Honey Birdette’s International Success

Launching a success lingerie brand is incredible difficult. For Eloise Monaghan, it was as simple as figuring out what type of lingerie to create. One night, while out with a friend, Monaghan came up with the idea for a luxurious and sensual lingerie brand. She grew irritated with all the different brands that didn’t meet her standards.
She set out to create a provocative lingerie brand that reintroduced sensuality into the bedroom. Honey Birdette lingerie is more carefully detailed and thought out. They also offer and range of high-end adult toys that easily inspire bedroom explorations. Honey Birdette is quickly becoming known for its Pleasure Parlor.
The customer experience when visiting a Honey Birdette store is just as important as the products. Every Honey Birdette boutique has a flirty, playful, and unapologetic sensuality. The atmosphere has a lush décor with a champagne luxury. Another element of the in-store experience is the Honey Birdette Honeys.
Since its launch in 2006, Honey Birdette has seen tremendous international success. Monaghan always planned to expand into the UK market, but the e-commerce success in the US was a surprise. Currently, much of Honey Birdette’s focus is on opening more stores in the UK. They plan on opening 40 stores by the end of next year.
Shortly after Honey Birdette launched its site, they experienced a 374 percent increase in US online sales. That prompted Monaghan to launch an US site. The US site offers better customer experience, easier returns, and a wider assortment of products that are more suited to the US consumer.
Along with the UK plan, Honey Birdette is looking into US retail stores. That plan is on hold until they’ve accomplished their UK plans. Currently, there are only three stores in the UK.

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Yanni Hufnagel and College Basketball

When some people hear about professional athletes, they fail to understand how they got into such a position of success. Although it may appear as though it happened overnight, the fact of the matter remains the total opposite. Moreover, many people do not understand the length of the plight that an athlete has to endure before they “make” it. Before an athlete reaches the height of a professional, they have to practice. Moreover, they have to work tirelessly until they become successful. As a result, many of them have to make sacrifices that they normally would not. With that being said, Yanni Hufnagel remains no exception. For those unaware, Yanni Hufnagel remains a successful basketball coach renowned for his ability to develop and recruit talent.


Moreover, basketball enthusiasts consider Yanni Hufnagel as one of the best coaches in college basketball. Due to such skill and hard work, Yanni Hufnagel has managed to obtain a level of success that few people will ever obtain. Aside from being a New York native, Yanni hails from a Jewish background. Throughout his youth, Yanni excelled in playing sports. Moreover, his educational background remains uncontested. Aside from attending the prestigious Philadelphia State University, Hufnagel attended Cornell University. While at Pennsylvania State, Hufnagel played on the lacrosse team. In particular, he played as a leading defenseman for the school’s team. After one year, he transferred to Cornell University. While there, he obtained a bachelor’s degree.


Moreover, he obtained the degree in industrial and labor relations in 2006. Shortly after graduating, Yanni Hufnagel finished a high-profile internship. In fact, he worked with the New Jersey Nets. Then, Hufnagel attended the University of Oklahoma. While there, he served as an assistant of the men’s basketball team. As a result, he coached Blake Griffin. Moreover, Blake Griffin’s success remains attributed to his coaching style. In addition, Yanni Hufnagel received a graduate degree from the school. While there, he obtained a master’s degree in education. Currently, Yanni Hufnagel serves as a coach for the University of Nevada’s men’s basketball team. Moreover, he works with Eric Musselman to coach the team.

Where To Put Your Keywords



When you are building a new web page online, it can be tough to actually know his to design the site for it to be effective enough for Google. The search engines expect for content to be top of the line and also have enough back links to see the epistle as worthwhile enough to be shared on certain key phrases on Google. There are many things writers think about when creating their content. One of the things that most people stress about when crafting content and their articles is not knowing where to out keywords. It’s so important to be very clear with where you put your keywords. You do not need to have it in so many places.


Where To Put Your Keywords


The main areas to put your keyword include your title, one subheading, in anchor text once or twice, and then in your meta description. Using many different additional keywords that are similar to the original one is another thing worth looking into. You’ll find that putting your keywords in the right places can make a big difference to how Google sees your content and your website. It’s important to only use a certain amount of keywords to avoid any potential pitfalls when Google looks at your website.


You should remember that sometimes working with the right company can make a big deal. There are so many things like keyword research, back links, SEO strategy, and other aspects of SEO that can all help your site rank better in the search engines. It’s more than just creating a good article with keywords everywhere. You need to make sure that you also incorporate proper market research and other SEO tactics. The best way to succeed is to hire a professional company to help out. White Shark Media is an experienced company in the world of SEO, and they know the process involved with crafting creative SEO techniques to help with rankings.


White Shark Media is filled with experience and professionalism, and they have all the right staff members to get your site to the world of your most important key phrases. There are simple ways to get your site to the top, and this company can help you out on handling this problem. Your site can grow and improve with time if you have a reliable team helping you get out there. It’s always worth it to get a professional to help out since they can handle the hard work.


“No Poo” Shampoo Will Save Your Hair!

“No Poo” shampoos are those that are lather free. Believe it or not, the “no poo” shampoos are the best ones to use for your hair. They are sulfate free. Sulfates are bad for your hair because they contain harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. Sulfates contain acid and strong detergents. Shampoos that contain sulfates can strip your hair of natural oils and can have your hair looking and feeling dry. You will experience irritation of the skin, eyes, scalp, and face if you use sulfate filled shampoos. Your hair may also become tangled.

The benefits of using “no poo” shampoos, of course, is for the overall health of your hair. They are more gentle to the hair but at the same time will clean your hair. It usually makes the hair more softer. If you need a “no poo” shampoo, WEN hair by Chaz are the products you should try.

WEN by Chaz is a well known hair care line that provides sulfate free products. It was created by hair stylist Chaz Dean. They offer shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangling and leave-in conditioner. Their products contain natural ingredients that your hair will love. Their products will clean your hair but at the same time, will leave it feeling soft. WEN by Chaz will also leave your hair looking healthy and full of shine. Chaz Dean is dedicated to providing women with products that will leave their hair feeling fabulous and healthy.

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How Dr. Clay Siegall Helps People Survive Cancer

It was in 1998 that Clay Siegall, Ph.D., founded Seattle Genetics, Inc. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company which is a biotechnology company located in the Seattle, Washington area. The type of drug therapy they research is focused on those diseases which haven’t seen any meaningfully improved mortality rates in a long time, often decades. He attended the University Of Maryland, earning a B.S. in Zoology, and George Washington University which where he received his Ph.D. in Genetics.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s hard work and leadership led to Seattle Genetics first antibody-drug conjugate earning FDA approval. This drug can be used for a number of different forms of cancer and more applications are being researched. The drug, and the other drugs they are researching, have been developed through partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies such as Genentech, Pfizer, Bayer, and other companies.

When Dr. Siegall first founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, it was a very small startup with only a few researchers. It’s now a preeminent name in the cancer industry and the place that many researchers want to work at. The drugs it is designing are at the cutting-edge and will ultimately replace the old way of treating cancer such as chemotherapy. The drugs that Seattle Genetics are designing are targeted drugs which kill cancer cells while leaving other, healthy cells alone. The drugs Dr. Seigall creates are not only safer but they are also far more effective at treating patients and giving them a better chance of beating their cancer.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall had been working for Bristol-Myer Squibb in research and development. Even though he was a senior researcher, he didn’t feel he was given the latitude and autonomy he needed to develop the next generation of cancer drug therapies. There was also the fact that his research paid off in hundreds of millions in profit for the company while all he got was his regular paycheck. He decided to found his own company to help people far more efficiently and effectively as well as fairly profiting from his knowledge and skill.


Julia Jackson Relives Her Experiences Growing Up in a Wine Family

Northern California is renowned for among other fine things; superbly matured wines and varietals. One of the most respectable wineries in the region is the Jackson Family Wines. The company is the brainchild of the American couple, Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. Back then, the wine organization went under the name, Kendall-Jackson Winery. Today, the establishment has risen and grown to become a global institution. The brand currently houses some of the most antique and valuable champagnes, Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and other exquisite varieties of wines.

Mad About Chardonnay

The siblings of the founding couple, Jess Jackson, and Barbara Banke would later go ahead to inherit the massive empire. The three girls, Jennifer, Julia and Laura and their brother, Christopher would take up the zeal and passion their parents had lived most of their lives for. they would remain actively involved in all the pertinent aspects of the winery and, judging by the interviews, they are often giving to the press, it looks like they absolutely adore the craft of wines and there’s nothing better they’d rather be doing with their lives.

Julia Jackson, for instance, gets quoted on the family business official website stating how she’s grown up living and breathing everything wine and wine making. Julia has fond melancholic memories of the good old days she spent with the dad collecting grapes and then crushing them as a teenager, her bio profile states.

About Julia Jackson

Julia is one of the four heirs of the Jackson Family Wines Inc. She got born in 1988 at a hospital in San Francisco, CA. The entrepreneur would later attend the Scripps College in Claremont, California to study for a course in Studio Art. She speaks fluent French which she picked traveling to Bordeaux, France in her formative years. Julia is a revered authority figure in the closely-knit wine circles of California. Their outlet now has a strong presence in well over 6 nations across the world.

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Adam Milstein Amazing Contribution in Uniting Christians and Jews

Though the Christianity and Judaism rift has lasted over the years, the two religions share the same roots; they are based on Jesus Christ’s teaching. The coexistence of Jews and Christians, living in the same soil has been marked by disagreements, prejudice, rejection and enmity. Being based on biblical beliefs that the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ and Christian’s ailments. This ignited Adam Milstein inner campaign to protect the Jewish religion and counter the adverse consequents of the rift.


To start with, not only is Adam Milstein, a philanthropist but also has many roles in impacting the lives of the Israel people positively. For instance, he chairs the Israeli-American Council while doubling up as the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. That is not all. He is also the President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and a real estate entrepreneur as well.


The Israel-born father of two, from his college days, has been on the forefront boycotting against anti-Jewish groups. Milstein has also been vocal in championing for the education of students and young expertise to acknowledge and identify with their Jewish roots to ignite and protect their Jewish pride. Together with his wife Gila, they have been providing free educational materials in Hebrew to Israel-Jewish American families for them to expand their knowledge of the Jewish culture. This approach has facilitated the healing of relationships and the creation of bonds between the Jews and Christians in the US.


Adam Milstein has also campaigned against intolerance which has been brought about by BDS group, (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions). He advocates for good blood ties between Israel and America is the only savior from the BDS clashing campaigns, and it will enhance the coexistence of Jews and Christians worldwide not only between Israel and America.


BDS, the anti -Israel group, is attacking Israel and any Christian group that supports the Jewish community. As a motivation from Adam and his campaigns, many Christian groups and churches have sprouted to defend the Jewish state against the group brutality. For instance, the Christian Empowerment Council which released a guide to help understand the group. This has enhanced the integration of Israel Christian community into the Israel society.


In conclusion, due to his unending campaigns to promote the relationship between the Jews and Christians, in 2016, Adam Milstein was named among “The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life,” and also one of the top 25 Twitter activists on the same.

Keeping Contraband Out of Our Jail with Help from Securus Technologies

The battle to keep contraband out of our jails is a never-ending battle. Inmates will do just about anything to get people on the outside to risk everything for the sake of them being able to get the items they need. I work as a corrections officer whose job it is to stop the flow of illegal contraband from getting into the jail, and everyday is a battle with these inmates.


The one thing we do everyday is to not only physically check each visitor that comes into the jail, we just them through a scanning device too. Even with all those precautions, the visitors have found some very creative ways to get the items the inmates need into the jail. Many of these visitors are low-level gang members who would gladly risk jail time in order to help their brothers on the inside.


We always surprise the inmates with cell inspections each day, and although we do net a large amount of contraband, it still doesn’t put a dent into the flow. Recently when Securus Technologies updated our inmate communication system, we knew we finally had a resource we could use to really choke off the flow of these illegal items.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas TX, and 1,000 employees and the CEO Rick Smith all believe in the company motto, existing to serve and making the world safer for all. That is exactly what their LBS software is doing to help stop contraband in our jail.


We use the monitoring system to pick up chatter from gang members who order outside soldiers to come to the jail and divert away attention while bigger score slip by. Now we have the resources to pick up these gang members on the outside before they even get a chance to pass the items to their brothers.


One Planet Business Awards Troy McQuagge’s Professional Excellence

Troy McQuagge, was named the winner of one of One Planet Awards top honor, CEO of the Year, for his work with USHEALTH Group. The business world is always aware of those nominated by One Planet Awards, as the accolades that follow accompany global recognition. Honoring businesses and those who meet their roles with excellence is something One Planet Awards looks for when analyzing applicable nominees from all over the world.

In the case of McQuagge, the recognition comes after years of working with USHEALTH Group at a time when the health insurance market was experience extensive change a unprecedented uncertainty on the part of patients. McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 and tasked with restructuring the company. Then, just four years later, he went ahead to do it again with USHEALTH Advisors, which led to new levels of success in terms of profitability and growth, making him the obvious option to become CEO and President.

When notified of his win, McQuagge expressed his surprise and thanks to One Planet Awards. Though he’s the one honored with this award, McQuagge was eager to point out that his success is not his alone, and that the ability to win an award is a result of the concerted effort of USHEALTH Group’s employees at all levels. That they’re able to continually work in the interest of partners and clients, making sure that patients are able to find and maintain affordable coverage, McQuagge notes, is necessary in order for the company to continue its prosperity.

About Troy McQuagge:

Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors. After graduating from the University of Central Florida in 1983, McQuagge went straight to work in the insurance market by joining Allstate Insurance. Gaining experience and accolades in the world of insurance, McQuagge was eyed by USHEALTH Group, a health insurance provider for small businesses and entrepreneurs, based in Ft. Worth, Texas, as an ideal candidate to restructure the company and help it regain its position of profitability at a time where sweeping insurance regulations were changing the distribution of healthcare coverage across the country.

Life Hacks You Should Know


It’s easy to find ways to make your life a lot easier. “Hacking” your way through life with simple solutions to your problems is fun and easy. Everyone should know how to remember important things before you leave your house or how to keep your paperwork from getting wet in the rain. These are some of the best life hacks you can find. Most of them are cheap and easily achieved.

Use A Razor To Clean Lint Off Your Jumper

As you use send your jumpers through the washer they will collect lint and lose their “fresh” look. It may seem counterintuitive but a razor is probably a better way of removing lint than a roller. Any cheap razor will work just fine.

Use Your Keys To Help You Remember

It’s easy to forget where you put important things when you’re leaving the house, but one thing you can never forget when you leave is your keys. Always keep everything important under your keys to remember them. Your phone is also a good way to jog your memory. Since phones are something we take just about everywhere you won’t forget anything you put your phone on.

Use Cardboard To Protect Documents From Water

Put any important documents you have inside a ziplock bag and cover them with cardboard. Cut a piece of cardboard in the exact shape of the ziplock bag and then trim it until the cardboard fits inside. The cardboard will do a good job of absorbing any liquids you might accidently spill on them.

Dump Your Laundry On Your Bed And Sleep On Them

Folding your clothes isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world. When you don’t feel like doing this chore just put them on your bed so you can’t go to bed before you fold your clothes. You’ll almost certainly remember.