Talk Fusion – Leading Provider of Video-Based Products and Services

Marketing is what decides the success of any business, and if your firm does not have an effective marketing campaign in place, rest assured that sooner or later, your competition would give you a tough run for the money. The world of marketing is ever evolving, and thanks to the advancement of technology, the internet, and the social media, it has become much easier for the businesses to reach out to its potential audience. Social media and the internet has made marketing more impactful and efficient, and it helps in getting the results if the marketing methods used are focused and crafted meticulously. And, one of the latest additions to this new age marketing process is video marketing.



Talk Fusion is the market leader in providing all in one video marketing products and services. The company was launched in the year 2007, and since then has expanded its customer base exponentially, serving clients from across the globe. Talk Fusion has also expanded its products portfolio, adding products like video e-mail, video chat, video conferencing, and other such services in the last few years. It has helped the company to reach out to the business sector, which is always on the look-out for new techniques of marketing to reach out to the audience.



In 2016, the company also received the Communication Solutions Product of the year award given by the integrated media company Technology Marketing Corporation. Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC says that the awards are given to only the companies that offer the best products and services in the video, voice, and data sector, and Talk Fusion is undoubtedly the leader in the niche. Bob Reina, Founder as well as the CEO of Talk Fusion is excited about receiving the award, which is second Talk Fusion received from the TMC in 2016.



Bon Reina said that winning an award from TMC only strengthens their resolve to bring innovative video-based products and services for use by the companies. Bob Reina believes that video marketing is the future of marketing and that it has tremendous potential to help companies transform their business single-handedly and quickly.

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