Hussain Sajwani is Dubai’s Leading Real Estate Developer

Through the leadership and keen business knowledge of founder and chairman, Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has retained its position as one of the largest property developers in the Middle East. Damac has created thousands of homes in many different countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, the UK, and their home, UAE. The company currently employs 2000 and is publically traded on the Dubai Financial Market.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, uses some new marketing to get many into Damac’s luxury apartments like offering them free Lamborghinis and Bugattis. Mr. Sajwani’s guidance as the company’s chairman and founder has proved to help the company succeed. In 2013, Mr. Sajwani and Donald Trump collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club. Damac helped Trump build the apartments for the entire project. Hussain Sajwani was even awarded the Top CEO award in 2017 for his hard work. The relationship with the Trump organization continues to this day. Their wives also exchange emails.

Mr. Sajwani received his education from the University of Washington and started in business by working as a Contract Manager for Gasco. After leaving Gasco, Mr. Sajwani started his own catering business in 1982. In the Mid 90s, He helped build hotels in the growing Dubai city for all of the company that flowed in the country. When UAE began to allow foreigners to own property, Damac Properties was founded in 2002. The company now deals in engineering, construction, architecture and real estate. Hussain Sajwani currently holds a Net worth of over 2 billion dollars.

This wealth has enabled Damac and Hussain Sajwani to help those that are less fortunate. Mr. Sajwani donated AED two million to the Emirates Red Crescent to help cloth 50,000 children. Mr. Sajwani believes that children are the future. He has continued to look toward the future by putting together a field trip for 50 masters students from London’s Kingston University. Hoping to help future construction business people and the next entrepreneurs.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is helping Dubai and UAE grow every day with his business expertise. He is ready to continue the growth of the Damac brand and wants to work with the Trump family. Donald Trump, himself, considers Mr. Sajwani to be a beautiful person.

Sajwani talks about the opportunity he saw:

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