Best Investments with Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks refers to investment strategy developed by a man called Matt Badiali. Freedom check has been mistakenly thought as a federal program directed by the government as it offers tax-free opportunity to invest. However, it’s not a government program. The program was made possible by federal law statute 26-F which makes it possible for an energy-related business to freely send checks to their investors.

These energy-related businesses are known as (MLP) Master Limited Partnership. They are the major shareholders in oil and natural gas industries. The firms not only dig new wells but also operate refineries and make arrangements of fuel transportation through pipelines. They offer ninety percent of each dollar they make so as to be considered for special free exemption.

Freedom Checks seems similar to dividends though they are known as distributions. Due to the small tax allowed as an incentive to Americans who wish to invest in energy sector investors are rewarded for their participation. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali, the founder of Freedom Checks is a man who has invested his time in natural resource studies for about two decades. He is known as an expert in energy, agriculture and mining industries. Matt has also taught geology at universities such as Duke and North Carolina.

He has traveled widely in areas of his interest (agriculture, mining, and energy areas) such as Singapore, Mexican desert, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea among others. This gave him an advantage and opportunity to spend time with people like T. Boone Pickens, a legendary oilman. He also has personal and close friends as CEO’s of popular mining industries and has over 100,000 clients he worked for as a researcher. This gave him great insight that helped to create freedom checks investment.

Matt showed people an investment that will help Americans to attain energy independence goal in the coming years. As imported oil continues to decrease and the U.S continues to produce more oil, they investors and companies are looking forward to massive profits coming years that will enable the pay almost 34.6 billion dollars soon.

To those who invest, they are able to get 5 to 9 percent profit per year with the recommended 5 companies that control our own billions of dollars in mining, agricultural and energy industries. Through a subscription, one becomes a member of MLP and receives their dividends through checks that are distributed yearly and quarterly. This enables one to get almost one dollar profit for every ten dollars invested and therefore to get big reward one has to make a huge investment.



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