in furthering XR technology is the consumers’ desires to completely immerse themselves to a degree never before achieved. Prior to XR, virtual reality was incapable of producing the intricate nuances of our reality digitally. With XR, creating a bridge between virtuality and reality is more than feasible. This technology transcends far beyond gaming, making it possible for companies to take trainees to environments in a more economical way while also maintaining trainees’ safety. Astronauts can endure the trials of space while still grounded, and deep-sea divers can more effectively prepare for their first journeys into the ocean in the security of swimming pool. In the hands of Alex Hern, Tsunami XR Company can take us from 4G to 5G and beyond. With its value in the billions, XR’s growth can only skyrocket from this point.

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Gareth Henry On Hedge Funds Vs More Traditional Stratagies

Gareth Henry, a graduate of the University of Heriot-Watt of Edinburgh located in Scotland with a bachelor’s of science degree in mathematics, has held many positions throughout the global investment industry. Shortly after graduating Gareth Henry held a position at Global Investment Firm Schroder’s then later in the year 2007 he traveled to the United States to work for Fortress Investment Group, which he now manages and directs. Using the skills he has gained through employment he helps to foster growth within the firm with responsibilities including overseeing marketing in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East as well as overseeing pension and wealth funds and helping to sustain and improve insurance relationships with other countries. In 2016 Gareth Henry became a global head responsible for investor relations to help raise capital with other firms worldwide as well as organizing sales.

Another responsibility Gareth holds is to act as a liaison between investors and asset managers in the industry to explain, using his degree to help simplify complex strategies, how alternative strategies can help diversify their portfolios. For example Gareth Henry helps investors and asset managers understand the beneficial and non beneficial aspects of hedge funds when compared to equity investing and bond investing. In recent years hedge funds, which come in many varieties, have grown in popularity even though they have trouble keeping up with surges in the stock market. It is crucial to understand the strategy and the performance record of a hedge fund manager to manage the potential risk associated with it and to achieve the best possible return.

Traditional equity and bond Investments have some potential benefits over hedge funds, including being more predictable, easier to diversify through mutual funds and ETFs, the ability to benefit from economic growth without managing businesses, a steady stream of income, and capital preservation, however they do not compare to the potential rewards you can achieve through a hedge fund. Some of the greatest benefits associated with hedge funds include the ability to make returns that are mostly uncorrelated to traditional equity bond investments, the ability to protect from a downturn in the market, as well as achieving diversification not correlated to long-only equity or fixed-income investing.

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