Chris Burch Owns Nihiwatu Resort and Loves It

Many people want to own and operate a small business. Owning a business allows a person to increase their income drastically and have more control over their daily schedule. Chris Burch is the type of person who is continually trying to achieve various goals in his life. He owns multiple businesses, and he is passionate about taking his career to a new level. Many people spend time with him trying to get business advice (

Although Chris Burch was born into a middle-class family, he quickly generated substantial wealth in his youth. He started owning and operating a business at a young age, and he used the income to build a massive real estate empire.

Starting a Company

Chris Burch started his first company while attending Ithaca College with his brother. The company sold only one product, a collegiate sweater for a low price. The company was wildly successful, and Chris Burch eventually expanded the company across the country. Eagle Eye generated millions of dollars each year. Although Chris Burch enjoyed running the company, he let his brother have complete control to focus on other projects.

Real Estate

Chris Burch has always enjoyed buying and selling real estate, check When he was young, he purchased small homes and rented them to tenants. These real estate investments generated passive income that fueled further investment opportunities. Many people enjoy listening to his advice about real estate investing. In one transaction, he made millions of dollars by purchasing a property in the last housing crash.

Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch owns a majority stake in the Nihiwatu Resort. The Nihiwatu Resort gets positive reviews from almost every client. This resort is a luxury vacation spot for people who enjoy spending time near the beach. Located in Indonesia, it is isolated from any major city. Many prominent business leaders go to this resort to escape from their daily responsibilities.

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Kevin Seawright: Public Fund Management Expert Now Making Housing Cheaper

Kevin Seawright has held various positions as chief financial manager of city planning and residential development groups, and now he’s looking to bring down the cost of decent housing in Baltimore’s middle class neighborhoods. He’s the President of RPS Solutions, a company that works with both government and private contractors to diversify the city’s housing market by helping people become eligible for financing that had previously been ineligible. Seawright founded RPS Solutions back in 2015 upon returning to Baltimore and wanting to address its housing needs. RPS Solutions has been highly effective so far with one member of the city housing authority, Jerel Brown now being able to buy a renovated home. Read this article at

Kevin Seawright has spent most of his career in the Baltimore city administrative offices. He got his bachelor’s degree in accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant, and he started reorganizing and restructuring the finances in the parks and recreation department first. Seawright soon brought his financial expertise to more departments including the public schools where bus transportation and educational quality improved, and after his promotion to Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the city, there was noted surplus in the budget. He also brought analytical software to help the mayoral office respond to needy areas of the city and prioritize which services needed improvement.

When Otis T. Rolley announced he was running for mayor, Seawright joined KLS Political Solutions to become his campaign manager, though Rolley came up short to Democratic candidate Stephanie Rawlings Blake. Seawright stepped down from the public sector for a few years and managed private funds at Tito Contractors, a Washington D.C. construction company. A few years later, he was hired to become Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation where he oversaw certain commercial initiatives for downtown Newark and hosted fundraisers, though he only stayed on one year. Seawright also has also worked with non-profits including the directors board of the Babe Ruth Museum. Check:


IC System’s Reason For Success

Debt collection is a major industry, and in that competitive and highly-regulated industry, a company must have a lot of experience and an innovative core otherwise put themselves, and their clients, at risk of either losing a possible profit or even running into regulatory problems. Luckily for IC System, they have both.

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, and being ran by the family since, IC System has survived for eighty years, a testament to their industry expertise (Tcbmag). The company was founded on a guiding principle of giving ethical and honest service to their clients, and this principle has guided them into the modern age, even leading the company to be nominated as a finalist for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics multiple times.

However, experience isn’t the only part of success. A company, especially a company founded 80 years ago, must also adapt to the changing world. IC System has proven itself innovative throughout its history. Most notably, in 1968, they were the first collection agency to replace typewriters with more efficient computers, taking a technological risk to jump on as an early adopter of a technology that is now commonplace and essential within the modern industry. Nowadays, IC System is known for following the latest regulatory and compliance standards to improve efficiency and avoid regulatory issues, as well as utilizing state-of-the-art collection tools to improve their agent’s performance and the client’s experience.

Adherence to regulation and law is an important part of the debt collection business, and this has led IC System to doing something that some of their peers and competitors sometimes don’t do, which is ensuring that they are licensed and bonded in every state, according to that state’s requirements. This means two important things for the company The first is that it allows IC System to effectively and safely pursue debts in all of the United States, which is important because patients can move and sometimes will not live in the same state as they were. It also means that IC System can pursue these debts without worry about running afoul of state regulation, as that is already taken care of (

IC System is a company with decades of experience and an innovative mindset, one that allows them to adapt to modern regulation and compliance standards, allowing them to effectively pursue their client’s interests.

Meet Randal Nardone: As Co-founder, Principal and CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Nardone has made many important acquisitions to help make Fortress a desirable company.

For Randal “Randy” Nardone, holding the title of Principal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, was key for Fortress becoming a desirable company that future stakeholders and clients would consider working with.Nardone has been the CEO of Fortress Investment Group since 2013, and Principal since 1998. Nardone also served as the interim CEO since 2011. Fortress Investment Group, which is an investment management company firm based in New York City, was founded in 1998 by Rob Kauffman, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Fortress Investment Group’s track record has been quite stellar over the years with mergers and acquisitions.

Fortress has timed the spinning off of some of their business entities and companies, quite successfully. Consequently, with Softbank’s purchase of Fortress, the company, as a whole, was not considered completely ready for this deal.Randal Nardone remarked that he had desired that Softbank had made these other companies under Fortress’ domain to be profitable for all the parties involved. Nardone’s prior work experience includes an impressive stint at UBS as the managing director. In lieu of working for the Swiss banking giant, Nardone was acting as Principal at Blackrock Financial Management. Prior to working at Blackrock, Nardone became a partner and was also a member of their executive cabinet at Thatcher Proffitt& Wood, a law firm. By being an impressive part of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone was responsible for being involved in firsts. Under Nardone’s tutelage, Fortress Investment Group was one of the first private hedge funds to go public.

In 2017, Softbank (SBG), or Softbank Group Corp., acquired the Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash.Softbank, a Japanese company, purchased Fortress Investment Group but decided to keep Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone’s positions intact.Some of the key assets that Randal Nardone and the Fortress Investment Group have managed include Brookdale Senior Living, Drive Shack, Rail America, New Media Investment Group, New Senior Investment Group, New Residential Investment. and Fortress Transportation.Randal Nardone has been on the board of directors of many different firms. Mr. Nardone is currently the director of Eurocastle Investment Limited, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., as well as Alea Group Holding Ltd. Nardone is the Secretary and Vice President of Newcastle Investment Holdings, LLC.At 51, Mr. Nardone was ranked #558 on the Forbes list of the World’s richest with an estimated worth of $1.8 Billion.

Milstein’s Time of Israel on the Importance of the Future Generation of Jewish People

Adam Milstein, who is a very successful property investor born in Israel in 1952, joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 to serve under Ariel Sharon prior to his becoming the prime minister of Israel in the Yom Kippur War. In 1974, he married his wife and eventually moved to the United States later in 1981. In California where they moved, Adam got his MBA from USC and continued the tradition of property development and culture that he had developed from his parents in his home country.

In today’s world, Adam Milstein has created an astounding real estate portfolio worth 2 billion dollars, under the name of “Hager Pacific Properties”. This work has allowed him to focus on his true love and legacy, which is helping the Israeli people and unifying relations between Israel and America. Donating an excess of 1 million dollars per year which strengthen Israeli-American relations, Adam Milstein asserts in his Times of Israel article that although Jews have always faced prosecution and should be remembered for the greats who have led the way like Col. Mickey Marcus, the ways in which anti-Semitism occurs is ever-changing and so it is always important to grow relations with the up-and-coming generation. One of the people who led the way, states Milstein, was the famous Colonel Mickey Marcus from Brooklyn, New York. Mickey built up a reputation as a great leader in World War II for America, but he left for Israel in 1948 to further commit to his roots. Becoming a respected General in Israel, it is people like Mickey who have helped stop the wedge between Israel and the world.

One main tactic of dividing the Israeli people is commonly called “BDS” around the world; BDS is short for “boycott, divestment, and sanctions”. A lot of the interaction with the younger up-and-coming generation of American Jews is at the Israeli American Council meetings, of which Adam Milstein is the founder. More information on his Times of Israel article can be found here.

Ryan Seacrest and The Projects and Foundation He Has Nurtured

One characteristic thing of a good successful leader or achiever is to be able to find hope even if the chance given to them is just by the skin of their teeth. Hope sometimes comes in scarce amounts, and that is why the successful people are those who are still able to salvage the little hope to move on despite having only a little chance to succeed. From the biography of Ryan Seacrest, we learned that he might be one of the people whose expertise and passion for the work is defined by the degree of persistence that he has for the pursuit. He understands that what one should do in the middle of struggles is to persist and to be courageous enough to not be discouraged.

The Man in the Name

Ryan Seacrest came from Georgie Atlanta, Georgia, and it was there that the seed of his passion for show business or hosting blossomed into a pursuit for greater success. He moved in California in mid-1990s to start a radio show during afternoons, and since then grew to be a name behind a brand tha’s ultra known in the entire United States. Ryan’s career really took off in 2002 when he started to become the host of American Idol before he continued hosting a series of entertainment shows, interviewing big Hollywood celebrities and becoming the news anchor for the E! TV network.

Ryan Seacrest has also been known as the man behind many projects, including the Creative Artists Agency, AEG and Ryan Seacrest Media and launching his own clothing line for men. These projects offer alternatives to the different and ceaselessly growing TV shows in Hollywood. With Ryan Seacrest Productions, he’s also able to help propel big names in Hollywood today, including Kim Kardashian through Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

In 2017, Ryan also started hosting a show with Kelly Ripa, called Live with Kelly and Ryan. Through programs like that, Seacrest is able to push for the limits of entertainment and generate new ideas and shows that help the industry expand its dimensions. However, it was really when he started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that he expanded the reach of his influence.

His foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the youth today to extend their hand to various charity groups through education-focused programs and entertainment.

The Oxford Club Helps Its Members Choose Wise Investments

The Oxford Club is home to a stable of market experts who have deep analytical and research skills. Their investment products are powered by these qualities and members can build a winning portfolio with this edge. The quest for financial freedom is made easier when relying on talented professionals with many years of experience and success behind them.

1989 saw the founding of The Oxford Club and they began with a small circle of investors and entrepreneurs seeking ways to invest more intelligently. Today, they are a private network with over 157,000 members across the world. They have members in over 130 countries and they are all seeking the most lucrative investment opportunities in hopes of achieving financial freedom.

One important aspect of The Oxford Club and their methods is in networking. This was an original focus that they have maintained over the years because of its effectiveness. The original members found that the best way to join early market trends was to utilize professional contacts with specialized industry or sector knowledge. This improved their performance and is still practiced today with their conferences for members.

The drive to enjoy a full life that goes beyond money is a primary motivation for members of The Oxford Club and financial independence can make this possible. The chance to have more time for friends, family, and community can be very fulfilling when it becomes a reality.

There are three membership levels available at The Oxford Club and they each offer a growing range of benefits. The Premier membership is an annual subscription to one of their expert monthly newsletters which give investors a leg up on the most lucrative trade ideas and market trends. The Director’s Circle gives complete access to all three newsletters on a lifetime basis. The ultimate membership is the Chairman’s Circle and it gives access to all publications and special website features for a lifetime.

The Oxford Club is also home to 12 trading services that utilize market experts to help members maximize opportunities that are set up for substantial gains. These cover different market sectors that are popular with investors like the energy segment.

Igor Cornelsen Maintains Independence in his Sterling Investment Consultancy

Few people have achieved as much as Igor Cornelsen in the world of investment advice. In an interview on IdeaMensch, Igor says that he has maintained an independent mind all through his investment and financial advising career. He says that he avoids being influenced by the opinions of other analysts and professors interviewed and publishing articles all over the place. Mr. Igor is a respected financial advisor and investment guru in Brazil. He has a wealth of experience spanning several decades.

The Insights Responses Igor Gives

Mr. Igor was asked how he manages to develop a concrete set of ideas that he uses to enrich his clientele and followers in the investment segment. Mr. Igor notes that he is only convinced with facts. He says it is the only way to give advice that will positively influence upcoming investors. Mr. Igor also notes that it is from wide reading and catching up with current news that he manages to understand and predict market trends. He says that his day starts early in Brazil just when the markets in Europe are opening. He seeks business news. He says that it is news that influences the markets more than anything else. Mr. Igor was asked how he came up with his investment advisory career. He says that it was a natural occurrence. He had accumulated sufficient experience in the financial sector. So the business he started can only be a product of a rich knowledge base and insights he drew from his long career.

Background and History of Igor

Mr. Igor Cornelsen was born in October 1947 in Brazil. He attended one of the most prestigious Engineering Schools in Brazil at the time. It is noted that gaining a placement at the Federal University of Parana was not a mean feat. He studied Engineering for two years before he changed courses and pursued Economics. He completed his studies in 1970 and joined investment banking. He was one of the graduates that the investment banking sector loved to employ because of their exceptional ability to calculate complex interest rates with shifting base figures. He excelled and was promoted to higher ranks. He became the CEO of Multibanco in 1976. When Multibanco was acquired by The American Bank, Igor moved to work for Unibanco and, later for Libra Bank. View:


Sujit Choudhry Talks Changes Since the Cold War

Holding the prestigious title of I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at UC Berkeley, Sujit Choudhry continues to provide groundbreaking research and writings concerning constitutional law and politics. Prior to entering his profession, Sujit Choudhry attended Oxford University and the University of Toronto, as well as Harvard University, where he earned a Master of Laws degree. In his career as a constitutional advisor, which has spanned more than two decades, Sujit Choudhry has played a major role in the drafting of constitutions in nations such as Syria, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South African, Yemen, and Nepal.

In one of his most recent pieces, Sujit Choudhry contributes to the upcoming publication, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?,” dedicating the focus of his chapter to a recent tweet by the former United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, which discusses the possible dismissal of White House Special Counsel, Robert Mueller ( While there has been much speculation about the possibility of President Donald Trump deciding to pull the trigger regarding Mueller’s status, Eric Holder seems to believe that this move would lead to some form of peaceful protesting from the American people.

Rumors have suggested a variety of outcomes regarding the future of Robert Mueller’s position as White House Special Counsel, but, according to Eric Holder, if President Donald Trump were to dismiss him from his post, it would represent a serious transgression against the American people. Eric Holder characterizes this possible move as an “absolute red line,” but, according to Sujit Choudhry, he is also suggesting something further. While he is certainly calling the American people to action, Choudhry also believes that he is insinuating that the American people will impact the staying or reversal of the decision, as well as others like it. With these types of actions occurring within governments around the world, Mr. Choudhry is of the belief that constitutional democracies are on a downward trend, as supported by the US Presidency’s possible transition into an autocratic entity. This threat to constitutional democracy, what many have begun terming “authoritarian” or “democratic backsliding,” is nothing new, but its rapid evolution amidst a democratic world has been considerable since the conclusion of the Cold War.

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End Citizens United And The 2018 Midterm Elections

End Citizens United, a political action committee, interested in getting big money out of politics, are backing 16 democratic progressive candidates in the upcoming 2018 congressional races. Candidates they endorse support campaign finance reform, one of the biggest reform issues the committee is interested in changing at the legislative level. Candidates endorsed also reject corporate PAC campaign donations.

A few of the endorsed candidates include Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts for U.S. Senate, who has been a staunch supporter of getting money out of politics for some time. She also supports legislation to require mega-donors to disclose donations amounts. Also endorsed is Elijah Cummings of Maryland’s 7th district, a supporter of financial regulatory reform.

Challenger Randy Bryce, of Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, also received ECU endorsement due to his progressive stance on a number of issues, as well as being a previous challenger to Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who recently announced he will not be an incumbent in this year’s congressional race. Bryce is a union iron worker and represents a number of Americans who feel the government isn’t working for them. He has been an outspoken supporter of reform within campaign finance.

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End Citizens United is also targeting “the big money 20,” to be replaced with progressive legislators. The big money 20 are a group of republican senators and congress who don’t support big money in politics and continue to accept donations from corporate PACS. They are also against campaign finance reform. A few of them are Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Representative Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania, and Representative Claudia Tenney of New York. The 20 have been called the “worst of the worst” by ECU President Tiffany Muller.

The group has also started a campaign PAC, that aims to donate to the campaigns of endorsed candidates. End Citizens United intend to raise $35 million. The mission of the group is to reform a rigged political system by electing progressive candidates that support legislative reform of campaign finance law. They also want to pass ballot measures, as well as overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, largely to blame for the level of money in politics. ECU grassroots organizing offices are located across the United States. They build a wide coalition of activists and supporters, and are working to pressure lawmakers regarding campaign finance and other issues they are concerned with. The group’s main goal is to keep big money from buying elections.