The Amazing Life of Alastair Borthwick

A Scottish author and broadcaster Alastair Borthwick has been impacting the world with his work for more than a century. Born in February of 1913, Borthwick has published a number of books that have stood the test of time. His books have tackled subjects like moving up in the working class and the struggles of the second world war.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Scotland. As a teenager he attended Glasgow High School and participated in the schools Officer Training Corps program. One of Borthwick’s first jobs was working for the Glasgow Herald, the local newspaper. During this part of his career he became involved hillwalking and climbing scene in Glasgow. As a result Borwick became more and more interested in writing about working class people in the area.

About five years later, Borthwick took a major career step when he began working for he Daily Mirror. Despite the many positives of the move, Borthwick longed for Glasgow and would soon return there. Just four years later he would see his collection of writings known as “Always a Little Further“, get published by the group Fabers. T.S. Eliot shared his opinion with the publisher which eventually led to the collections publishing.

Borthwick was a part of the second World war. He was commissioned into the 5th Battalion as an Intelligence Officer. During this sign he saw the impact of the War in various countries including Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, and Germany. As a result when the war was over Alastair Borthwick wrote his second book called Sans Peur. The book was very successful and was even in print as recently as 1994.

The next period of Borthwick’s live would see him move with his wife to Jura. His career began focusing on broadcasting and television. During his time in television, Borthwick produced more than 150 thirty minute programs for Grampian TV on a variety of topics. In the 1970’s his family moved to Ayrshire, where they remained until Borthwick’s death in 2003. Here are the books by Alastair Borthwick.

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PSI-Pay Working On Increasing The Popularity Of Contactless Payment

PSI-Pay is a banking alternative company based in the United Kingdom, which was founded in 2007. The company helps businesses with the financial management and provides sponsorship payment solutions in order for businesses to have the support from an institution which is FCA regulated. PSI-Pay is a Principal Member of MasterCard ever since 2009, is licensed to issue debit cards, prepaid cards, and electronic products which are available in 173 countries and in 44 currencies. In addition, the company is able to offer clients MasterCard services across the European Union.


British Retail Consortium announced that more than half of all purchases made in Britain were made by using credit cards. PSI-Pay has partnered up with Kerv Wearables in order to create a contactless payment ring – this will help increase the level with which cashless payments dominate the market. The number of stores throughout the United Kingdom and throughout the world which are adopting contactless payments is growing, which is why the gadget put forth by PSI-Pay and Kerv provides a fast way to make payments.


Contactless payment uses debit cards, credit cards or smart card as a form of payment. The ring launched by PSI-Pay and Kerv is designed for both durability and comfort; they come in 12 different sizes and are fashioned for both males and females. In addition, they are designed to withstand scratches and water damage.


PSI-Pay considers that using contactless payment is a waver of the future. Barclaycard reported that consumers who are over sixty years old are using contactless technology, even outnumbering consumers who are between 18 to 25 – pointing to the fact that not only millennial consumers are interested in contactless payments. As a result of the increasing popularity of this payment method, the UK Cards Association works with operators from the public transportation industry in order to develop systems in order to make the technology compatible for buses and trains.


Using contactless payment offers a number of benefits. The technology is easy to use and fast, paying does not require the credit card checking, or waiting for the card to get validated – which will make things easier for retail customers. The user will simply have to touch the reader with their ring or contactless card and the payment is finished in a few seconds. In addition, PSI-Pay and Kerv took the necessary measures to ensure that the technology is secure and can counter irregularities.



Robert Ivy, FAIA, honored with lifetime achievement award

Robert Ivy, FAIA, honored with lifetime achievement award

AIA EVP and CEO recognized by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

Washington, D.C. – April 11, 2018 – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) EVP and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, FAIA, is being awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

This marks the first time an architect has received the Polk Award, which is given to living Mississippi-connected artists and art patrons whose body of work over a lifetime of creating, performing, and/or supporting art is extraordinary and worthy of special honor. He joins a small list of distinguished Mississippians to be so honored, which commenced with the writer Eudora Welty (2001) and includes actor Morgan Freeman (2007), writer Shelby Foote (2004), the late artist Walter Anderson (1989), and singer Leontyne Price (2000).

“When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy,” said MIAL President Nancy LaForge. “As a writer, author and commentator on architecture worldwide, Ivy now takes his rightful place in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.”

“As the CEO of AIA since 2011, and as an author, editor and practicing architect, Robert Ivy is a worthy ambassador for our profession,” said AIA President Carl Elefante, FAIA. “This award comes as a crowning personal and professional achievement for him as a native of Mississippi. On behalf of the AIA, I am truly delighted to congratulate him on this unique honor.”

Ivy was formerly Editor-in-Chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record prior to joining the AIA in 2011. Under Ivy’s leadership, Architectural Record became the most widely disseminated architectural journal worldwide and garnered numerous awards, including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Ivy also led McGraw-Hill’s design and construction media during its explosive growth in China—where he launched a Mandarin version of Architectural Record—and the Middle East.

Ivy’s authoritative biography Fay Jones: Architect was published in 2001 and is now in its third edition. The book showcases the work of the American architect who was a devotee of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Art Library Society of North America cited Fay Jones: Architect for “the highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.”

At the AIA, Ivy has significantly grown the global footprint of the Institute, which is at its highest membership level in its 160-year-old history. Today, America’s architects are practicing around the world, aided by seven global chapters of the AIA, including new chapters in China and Canada.

Ivy was previously honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi, for his effectiveness in communicating the value of design. He shares the designation Master Architect with iconic architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Richard Buckminster Fuller, and I.M. Pei. He is one of seven to receive this honor in the fraternity’s 100-year history and the only architect selected in the 21st century. In addition, in 2017, Ivy received the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South, Ivy attended Tulane University where he received a Master of Architecture degree. Prior to becoming an architect, Ivy served as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

At an event on June 2, MIAL will honor both Ivy and stained-glass designer Andrew Cary Young of Pearl River Glass Studio of Jackson, Mississippi, with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

In addition to the occasional lifetime achievement awards, each year, MIAL recognizes creative individuals with an award in their specific fields. Authors Walker Percy, Richard Ford, Barry Hannah, and Ellen Gilchrist are among those who have been honored in past annual cycles. A complete list of this year’s award recipients, as well as previous winners, is available on the MIAL’s website.

Supported by Mississippi Institutes of Higher Learning, MIAL is a privately funded, non-profit organization.

About The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Founded in 1857, the AIA consistently works to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings, neighborhoods, and communities. Through more than 200 international, state, and local chapters, AIA advocates for public policies that promote economic vitality and public wellbeing. Members adhere to a code of ethics and conduct to ensure the highest professional standards. AIA provides members with tools and resources to assist them in their careers and business. In addition, the Institute engages civic and government leaders and the public to find solutions to pressing issues facing our communities, institutions, nation, and world.

Fortune Arising from Freedom Checks


According to Matt Badiali, one of the leading investment adviser in the United States, the country has decreased the amount of oil and gas that was imported from the Gulf. The country has a vision of becoming an energy independent State in a few years to come. Therefore, the organizations that deal with the process of production, processing, storage, and transportation of the gas across the country will start issuing the dividends to its investors in the form of Freedom Checks. Usually, the companies that issue freedom Checks are known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLP).

Master Limited partnerships have large capital bases, and they have to give out close to ninety percent of the income earned to the investors inform of the Freedom Checks. Currently, in the United States, the number of MLPs is about five hundred and fifty-eight that continuously service the investors who have bought their stocks.

Fortunately, buying the shares from an MLP company is just as easy as buying shares only from any company. The dividend may come to one’s mailbox of being deposited to the brokerage account. Finding of the MLP’S has assisted Matt Badiali in generating a lot of gains for himself as well as his followers who hid to his advice.

For instance, sometime back in 2008, during the market meltdown, Matt was able to buy the gold mining stock at 0.06 dollars per one share. After two years, he managed to sell the stock that he had at 2.64 dollars per share. He had made a profit of forty-four thousand per share. Therefore, looking at the trends in the market and what Matt knows about the market, those who want to make it should start investing in the MLPs to get the Freedom Checks.

Investing in the checks is one of the investments that one is almost inevitable and guaranteed of the increased output. According to Matt Badiali, the returns may range from about one thousand dollars, all the way to about four hundred thousand dollars’ worth of returns. He still insists that people should not think twice concerning the deal at hand.

Organo Gold Through The Years

Although it’s not quite a household name as of yet, Organo Gold has gained an immense amount of popularity and success in recent years. So how did this coffee company come to be? They were first founded back in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and he runs the company with his co-founder, Shane Morand, the man who oversees selling and distribution of all the company’s products. Additionally, they oversee a scientific advisory board which aims to help ensure they use only the healthiest ingredients in products. Currently, Organo Gold does not offer their products in retail locations but, thanks to their distributors, they do currently make a commission of over half of its retail price on every sale they make. They use various different marketing techniques to make a big profit.

Initially, Organo Gold only sold different flavors of coffee, but as the company expanded and became more successful, they later started offering different types of tea and nutritional beverages. In fact, they’ve become so successful that, in 2010, their revenue was estimated to be upwards of $35 million throughout the world. Organo Gold currently makes its products available to anyone living in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Peru, Jamaica, Austria, the Phillippines, and the Netherlands. To make their coffee, they combine gourmet coffee beans with something known as Ganoderma, a special type of mushroom that is turned into a traditional herb from Asia.

Organ Gold claims that this particular herb helps to regulate your cholesterol and provides other nutritional benefits to their customers. The company also provides its customers with a special blend of hot chocolate as well as a special type of latte. So we wish them the best of luck in the future of their company and hope they achieve much widespread success going forward.

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The outstanding career of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. He has served in the industry for couple of years. He hails from a rich background and this has never stopped him from chasing his dreams. He is the current president of the Eucatex firm, which specializes in the manufacture of products form the raw materials of the eucalyptus tree. He is a man filled with passion and dedication. He continues to bring inspiration to the lives of many people through encouraging entrepreneurs to chase their dreams as well as seek to explore lucrative opportunities for the success of their firms. Read more articles by Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

Flavio Maluf`s contribution to the growth of the economy of Brazil is also notable through the various developments he has brought in the country through his ventures. He also strives to give his views concerning the economy of the country with the aim of pointing out the factors that affect various industrial divisions. Through his opinions and analysis, he has helped people make informed decisions as well as come up with the best solutions towards the running of their ventures.

In his recent advocations, he gave an outline of the country’s economy. There was a decrease in the supply of livestock in the country and the sector was said to have been affected by the low supply of soybeans. Though the agricultural sector was marked by both a decrease and increase in some phases, Flavio Maluf insisted that every member in the country ought to adopt good farming practices for their development as well as high production. Maluf has continued to share his counsel with others, and through his advocations, he has emerged to be a reliable and committed leader that serves as an example. His hard work has also played a significant role in boosting his career, and he continues to inspire many individuals.

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Peter Briger and his Career Growth

He is a financial guru and has been working in the industry for many years. Mr. Briger was named as one of the elite 400 businesspersons by the Forbes Magazine. At Fortress Investment Group, he works as the president also chairs some of the board meetings. Peter Briger contributed a lot in the process of transforming the firm into public-owned. He is tasked with overseeing two divisions, the real estate and credit fund businesses. He has worked for the organization for almost two decades now. Earlier in his career, he served as a partner at the Goldman Sachs and Co. for 15 years, and this provided a perfect opportunity to gain the necessary experience needed in business. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he acquired an MBA and a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. During his tenure at the Fortress Investment Group, he has transformed it into one of the most reputable players in the market today.

Fortress Investment Group has grown over the years to the current level where it has assets worth more than $65 billion. The firm caters to the needs of both private investors and institutions. Peter Briger has succeeded in the transformation of distressed debt into cash at Fortress. His colleagues respect him and they value his insights on various issues. Many organizations around the globe have experienced financial constraints due to the economic crisis that has hit many countries. Mr. Briger has helped some of the markets to raise the required capital and that has earned him global recognition.

Peter Briger’s vast experience in leadership positions has led to his appointment to serve on the boards of large firms. Making profit is not his only goal, he has participated in many philanthropic initiatives that have benefited thousands of people. One of his most notable charitable activities is the donations of over $600 million meant to maintain the Central Park in New York. He is also passionate about improving the quality of education and helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their full potential through training and mentorship programs. Mr.Peter Briger hopes to makes a greater impact in the society in the future.

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New York, it’s been said this is the City That Never Sleeps. One of the reasons why it doesn’t is because of the demands of big businesses, of which there are many here; why, just in midtown Manhattan alone. There are literally thousands of businesses.

Another reason why New York is such a busy city is because of the top recruitment talent that contributes to its bustling demands.


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One company that is helping firms not just in New York but also throughout the world is GoBuyside. Since 2011-seven years -this company has made a major impact on the Business World, helping private equity and hedge fund firms to thrive by means of hiring competent, corporate professionals.

Is your firm struggling because of the lack of competent corporate talent? Then it needs GoBuyside’s help. Just go online and sign up as a registered member, and you’ll be all ready to start receiving qualified professional help to help your business reach its peak potential.

They’re here to help; just contact them and their trusted staff will be online ready to assist you with your issues and concerns and to answer your recruitment-related questions.

Yes, New York is indeed a City that doesn’t sleep, make sure your firm doesn’t go to sleep financially because it didn’t choose the right type of corporate professionals to help to keep your business in edge.

GoBuyside is waiting, it’s waiting to make sure your business doesn’t wind up like the rest, businesses that are floundering because they didn’t choose the right kind of businesses professionals they needed to get the right kind of job done. That’s what GoBuyside is all about, hiring the kind of recruiting professionals your company has been seeking.

So go online today and set up an account with GoBuyside, a firm that’ll make sure your business doesn’t go to sleep.

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Guilherme Paulus’ journey to success in the tourism industry

Guilherme Paulus is a prominent mogul in the tourism industry in Brazil. His journey to dominance as a prestigious tour operator dates back to the 1970s when, as an aspiring entrepreneur, he helped to found the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens (CVC Company) in conjunction with his business partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. With the tourism industry back then facing significant competition and lack of exposure in the market, Guilherme Paulus and his partner worked quite hard to help establish their business through creating a wide array of tourist packages as a way of penetrating the competitive market. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at

Since the 1970s, owing to the innovative efforts that the two had put in the company, the CVC Company managed to weather market storms thereby attaining greater measures of success. The company managed to penetrate the Brazilian stock exchange market in 2013, thereby giving Guilherme Paulus a much-required boost of capital with which he expanded his investments by diversifying further into other segments of the travel and accommodation sector.

The company, under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, has managed to expand its investments in the tourism industry by including a few hotels which have helped in the packaging of its products to potential customers. Paulus’ company formed strategic partnerships with the GJP Group of hotel chain which he helped to found. The GJP Group’s investments in the hotel industry got a major boost under Paulus’ visionary leadership of incorporating various levels of diversification ranging from 5 stars to 3 stars as a way of attracting more customers from all walks of financial capacities.


His successful investments in the hotel and the tourism industry motivated Guilherme Paulus to found other investments that were of tremendous help to his business. For example, they GJP Group championed the incorporation of golf courses in some of Guilherme Paulus’ big and prestigious hotels as a way of expanding the successes of the company in the market. The golf courses have given the company a competitive edge as far as marketing and packaging of its products is concerned. His successes in the tourism and accommodation industry have propelled him to the stage with other internationally acclaimed entrepreneurs. Visit to know more about Guilherme Paulus.

Steve Ritchie Helping Papa John’s Move Forward

The new chief executive officer of Papa John’s is doing everything that he can to find out how his company can do better for their team members and franchisees. This includes traveling across the country and meeting with them personally to find out what their opinions are and exactly what they feel they need for the company to do better. Steve Ritchie believes that People Are Priority Always and is looking forward to helping his company heal and grow.

Some of the stores that Steve Ritchie visited included those in Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. He didn’t just speak to the people that owned the restaurants, he spoke to the employees that kept these businesses up and running. Papa John’s couldn’t exist without their employees and Steve Ritchie recognizes this more than anyone.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns found that many of the franchise owners saw their employees like their second family. They truly care about their well-being and are disappointed about the hardships they’ve faced due to the broken trust that many of their customers began to feel. These owners and employees care about their community as well and proudly support local charities and schools in their area.

While the conversations had were not easy by any means, they were very much needed. Steve Ritchie believes it is time for a fresh start and is optimistic about being able to heal. Not only for Papa John’s itself but for each employee and customer that has been affected by the recent challenges. Also read this article from Yahoo Finance.

The Papa John’s teams are dedicated to helping the company move forward from these trying times that they have faced. They are determined to not let it stop them and they are doing what they need to do to gain the trust of customers back. They want to take their place back as an important part of their community and are working hard to do it.

Only time will tell just how long the healing process will take, but Steve Ritchie is willing to do what it takes. He knows that Papa John’s can do better and will. They will build a better company.

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