The Fight Starts With The People

More and more people are getting interested in politics. They are educating themselves about the correlation which exists between money and politics. The climate is changing in the political world and information is changing with it. They want to be represented by politicians who work for them since they got the mandate for this exact reason. People understand how important it is to become involved in the election. Many people didn’t even know who their representative is but this notion is rapidly changing as the time goes on.

Political education is essential because it allows people to understand the political world better. It gives them the understanding of how money influences politics. The court ruling changed the way big organizations can donate money to campaigns and affect the outcome of policy this way. People want to fight back. They want to take back control, and one of the organizations helping them to achieve this goal is End Citizen United.

This grassroots organization is not very old, but their work paid off. The support they see every day is astonishing. The amount of money this PAC received in a short period surprised the political and economic commentators. They were able to raise 11 million dollars, but this figure is most likely going to grow before the mid-term election.

They support Democratic causes and candidates. The overall aim is for big conglomerates and people with deep pockets to stay out of the decision-making process. End Citizens United can only accept 5000 dollars for any singe donor, but their average donations are relatively small. The average is about 12 dollars, so it is even more impressive how much funding they have raised in the time since they were founded. There needs to be a more transparent government that is not influenced by wealthy people.

People don’t often talk about the legal side of politics. They are not aware of the way legislation is created or put into place. One of the people working on cases concerning constitutional law and campaign finance is James Bopp. An attorney from Indiana who graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree and later achieved a law degree from the University of Florida and its Law College.

His experience in law, strategic campaign planning, and finance, as well as election law, is extensive. His resume is also extensive, but this attorney is staying out of public eye. He works in his law office but has no plans on moving to the major cities like Washington.

James Bopp is well-known in the legal circles, and if any of his cases go to higher courts, there is a possibility that he will be heard.

This is one of the most exciting times to be in such a position.

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