The Rise to the Top with Hussain Sajwani

Many people only concentrate on what successful people are doing after they get to the top. They miss the important part of what they did to get there. The process is important as we can always trace to see ourselves in their journey. The lessons learned can help the young investors know mistakes that they can avoid, as well as learn techniques to facilitate the growth of their businesses. Hussain Sajwani is among the successful individuals who the young entrepreneurs can take notes from for their companies.

Hussain Sajwani is the owner of the DAMAC premises. The DAMAC Company is most prestigious real estate firm in Africa, CIS, and Dubai. The firm was founded in 2002. Hussain had always had the passion for real estate from when he was in the University. He, however, had to wait for the law to legalize the ownership of property by foreigners in Dubai.

Like all over investors, Hussain began small. After school, he found a job at GASCO Company. Here he worked as a contract manager. He describes this as the toughest job he has ever done. During his work at GASCO Company, he learned the importance of employees in every organization. He says employees have valuable lessons that can transform the face of the company.

After two years in the company, he quit and decided to become his boss. He began the catering venture, which is currently serving more than 150000 meals every day. The catering firm has over 200 projects. In the 1990s, there was population inflation in Dubai as a result of the many business people who came to conduct business in Emirates. Hussain saw this as an opportunity and built some hotels to accommodate the population. Later in 2002, he saw the potential of real estate in Dubai and began the DAMAC properties.

Hussain is famous for his relationship with Trump. Their business relationship is set to continue despite him assuming office. The Hussain Sajwani family has a personal relationship with the Trump’s family, and they frequently share meals. Besides, Sajwani being a successful business person he is a humanitarian. He recently donated AED two million to help keep needy children warm around the world.

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