Chris Linkas, An Example of Why People Should Invest at a Young Age

For people who invest at a young age, time is on their side. Young adults have more time for their investments to compound than an older adult, so they have a chance to make more money. In a hypothetical scenario, if a person at the age of 40 invests $5,000 to start with a 3% annual interest rate and plans to cash out by the retirement age of 65, that $5,000 will have turned into $10,468. If a young person, say the age of 21, invests that same $5,000 with the same interest rate then by the age of 65 it will have turned into $18,357, almost twice as much as the 40 year old. The young person didn’t strategically do anything different, the young person just had more time for their investment to compound.

Younger people also have more time to tackle the investment learning curve. Good investment strategy is not something that people can learn over night. Older people have responsibilities to worry about (see the next tip) and have less time to experiment on the market.

One person who learned about investing at a young age is a man named Chris Linkas (Linkedin). His experience led him to being the head of a commercial real estate funds group in New York. He then went on to becoming the European Head of Credit, over a 20-person European credit group.

Another good reason to invest at a young age is that younger people can take more risks on high yielding investments than older people. Young people have more time and energy to bounce back from a risky investment that may have gone wrong. They also don’t have as many responsibilities to be concerned about. Older people have retirement looming over them, as well as families, mortgages, and other responsibilities to be concerned about so in most cases they aren’t in a good position to risk losing money. In short, investing at a young age can lead to a better financial future.

Glen Wakeman, CEO With Answers

Glen Wakeman has had a truly outstanding career spanning over 20 years. Glen’s current title is CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC ( LaunchPad Holdings is a software service that creates an environment where entrepreneurs can implement their ideas into tangible plans while leveraging the experience and expertise of other entrepreneurs.

Glen began his extraordinary professional career by earning his Bachelors of Science in Economics from the University of Scranton in 1981. He later went on to receive his MBA in 1993 from the University of Chicago and is currently a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Glen’s professional career has yielded him invaluable experience, which makes him an industry leader and referred to as a secret weapon for up and coming entrepreneurs who consult his expertise. Glen Wakeman had a successful career at GE Capital for more than 20 years. While at GE Glen was the General Director of GE, Global Insurance Ventures in the United Kingdom, where he successfully implemented strategies for businesses resulting in growth of $8 million. Glen eventually worked his way up to more and more demanding and complex positions requiring innovative and effective leadership. Glen became CEO of GE Money Latin America. During his tenor in Latin America Glen generated more than $12 billion in revenue while employing 17,000 people encompassing nine countries.

Glen has developed his Five Key Dimensions of Performance. This methodology is unique in that it can be applied to multiple industries. Glen has been able to strip down and focus on these 5 areas that are paramount in any field: Preparing the company to make changes through Leadership, Guiding visions and strategies and formulating a tactic to implement (Human Capital), The successful integration of people, technology and processes (Execution), Risk Management and Governance. These practice and effective methods has a proven track record of success evident both by Glen highly successful career and his ability to take business to the next level.

Graham Edwards, the man who grew Telereal Trillium to a multi-billion dollar business

Telereal Trillium, one of the UK’s leading realty businesses, has now grossed over £6 billion in revenues. Since 2001, Telereal’s impact on the property market has significantly increased. The CEO, Graham Edwards, has led the way for the company, involving them in a 30-year strategic plan partnered with BT Plc. Edwards has expanded Telereal’s income into the billions with two major deals since the creation of the company.

Investing about £2.38 billion, Telereal acquired 6,700 properties from BT Plc. For a size comparison, that’s about 59.2 million square feet altogether. Once again demonstrating fantastic leadership, Edwards made a major transaction with Land Securities Group Plc, beginning the outsourcing of their property, and securing Telereal Trillium as the market’s leading organization in property outsourcing. They have also provided service to a plethora of clients throughout many industries including Virgin Media, Royal Mail, Barclays, BT, The Birmingham City Council, and The Department for Work and Pensions, always maintaining awe-inspiring reputation.

Previously the chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management, Graham Edwards has been involved in the management of 2 multi-million dollar businesses, and both have since flourished into the billions (Releasefact). Telereal’s aim has been to provide an environment where people with talent in their area of expertise can develop and fulfill their maximum potential. It’s quite clear that they succeed in doing so, seeing how much growth Edwards has been able to bring to the company through his role as CEO.

Under lead by Edwards, Trillium has also received numerous awards, such as the

Investors in People award and the Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year award. In 2016, they were also given a prestigious spot in the Sunday Times Top Track List of 100 Biggest Privately-Owned Companies. Showing determination and commitment to his business, Edwards has cemented his legacy at Telereal, showing that we positively will hear of their success and influence in the property market throughout the future.


Susan McGalla: Business Expert Turned Consultant

Susan McGalla: Business Expert Turned Consultant


Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman, wife, and mother. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the small private college in Ohio known as Mount Union. She was employed by Joseph Horne Co. for eight years working her way through up the ranks of managerial and merchandise buying titles before being hired in 1994 by American Eagle Outfitters. At American Eagle Susan McGalla worked up the chain through several managerial roles after being hired as a divisional manager and finally became the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) and President, first of the flagship brand and, eventually, of the entire company. It was during McGalla’s tenure that the aerie and 77kids brands were successfully launched.

After a near 15 year tenure with American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla went into private consulting for retail and financial consulting firms. She remained in a consulting position for two years until being appointed CEO of Wet Seal, Inc. Following her time with Wet Seal, Susan McGalla returned to found a new business, P3 Executive Consulting, in the Pittsburg area where she remains currently. P3 Executive Consulting brings the experience of McGalla as the previous head of multiple businesses including a Fortune 500 company to businesses looking to hire a consulting firm to ensure the successful launch or continued success of their brand. The legendary Pittsburg Steelers also retain McGalla as their Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

McGalla currently is on the Board of Advisors for her alma mater, Mount Union College. Additionally she is sits on the boards of HFF, Inc. and the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institution and Foundation. Susan was the daughter of a local football coach and is an Ohio native and current resident of Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband, Stephan McGalla, a wealth manager.

Shervin Pishervar

Early life and experience of Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in 1974, in Iran. He went for his high school studies in Montgomery Blair science and math magnet school. He researched on Magainin peptides as his science project. He majored in molecular biology and luckily received the presidential fellowship that helped him further his studies. He was a co-author of an article in the journal of the American medicine society. In Berkeley scientific, he served as the Editor-in-chief. From Berkeley School of public health, he graduated with a degree in health economics.

Shervin Pishevar career

Contrary to what he studied in the medical profession, Shervin Pishevar was passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. He founded WebOS at the age of 23. WebOS was the first company that created cross-browser for the internet. It led to the establishment of the web-based operational systems. Shervin Pishevar was a co-founder of Sege’s capital in 2001. It was a sprout of Vanderbilt University Technology Company. Additionally, he helped in managing 17 investments in small companies. In 2001, he was both the president and co-founder of lonside interactive. He was also the head of product and business sales and development.

Moreover, he is a co-founder of Hyper Office groupware suite and messaging, Social Gaming network in 2008 and was a spun out from the webs. In 2010, Shervar Pishervar became the chief application officer and was appointed in Mozilla Corporation as a GM. In 2011, he was the board advisor in Series B Uber Company. He worked as a close board of Fab, Warby Parker, and machine zone.

Awards and recognition of Shervin Pishevar

In 2016, He received a grant of Ellis IslandMedal of Honor. He was selected for an outstanding America by choice award which recognized natural American achievements.He was a keynote speaker at the summit of President Obama in the entrepreneur in Algeria.

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Perry Mandera – Brilliance in Serving

As a veteran who has served in the reserves of the Marine Corp, Perry Mandera learned disciple and the chain of command from this one move of entering the military. When military training is combined with the give back memtality of Perry Mandera, there is massive potential for huge things.

The discipline from his military service and his actually assigned training in the military as a truck driver allowed Perry Mandera to expand his entrepreneurial career in the trucking industry into the civilian world. Following the end of Perry Mandera’s military duties, he first worked for several trucking companies. He then formed his own transportation business. This shows the difference between mind. Some would have been honorably discharged from the military and they would have become a truck driver. Perry Mandera started a multi-employee transpotation business (Blogwebpedia).

After Mr. Mandera sold his transportation business which he had built, his former business went on to support his entire community in jobs and in service. Following the sale he went into office. The youngest person to ever serve was Perry Mandera and he was elected into office for Chicago. He served there for a span of 4 years. The mind of Perry Mandera is one that continues to develop great ventures after great ventures that serve in a great ways.

Perry Mandera’s, The Custom Companies, Inc, was born. The Custom Companies, Inc. provides detailed management services in the transportation industry. It serves everyday customers as well as very high level executives. The Custom Companies, Inc. is an amazing job creator. Mr. Mandera is now a Board Member of the Illinois Transportation Association due to his exemplary service.

Perry Mandera has a heart for family, veterans, people in general and for religious service. His companies have served hurricane victims, children, families and much more. Charity is the ultimate give back result for Perry Mandera. The Custom Companies’ charitable arm is named Custom Cares Charities ( Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies, Inc. are pillars of their community and beyond.


Chris Linkas financial post.

Chris Linkas heads the European credit at a company. This group is in charge of resourceful principal investments in the UK-Euro area. This region covers United Kingdom, France, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, Ireland and Spain. The company invests in shipping, non-performing loans, renewables, commercial real estate, corporate loans, and securities (


On his financial post, Chris Linkas explains five facts and strategies that entrepreneurs may not be aware of. These factual points are as follows:

  1. Experts are not all-knowing.

Chris Linkas states that companies hire fund managers and professional investors to work on their portfolios fully. They also access the companies’ management units and financial information, but they still make mistakes. One of the errors that companies make is expanding on an investment that is losing. This mistake is primarily made by investors who feel that they are smart without checking the market state. Such entrepreneurs will have a high likelihood of failing. Chris Linkas recommends that companies should not rely entirely on their experts’ opinions. They should instead have solutions that are developed after studying the market state.

  1. News events.

Some investors move on to a new trade immediately after word spreads that the new venture is lucrative. This is wrong as it ends up confusing the company’s existing customers. He warns investors on rushing into the next trade before learning about its sustainability.

  1. Avoid ignoring stocks.

Many investors don’t get back to the company again once they make a loss on the stock. Nevertheless, neglecting any name condenses the investors possible investable stock space. Chris Linkas, therefore, recommends that investors should take caution on limiting their venturing options as a result of a lousy mindset towards a past loser stock (Relationshipscience).

  1. Avoid embracing takeover rumors.

Chris Linkas stated that most of the takeover news hardly come true. Chris Linkas says that his company does not depend on such rumors. He further notes that any company that buys such rumors end up investing in the wrong stocks. Such investments make frustrating loses. Linkas cautions entrepreneurs to be careful any time they get a takeover rumor.

  1. Defensive sectors can decline too.

Chris Linkas says that when there is a market change, even the stocks that are thought to be safe can make big hits. According to Chris, investors should not lay all their trust on a single stock to avoid effects of the market shifts. He advises companies not to ignore investing in safe stocks.


How Gregory Aziz Has Grown National Steel Car

In today’s modern world, filled with new technologies that emerge on what can seem like a daily basis, it becomes easy for us to forget that the bulk of our raw resources and trade goods are still transported with the use of railway cars. For over 100 years there has been a mainstay in the railway industry, producing some of the highest quality railway cars, both freight cars as well as tank cars and that is National Steel Car.

National Steel Car was founded in 1912 by a small group of investors that were headed by Sir John Morison Gibson. This team had major levels of interest with Magor Car Corporation, who was at that time one of the best manufacturers of railway cars. Basil Magor was swiftly enlisted to spearhead the National Steel Car project.


The timing of the startup of National Steel Car could not have been at a more opportune time, this was during a great rise in the demand for rolling stock within Canada and so National Steel Car would go on to see a booming success for the next several decades.

It was not until just around the depression of the 1930’s that National Steel Car would begin to flounder, a lack of orders causing a serious issue for the company.


At one point during this tough time for National Steel Car the company resorted to fabricating outboard boat motors, bus bodies and motor trucks just to keep orders in and employees with work. Go Here for more information.

It was not until World War 2 that National Steel Car would see a return to booming success. The war efforts significantly increased demand for rolling stock and raw resources to be transported by rail. This prosperity continued for many years as a good working relationship with the United States was established.


In 1962 National Steel Car was purchased by Dofasco but by the 1990’s it had effectively given up on the company and it was purchased by National Industries Inc., owned by Gregory Aziz. It only took a few years for Greg to grow National Steel Car from a few hundred employees to several thousand, more than tripling the effective income of the company.


Greg Aziz’s business skills were groomed by being educated at the University of Western Ontario where he studied economics. He went on to join his family owned business of Affiliated Foods, an importer of fresh produce from all over the world.


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ClassDojo sets the standard for ed-tech products

Education technology entrepreneurs have set a goal to make learning more interesting and fun for scholars and easier for educators. After a couple of years having setbacks and mishaps in the ed-tech industry, finally, things are starting to look up since they decided to pay attention to the teachers’ needs and coming up with products that fit the needs of the classroom. These products go through a series of thorough testing both in and out of the classroom to ensure that they meet educators’ high expectations and are made for the good of their students and stand a chance to improve the learning process.

To be precise, what teachers are looking for in ed-tech are products that; can solve problems, have room for improvement and implementation and products that have been tested and proven effective. This is what the producers are looking into at the moment in order to excel in the industry and have their products stand out in the market. One of the products that have been able to excel in the field is the ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a product that was established through the collaboration of two moguls, one being Sam Chaudhary. The two paid keen attention to the demands and the needs of the teachers and came up with a product that would solve the issue of parent-teacher communication without the need to hold a conference.

ClassDojo connects teachers, parents, and students with an aim of building a community between the three and creating a culture that would benefit all the parties involved. The tool makes it possible for teachers to encourage hard work in their students and help the weak students while at the same time sharing these classroom moments with their parents through photographic images and videos. Through these videos, the students can showcase the progress they are making in class and the areas they need help in, and the teachers can also tap in and communicate with the parents without actual physical contact. Therefore parents can easily join their children’s class by using a device and the tool can also translate information into more than thirty languages making communication much easy.

ClassDojo has been adopted by several schools in the U.S and is an example of a successful ed-tech product. If more entrepreneurs paid attention to the needs of the teachers like the founders of ClassDojo, then the industry would rise again and never fail.

Mercy Home Educates Children About Sustainability Through Gardening, How Perry Mandera Gave Back

Perry Mandera is one of the most well-known businessmen in the state of Illinois. He has founded one of the biggest freight transportation companies, The Custom Companies, Inc. Mandera uses some of his profits to give back to a variety of local charities (Affiliatedork). One of these charities is the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.

With the volunteers from AkzoNobel, Perry and his employees are able to give children a chance to participate in taking care of a special gardening projects. This project has taught them the basics of sustainability initiatives. The gardening was given a makeover by the volunteers and residents by planting brand new flowers and a variety of vegetables.

One of the main goals of the project is to teach the residents about reducing carbon footprint and learning to work together to have greater self-sufficiency. Alison Kalantzis is the North American Communications Coordinator for AkzNobel and is one of the leading spokespeople of the project. She stressed the importance of this education for upcoming generations. The gardening project has been given the name, Green Thumbs for a Greener Wrld. Normally, these types of projects are geared towards children who have affluent backgrounds, but Kalantzis wanted to share this information toward a different demographic. Perry Mandera is very proud of this initiative, as well as many others that are created to serve the greater community.


Who is Perry Mandera?

Perry Mandera has been a leader in the transportation field for over 30 years. He is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. which is based out of Northlake Illinois ( In addition to his business endeavors, Mandera is in full support of the Illinois State Crime Commision. The ISCC gave him the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010, as well as the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011.

Perry has created the highest standards with his work at The Custom Companies. He wants the company to stay grounded in its roots that offers its customers personalized attention. The company boasts that it offers some of the best customer service in the world, as well as service that is always reliable and the best rates around.