From Math Wiz To Leader In International Biz

In the field of finance and economics the world at large is the playground. The elements that make up wealth has become so vast one must look for opportunities everywhere they can. Having a company that has trained product mangers in this sector is a must for global ties. It not only gives the balance sheet a boost but with a healthy track record the attention paid to you is endless. Take Fortress Investments Group Managing Director Gareth Henry as an example and his outlook on global markets.

Gareth Henry is a mathematics wizard who turned his attention to global economics. After graduate from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland his job at Watson Wyatt in management research helped prepare him for his next set of research jobs. His time at Schroders in money management paved the way for him to take on the alternative assets management job at Fortress Investment Group. Gareth’s focus is now markets overseas from the U.S. and how to raise capital and investing in those parts of the world.

Right now Gareth Henry has his eye on Brazil due to the upcoming election. With thoughts that the president title may change hands, the conditions may open up prime investments in the region. The equity markets of the region are showing real promise and have been all year post election. Gareth Henry has also cited Japan as a good investment due to the economic stimulus programs rolled out under Prime Minister Abe. Scotland is also on his radar of upcoming investments as the Brexit fallout continues. The independence situation with the country is presenting opportunities for investors as things become clearer. Gareth is encouraging people to focus on the global picture for the next year. It is no longer local economies anymore to make great investments. The world is all connected in today’s markets.

Gareth Henry started career in 2000 and now is an executive for a company with $63 billion in funds under its watch. With 18 years in the business his advice is taking seriously as an investor and math wizard.

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Eric Lefkofsky: An Innovative Health Leader.

With a net worth of over 2.5 billion dollars and currently at position 359 on the Forbes 400, Eric Lefkofsky is a self-made billionaire, and the chief executive officer comes founder of the Tempus; a medical solution provider with the primary aim of treating cancer.

Eric studied at the University of Michigan in which he was awarded honors and two years later a Juris doctor from the law school. Besides the Tempus, Lefkofsky is also the chair of Groupon, a co-founder of the VC firm lightbanks, a company that has focused on making investments in other companies and the co-founder of uptake, a company that manages other companies safety and operations by using data science.

Together with his wife, Liz Lefkofsky, Eric formed the Lefkofsky family foundation, a family foundation that has tasked itself with developing solutions to the human life through integrated programs and research.

Their organization is mainly based in Chicago and have focused on activities, for instance, supporting young children, providing scholarship programs and emphasizing on financial education through an innovative program called money thing.

Besides that, he has offered a lot of support to the University of Michigan and the De Paul University.

Health is a crucial issue; the Eric Lefkofsky foundation has fully supported research on the various treatment for leukemia, cancer, and various cardiovascular diseases, for instance, Alzheimer and celiac disease Through monetary donations for example in 2015, they contributed over 780000 us dollars to the Texas university cancer center.

The art and culture industry and the technology industry have benefited from the foundation, for instance, a 7 million dollar contribution made to the Stephen wolf theater company and various museums.

Together with Google, they created the 1871 fetch, an organization with the primary function of encouraging and increasing the number of female techpreneurs in the field. Eric Lefkofsky is responsible for the fast-growing accelerated disruption, a business development that has focused on keeping in pace with the various technological advancement.

This concept has been able to identify the major industries to develop besides helping found various technology startups. Accelerated disruption emphasizes first on choosing the right market for innovation and then using automation for tasks that can quickly be done while ensuring the same level of quality.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: Offering Financial Planning Services to Prospective Clients

If you are looking for some assistance with your financial planning in the United States, HCR Wealth Advisors is a company that you should look into. It is has been in business for thirty years providing clients with reliable service and financial advice. The company performs research and financial analysis to help educate its clients and providing them with suitable financial advice. However, HCR Wealth Advisors is not only a result driven company but also believes in fostering a close relationship with clients for the long-term.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a financial planning system through which it helps its clients work towards meeting their financial goals. It is not easy in today’s world to achieve financial goals as the financial markets are volatile and it continues to remain unpredictable. Some of the most experienced and seasoned investors have also failed to understand and accurately predict the movement of the financial markets. However, the researchers and financial analysts at HCR Wealth Advisors analyze the different investment products available in the market and help its clients choose a financial strategy that can help each client reach their financial goals and is suitable for their specific needs and goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered wealth advisory firm based in Los Angeles and was founded in the year 1988 to help people understand the dynamics of the financial world. The company has helped many people over the years weather the different transitions of life financially. If you are looking for some assistance with managing your finances or want to establish a trust or go through the process of inheritance without any hiccups, then looking to the professionals is a good idea. In an article posted on, it says that HCR Wealth Advisors can help its clients go through the different phases of their lives and assist in retirement planning in a way that can help safeguard the future financially. HCR Wealth Advisors offers a free consultation to prospective clients looking for financial planning assistance. Here are the jobs at HCR Wealth.

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The Power Of Information Technology With Vinod Gupta


Vinod Gupta is one of the most resourceful businessman in the industry. He is most famous for turning his original $100 bank loan into a multi-million dollar corporation. Despite his great success, he has never forgotten his roots. Vinod Gupta often invests in places that helped him along the way such as his hometown and university. During a recent online interview, Vinod Gupta goes into greater depth on how his business came to be.


Following his completion of college, Vinod Gupta secured a marketing job in the manufacturing industry. He was imminently tasked with compiling a list of all potential companies who would want to do business with them. However, he quickly realized that no such resources existed. Thus he stepped up to the plate, and made the list from scratch all on his own. Vinod Gupta realized how important this would be for the industry as a whole, and begun speculating on how to use this idea. It grew into the company called InfoGROUP where clients had access to a wealth of information about their competition. View Related Info Here.


In order to run a successful business, Vinod Gupta has found that focusing on the long term produces the best results. Gupta is always trying to innovate his information database. Lately, mapping technology and GPS data has been incorporated into the system for the client’s use. Vinod Gupta is very excited by the prospects of artificial intelligence due to its ability to streamline database usage. The information industry is always trying to find more efficient solutions for its users.


Technology is always presented new ways to make our lives better, and Vinod Gupta is a man at the center of this change. He wants everyone to have access to the information they need, while looking for new ways present the information to clients.


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Bruce A Katzen is one of the best commercial litigants

The Kluger Kaplan’s trust and estate Practice group chairman Bruce Katzen graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in law, and, a certified public accountant. His early training in matters of finance enables him to handle technical issues in commercial litigations. He is capable of understanding the problems, examines experts and witnesses more precise and advances the position of the client zealously. Bruce A. Katzen accountant and legal training demonstrate the passion he has in commercial law, and, as well, a confident personality on what he wants in life.

A highly skilled, and, experienced in commercial litigations lawyer, Bruce A.Katzen is one of the most respected personalities in the legal profession. Throughout his career, Bruce, mostly, litigates on disputes arising from estate and trust. It is recorded that, more than half of his cases touch on financial fraud, probate, franchise disputes, and trust. However, Bruce also litigates on matters relating to business and securities.

Since his admission to the bar, back in 1984, Bruce A. Katzen has an outstanding legal profession. In 2004 and 2005, he was in the limelight as one of the most recognized attorneys. His articulate handling of complex financial disputes drew the attention of many, emerging as one of the best lawyers. Since 2005 up to 2012 Florida magazine, ‘legal elite’ has featured Bruce A. Katzen as a capable, and, a character that goes the extra mile during representations in courts of law. He has also featured in the Florida super lawyers magazine, and, between 2011, and, 2018, he has been ranked as the best lawyer in the United States of America.

Bruce Katzen is an icon in legal practice and mostly in commercial litigations. It is not easy to face such a character who has technical knowledge in finances. Any expert invited as a witness meets an equally qualified professional who has extra training in legal issues.

Chris Burch – An Entrepreneurship Guru

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur, founder, and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch has been a very active investor in numerous industries for about forty years. Burch has endowed the rise of quite a good number of brands, including Tory Burch, Voss Water, Poppin and Faena Hotel + Universe.

In 2016, Nihiwatu, a luxury hotel, was ranked by Travel + Leisure magazine as the number one hotel in the world. Nihiwatu hotel was acquired and renovated by Burch in 2012. The hotel is situated on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and now has become the main source of employment on the Indonesian remote island, read more updates on

Burch Creative Capital came about as a result of Burch’s inquisitive nature: how he is always examining the world around him. He repeatedly observed how products and services can be enhanced. After his own accomplishment in apparel as a blossoming adult, Chris Burch resolved to focus his knowledge and capital to use. That ultimately compels his company to this present day.

A regular day is not for Burch; he could be on an adventure on the South Pacific, or in New York for revision of his investments, or in Los Angeles for reunions, source ( His objective comes from the people surrounding him. He believes in having good people with a passion to execute and that any idea that has a probability of succeeding can be done promptly.

Burch advice and recommendation to everyone as an entrepreneur is to always listen. If you want to be ground-breaking, you have to take risks. He has taken many risks and had his contribution to failures. He acknowledges his deficiency and doesn’t hesitate to learn from the lesson taught. He’s a genius where entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing are concerned and stops at nothing to get to his desired destination, click

Kimberly Bakker Events: Event Planning For The Ageless

Kimberly Bakker is a mother of one, amazing daughter, and event planner. Born in San Francisco, she moved from San Francisco when she was three years old to the city of Ross California into a home that has been in her family since 1914. Kimberly has a rich knowledge of her family history and is very proud of it. She has survived great tragedies including the loss of both her father and brother. In spite of those loses, she continues to enjoy life and the daughter that she was blessed with later on in life at the age of 40.


Kimberly Bakker has 30 years of event planning experience. This experience and love for the craft are what lead her to open Kimberly Bakker Events, of which she is the owner and operator. Kimberly Bakker events is an event planning company that offers business, marketing, and quality control consultations. The event company specializes in private family events.


The most recent event produced by Kimberly Bakker Events was a party for a 16-year-old. The colors for the party were vibrant blues and greens. The setting was outdoors with a lit fire pit being the main attraction. There were accented pillows for the chairs to make the color scheme complete. The color-coordinated menus, flowers, grab bags, and placemat settings added the final touches to a youthful event. Refer to This Article for more information.


Another event that was thrown by Kimberly Bakker events was one entitled “Lionel’s 50th.” It was a page right out of Martha’s Vineyard. There were crisp, cut lines everywhere from the linen to the flower placements. There was a bartender present as well as a tented dining area to add a personal touch. It was a very intimate setting and perfect for the venue.


No matter what age Kimberly Bakker has your event covered, from youthful and inspired to experienced and mellow.



Talos Energy Oil And Gas Co Achievements

The Talos Energy is an oil company based founded in the year 2012 by Timothy S Duncan who acts as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of this company. It was started at an estimate of six hundred million dollars but then being funded by Riverstone Holding and Apollo Global Management. This public company has its headquarters located in Houston Texas. Its major activities include in the exploration of natural gas and oil elements and building towards its production in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. This is because of the years they have had experience in offshore oil mining using the most modern technological methods courtesy of the able managerial team. Oil mining and exploration in Texas and its environs are also done by this oil producing company.

For the past years it has been operating, it has worked together as a cohesive group that has helped them strike a good record with results that are indeed on top. Talon Energy traces back even before the foundation. In the year 2012. The founders had established and later on sold the Phoenix Exploration Company and the Gryphon Exploration Company both serving in the gas and oil fields that in turn brought handsome returns to the founders and investors. This company has managed to maintain a one-step advantage over their competitors because of the rate at which they have decreased the risks that come along with drilling of oil wells. This can be attributed to the over thirty-three thousand square miles of that was designed for proprietary extraction data.

The team of employees is well familiar with the geographical settings of deepwater areas and the great experiences of operation. They have also ensured members of the community play a major role in their activities by bringing them in as employees in the company. Not only in providing human labour have they involved the community but also in participating in charitable activities. On safety and the welfare of the contractors and workers have been prioritized and have been made the company’s top core value. Their drive is that no work is so important or so urgent that can be put before the safety of a worker.

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Ryan Seacrest Call The Shots Becomes Bankable In Entertainment Industry

Ryan Seacrest has a lot of jobs. This is something that anyone will notice if they have paid attention to him. What started as a hosting job for American Idol has transitioned into a variety of different platforms where Seacrest has become very bankable.

There are not a lot of people that get hosting jobs that can eventually start to call their own shots. Ryan Seacrest this one such person that has been able to go from prime time reality television to morning talk shows like Live with Kelly and Ryan. He has also been able to fill in the gap for the absence of Dick Clark in his passing. Shows like Rocking New Year’s Eve and a chart topping syndicated radio show called On the Air with Ryan Seacrest have made him a multi-millionaire. In an article from Men’s Journal, Ryan talked about his weight loss struggle.

This abundance of wealth has inspired Seacrest to give back to the kids. This is one of the reasons why he started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He has done a great amount of service for children that are in hospitals, and he has inspired many of them to keep believing in their dreams even though they are faced with major health issues.

Spectators that see what Ryan Seacrest is doing may say that he is playing it forward in a major way. He has even worked in the producer’s seat for a reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He is connected to the millennial generation through shows like this along with American Idol. Seacrest, however, is also a celebrity that has a fan base of elderly ladies thanks to his morning time show with Kelly Ripa.

There are even men that are aware of how successful Ryan Seacrest is because they may be patronizing his Distinction fashion line at Macy’s. All of this shows that Seacrest, a self-described attention deficit disorder personality, is someone that knows how to handle himself in the entertainment industry. He is always two or three steps ahead of the game when it comes to his income. Visit for more info about his clothing line.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Regarded As A Skilled Professional By Her Colleagues And Her Patients

Not only is Dr. Jennifer Walden a highly respected member of her community, but she is also considered to be a skilled professional within her chosen field. As one of a handful of women who are board-certified in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Walden has been a featured guest in several popular magazines including Texas Monthly Magazine. In her interviews she often speaks openly about being a rare individual within her chosen profession, since there are over 8,000 board-certified plastic surgeons within the United States, out of which only about 180 of them are women.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also sees an advantage to being a female in a male dominated profession. As someone who has chosen to specialize in cosmetic surgery, she believes she is better able to empathize with the cosmetic changes her patients are looking to make. Since more than 90 percent of cosmetic surgeries are performed on women, she understands the importance of making them feel comfortable about the changes they want to make to their physical appearance. The compassion Dr. Walden has for her patients is seen in the positive feedback they provide, which not only indicates she is a caring individual, but a skilled professional as well.

As someone who has been practicing plastic surgery for the past eight years, Dr. Jennifer Walden has established herself as a knowledgeable and competent medical professional. Not only has she been the subject of many magazine articles she has also been the author of numerous publications, some which have been used in medical textbooks. She also takes an active interest in the applications made in medical technology, which includes the use of a 3D imaging scanner known as Vectra. Dr. Walden has made her own contributions to the advancement of plastic surgery in the development of better instruments for breast surgery procedures.

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