A Look On Jim Toner’s Recent Articles, “The Limits Only Exist In Your Head.”

Jim Toner, a real estate guru and a man known for his wise nature and an incredibly exciting grass to grace story, recently posted an article on medium, something he regularly does as he is also an author. As usual, Jim always has something that is not only catchy but also leaves his readers in deep thought thanks to the life lessons he imparts in them in a unique, yet twisted manner.

In this article, Mr Toner compares our society today to the late 1980’s sci-fi classic movie dubbed, “They Live.” The film revolves around a character named Roddy Piper who happens to be like any other ordinary person except that, he lacks meaning in life and wanders around aimlessly until he comes across a pair of sunglasses on a sidewalk. These glasses are extraordinary and allow him to view life from a different perspective and see the world in black and white. Piper discovers the truth about various matters affecting not only him but the world at large. For instance, he learns that the government and the press both have a lot of secrets which are kept from the public eye to stay ordinary Joe under its control forever. He also discovers that the elite or high profile individuals are aliens seeking to take over the world.

According to Jim Toner, the movie is a twisted fictional representation of our world today. He believes that 90% of the media is used by the powerful and the wealthy in our community as a tool to make the rest of the population fit in their goals, so they can amass even more power. In other words, they use the media to brainwash the general population, and the sad thing is that they are winning. Jim Toner goes on to prove this fact by stating that in our society today, most people have been brainwashed into believing in the American dream which involves studying to secure a good job and using it as a platform to reach the apex of success. And because almost everyone is following the rhythm, those who fail to do so end up thinking that they are failures something that entrepreneur Jim Toner believes is a misconception.

According to Toner, life is not about living the American dream. This pattern only limits us if we allow it to do so and his life experiences are the perfect example of that. If Toner was to believe that the only way for him to make it was to dance to this rhythm, then he’d probably have a meaningless life like Roddy Piper. However, he went against the odds and is now the force behind various successful businesses and is even considered a high rider. In other words, Jim Toner uses this article to help us see that limitations only exist in our brain and they are there because we let the media and the government get to our heads with their agenda. If you want to know more about financial independence, continue reading.

In respect to that, he goes on to add various tips on how anyone seeking success can achieve this goal. Jim says that to accomplish it, you have to first evaluate your current position in life in all aspects from health, finance to relationships. Next, consider what you want and stop believing that you are a loser. Instead, have confidence in yourself and stay away from social media as it often molds you into thinking that you are a loser when you see how well other people are doing. Make yourself a priority and work on yourself because once your better everything dances to the rhythm.

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