William Saito; Be Persistent if You Want to Succeed

For those who are into cyber security and programming, William Saito is a familiar name. The man was raised in Walnut, just near Silicon Valley. In his younger years, technology was rather a rare item in the community. However, when the first brand of computer was introduced, he was one of the most active participants in initiating its use. But before then, Saito was into technology. For starters, he was too good in arithmetic. Even his teacher recommended a personal computer for his use. According to the teacher, William Saito could hone his skills in science and mathematics if only he could get a personal computer. Well, his parents were overly supportive. Therefore, they got him a personal computer although it was too expensive. Surprisingly, Saito was not as good in English. That did not deter him from achieving his dreams by focusing in engineering.


Saito’s Undying Passion for Technology

Saito loved gadgets. He would see a new appliance or device in the house and become mentally incapacitated by its features. In fact, he would question how it works. Other than that, he loved crossword puzzles including twisters and numbers. Since he was passionate about technology and brainy challenges, he delved into a software developmental project in the 1980s. At that moment, things were clearer as he now understood how to handle computers and other devices. In college, he established a computer company that he later sold to Microsoft after a few years of running it successfully.



William Saito’s success in cyber security was noted when he started landing jobs in major computing and cyber security firms. For starters, he was branded a venture capitalist in Japan. Then, he earned the title of the 2011 Young Global Leader in the World Economic Forum. Around the same time, he was appointed to serve as the IT senior support team for National Diet. In his tenure, he conducted major investigations in regards to the disaster.


The Observation

Perhaps Saito is right when he reiterates the value of determination and passion when it comes to achieving your life’s goals. With passion only, he managed to build a career in technology. Saito is a perfect role model for such like emerging entrepreneurs. Without a doubt, he has proven himself as a guru in the industry of technology and cyber security.

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