Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Incredible Leadership in Brazil’s Banking Industry

     Banco Bradesco SA is considered one of the largest banks in Brazil. In 1943, Amador Aguiar who was an entrepreneur founded the bank. It was located in Sao Paulo which is a small town in Brazil. Through its operations, it employed successful and honorable executives. It has 4 chief Executive Officers and 2 presidents. Its oldest executive was Mr. Lazaro Brandao who is a former president. At the age of 91 years, he served the company until when he stepped down. He held the post since 1990 and was the bank’s second president. To fill the space, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed. He was expected to serve in the same capacity until March when the annual shareholder conference was held.

Throughout the past ten years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served Bradesco well. He was on the executive team since 2009. The organization recognized his efforts were he served them effectively in his entire career. When he was in charge of Bradesco Seguros, he enhanced the growth of the organization’s shares from twenty-three percent to a quarter of the market. Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi led the financial institution where the insurance segment in Brazil relied on his expertise to function. The country is further ranked fifth in terms of population in the whole world. Seguros brought into the company 26 percent of Bradesco’s profits. However, he increased the organization’s net income to 35 percent after he increased the profits.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began his career as a bank teller. In 1969, he worked at Bradesco’s Marilia branch. Later, he was transferred to the bank’s corporate headquarters which were five hours from his previous workstation. He demonstrated his dedication to the bank’s success hence his transfer.

In 1984, he was appointed the bank’s director of marketing. He was involved in how the bank could reach out to the clients. During his career, Banco Bradesco targeted its clients while at the same time it segmented its consumer base. Its aim was to meet the needs of its customers while it maximized the profits. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi helped the banking industry in Brazil where he populated the practice. For his bachelor’s degree, he studied Philosophy at the University of Sao Paulo. Before his university education, unlike his peers, he graduated earlier in his high school studies. Later, he earned a postgraduate degree in sociopsychology from the school of sociology. The two degrees were instrumental in his leadership at Banco Bradesco. He is the best-paid executive in the banking sector in Brazil.

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