Chris Burch Owns Nihiwatu Resort and Loves It

Many people want to own and operate a small business. Owning a business allows a person to increase their income drastically and have more control over their daily schedule. Chris Burch is the type of person who is continually trying to achieve various goals in his life. He owns multiple businesses, and he is passionate about taking his career to a new level. Many people spend time with him trying to get business advice (

Although Chris Burch was born into a middle-class family, he quickly generated substantial wealth in his youth. He started owning and operating a business at a young age, and he used the income to build a massive real estate empire.

Starting a Company

Chris Burch started his first company while attending Ithaca College with his brother. The company sold only one product, a collegiate sweater for a low price. The company was wildly successful, and Chris Burch eventually expanded the company across the country. Eagle Eye generated millions of dollars each year. Although Chris Burch enjoyed running the company, he let his brother have complete control to focus on other projects.

Real Estate

Chris Burch has always enjoyed buying and selling real estate, check When he was young, he purchased small homes and rented them to tenants. These real estate investments generated passive income that fueled further investment opportunities. Many people enjoy listening to his advice about real estate investing. In one transaction, he made millions of dollars by purchasing a property in the last housing crash.

Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch owns a majority stake in the Nihiwatu Resort. The Nihiwatu Resort gets positive reviews from almost every client. This resort is a luxury vacation spot for people who enjoy spending time near the beach. Located in Indonesia, it is isolated from any major city. Many prominent business leaders go to this resort to escape from their daily responsibilities.

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