Mike Baur: Taking the Entrepreneurial Culture Further

The Swiss Startup Factory, which was launched in 2014 by Mike Baur, is an accelerator that seeks to support upcoming digital entrepreneurs. Mike Baur is a banking professional who boats of more than 20 years experience in the banking and investment management industry. As a teenager, Mike was fascinated about banking and his dream was to one day become a reputable banker and investor, a dream he pursued quite vehemently. Mike Baur has spent more than 20 years working in the Swiss private banking market, something that has equipped him with sufficient experience and skills to establish a financial institution.


Michael Hartweng, Mike Baur’s business associate, quit his job at Leonteq and immediately sold his shares before exiting. This offered him some capital that would stand in during his next attempt at establishing a business independently. He joined the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) and was assigned the role of coaching founders and companies.


At the time Mike Baur founded SSUF, his objective was to support young entrepreneurs to grow their ventures in the digital market. The company has grown into a reliable information outlet that can help to support upcoming investors to realize their potential. Mike Baur has been calling on experienced professionals to bring along their skills into the organization to help secure a stronger front for management.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is also working together with the Fusion in a cooperation that will build a bridge between the Swiss and French financial markets. Both are independent accelerators that complement each other in setting up goals and program orientation. The SSUF acceleration program assists start ups from establishment to the prototyping stage to encourage smooth transition into the market. Although Fintech will be the key focus in the program, other ICT topics will also be factored in and this will also include cooperation with universities.


The SSUF accelerator program will be launched this summer and will focus on Fintech companies. Mike Baur, the founder of SSUF, has expressed hope in the program and expects to meet many young professionals, who will bring forward actionable ideas and plans that can be included in the acceleration program. Through his diverse connection and experience, Mike Baur will source for professionals in the banking and financial sector to contribute towards the program. The coaching program will take several weeks and those admitted will be taken through until they are ready for funding to enter the competitive market.

The Benefits of Shared Office Space and CoWorking Rentals in Manhattan


There are many benefits to sharing office space or coworking with others. You will meet many professionals in your business and other fields. It is an opportunity to network and meet new clients to help your business grow. Many co-work environments have networking meetings and after hour events where you can socialize and meet new people.


You will find coworkers to work with on creative projects and be motivated by being around professionals like yourself. Shared offices will get you out the house into a professional work environment ever day. There you can develop a schedule and work with others or alone. The choice is yours.


Coworking eliminates the isolation of working alone in your home or an office. It increases your confidence and the ability to network with other professionals. It often complements or enhances your work at home situation. The computer and office equipment is more professional and better connected. There are no utility bills to deal with and you do not have to hassle with computer and equipment repairs.


Professional writers, artists, web designers, film producers, and others that work alone will find the advantages of co-working outweigh the negative points. Often when working alone the isolation does take its toll.


WorkVille NYC is one of many New York offices for rent located near Times Square and Bryant Park. These New York offices for rent are ready for you to move into and there are offices that you can share space with others. There are open desks, office equipment, a cafe lounge to take breaks or work from, and space for meetings. They are all located on the 21st floor. WorkVille has space for you to host special events for clients too.


The New York offices for rent have a beautiful view of the city with furniture and equipment available to use. Their staff will help plan the perfect event to impress your clients or help you to find new ones. Coworking at WorkVille has many benefits: conference rooms for meetings, virtual mail, state of the art office equipment, computers, 24 hour access, fresh coffee all day long, cleaning services, printers, and great co-workers.

Mark Sparks Has Genius, and Moves To Genuine Locality

Author and Entrepreneur Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital, LP is changing his office to a new location that he says will create an environment for start-up productivity. Mark Sparks is the go-to-guy for wannabe entrepreneurs.

He has success and experience behind him, and the momentum to push a new business in to first-gear. He offers services which open doors to marketing and banking resources.

As owner of his private equity company, Mark has the knowledge to mentor a growing start-up company. He says the founding of a business must open with a model, and collect assets needed for its longevity. Timber Creek Capital can support three new businesses during the first stages of infancy.

As one who has started a quantity of start-ups, he is well suited to guide others on the same path. He dictates that an overall must-have is an excellent place to share ideas; he says it is one-fourth of the success-pie of good business. So when choosing a spot to call home to one’s business, the locality is a top priority he says.

Location, location, location is a popular chant, but can it be true? Mark Sparks says it is absolutely true. He advises newbie capitalists not to be stingy in the beginning, reminding his clients that they will be semi-permanent at the location once chosen.

Likewise, the choice of permanency could be the difference between winning and losing. Some office spaces give life, it increases teamwork and solidarity. While other workplaces diminish the flow of energy and is stifling, making one fell constrained or oppressed.

Not good. Consequently, Mark Sparks used his own advice and moved his office from a location that was in place for fourteen years. It was like uprooting a tree, but a necessity, and all for a greater good.

Mark Sparks doesn’t just give advice to his clients; he shares all his insights in his book called, “The Can’t Eat You”. He recaps all his ups and downs, the whole story of how one man made it up the ladder of success, and now invites others to step-up.

He gives a reality check to aspiring business start-up moguls. At heart, Mark Sparks is a teacher, a guru, he exemplify years of experience. He can dissect a new venture into specific stages of development, and nurture each segment for optimal efficiency.

So, on a personal side, who is this spark of genius? Mark Sparks boost that he wears many hats; he is an author, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur.

He is proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek, LP. He supports Habitat for Humanity. He donates to American Can! Academy, a charter school program, and a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn.


George Soros Donates Millions Of Dollars To Clinton’s Campaigns

George Soros has donated more than $25 million to facilitate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The money will also be used to fund other Democratic candidates and causes. This is the first time, in 12 years, that the billionaire has been directly involved in politics. In 2004, he made headlines when he donated $27 million to a Democratic candidate in an attempt to thwart the reelection of the then president, George W. Bush.

This donation is expected to significantly transform Clinton’s campaign on topics.wsj.com. It will enable the candidate to reach a wider segment of the society by herself or her campaigners. This will see her sell her policies more effectively, thus increasing her chances of winning the coming elections. According to sources close to the billionaire, it is believed that this is the first of many donations that the billionaire will be making to the Democratic fundraising operatives. George Soros has very deep pockets considering that he made over $25 billion through risky currency trades.

After his preferred candidate’s defeat in 2004, the billionaire did not make other political donations. It is believed that the disappointment made him focus his attention on making money for himself and his investors rather than be involved in politics on project-syndicate.org. However, his distaste of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has seen him rise again as a major donor to the Democratic fundraising operatives.

After making the donations, Soros was expected to attend his first-ever Democratic convention. By attending the convention, he would have the chance to watch Clinton give her acceptance speech. However, this did not happen. According to sources close to him, the conference on politico.com coincided with the volatile economic situation in Europe. This meant that the billionaire had to monitor the situation.

The increased involvement of Soros in politics is believed to be due to two main factors. First, is his long relationship with the Clinton family? Second, is the fear that Donald Trump will become United States’ president? Soros has personally accused Trump of ‘doing the work of ISIS’ by instilling fear among Americans. In addition, George Soros is strongly against Trump’s policies on immigration, criminal justice and religious tolerance.

The huge donation made by Soros will influence other wealthy individuals to donate to the Democratic fundraising operatives. The increased donations will enable Hillary Clinton to reach every corner of the United States for campaigns and boost her chances of winning against Donald Trump. Clinton’s presidential campaign team was extremely pleased with the donation.

About George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-born New York billionaire. The 85-year old self-made billionaire is the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management. He is also known for establishing Open Society Foundations, an organization that aided in bringing down communism in Eastern Europe. As a young Jewish boy, he lived in the Nazi-controlled Hungary. Soros holds an Economics degree from the London School of Economics.

Thor Halvorssen: Fighting the Good Fight

Thor Halvorssen, a Venezuelan-Norwegian who runs the Oslo Freedom Forum, has a genuinely deep engagement in the complex politics of global human rights. This deep involvement has put him at the epicenter of international conflicts and has also made him one of the most perplexing people in the human rights activism arena.

He heads the Human Rights Foundation, in New York, and his goals are quite literal. He wants to combat oppressive regimes globally, even if that means freeing activists from their own homelands, creating campaigns to free prisoners or inviting nonconformists and journalists to his Foundation’s yearly forum, in its fifth year. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824

The conference is held in Norway, where his family hails from. His grandfather moved his whole family to Venezuela as the King’s consul and became a Venezuelan representative. The conference had 450 attendees, with over 50 countries represented. The Oslo Freedom Forum has been described as an “internationalist networking party where dissidents trade tips on overthrowing authoritarian regimes”.

Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. His mother was a descendent of Simon Bolivar and his father, also named Thor, was a senior aide to President Carlos Andres Perez Rodriguez. In 1993, his father fell from grace and found himself locked up on charges of money-laundering. He was also accused of planning a series of bombings the year prior. Although Thor denies it, it has been said that his father was a CIA informant. Thor maintains that his father was an ambassador against drugs and his name was dragged through the mud by Pablo Escobar’s people, who wanted to silence him.

While his father fought his battles, Thor went to college in the U.S. and found ways to cross paths with influential American and international figures. He soon proved himself to be a worldly man, regardless of his age, and he had a firm grasp of worldly politics and cultures. His earliest political involvements included mounting a campaign with Amnesty International to free his father from prison. His relationship with Venezuela has not healed since.

Since the mid-2000s, Thor Halvorssen has focused on his work with the Human Rights Foundation. He is a determined man, smart enough not to let his ego get in the way of doing the right thing. His boldness allows him to go places others would not dare in order to accomplish his crusade against authoritarian regimes.