Krishen Iyer, Founder of MBS

Krishen Iyer grew up in Fresno, California and then moved to San Diego to attend college. He graduated from SDSU with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Administration. He has now earned a professional reputation for his expert knowledge in the field of marketing, specializing in insurance, product distribution, communication and advertising. Krishen Iyer enjoys spending time with his family including his wife and two children, as well as playing tennis, chess, soccer and learning about space. He also enjoys volunteering in his community, traveling and reading.


Krishen Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services, which is a company specializing in health, life and dental insurance lead management and consulting. The company consults with other business and companies on how to structure contracts and how to market themselves to generate the most profit. Managed Benefits Services also designs lead traffic for certain markets and is unique in that they foster connections between companies who are seeking effective marketing solutions.


Iyer’s attention to detail and intellectual curiosity has helped shape his career. A typical day for Iyer involves building client relationships, marketing and technical development. He spends his first part of the day with clients, which allows him to carry out other responsibilities and needs of his clients later in the day. He brings his ideas to life through communication and asking lots of questions to diverse groups of individuals. One strategy that has helped grow his business has been collecting data, analyzing it and developing precise strategies to succeed.


As far as what the future holds for Krishen Iyer and his company, he is looking forward to seeing how well a new multi-layer platform performs for Managed Benefits Services. He believes this new platform will be extremely transformative providing amazing results for their clients. Managed Benefits Services continues to grow and is still full of incredible potential.

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