How OSI Industries Has Grown to Become a Premier Food Supplier Around the Globe Under McDonalds

Ottos Kolschowsky, a businessman established a small meat shop in Oak Park Illinois about a century ago and dubbed it Otto & Sons. As is the nature of the business, if flourished and began expanding and several branches had been opened by 1928 in Chicago. It was later rebranded into OSI Industries and has a global recognition today as one of the food processing company.OSI Group McDonalds restaurant was opened in Des Plaines in 1955. It began selling custom-made value-added food products such as burgers, sandwiches, beef, chicken, pork among other food products. OSI Industries understood far too well, that the range of products they were dealing with was highly perishable, some effective preservation means had to be adopted.

The obvious tech solution was to use the cryogenic food processing which use frozen nitrogen to give food products a longer lifespan. This has helped the company align with it commitment and goal to provide high quality foods to their customers.Today, the company has many line products and have established specific food processing plants that manufacture these foods. For instance, the Moy Park deals with Chicken, GW Padley Poultry and Dove Valley manage poultry affiliated food substances among other companies. This business’s success can be well understood is the main food supplier in over 65 countries around the world; bringing the American experience to other parts of the world. It has scooped million making food supplies deals and with quality being a strong emphasis.

About David McDonalds

About David McDonalds is the Chief Operating Officer and President of the OSI Group, based in Aurora, Illinois. He has served in various capacities before raising to the present position; he has been a project manager, headed the OSI International Foods in Australia, Brazil, and Europe. Elsewhere, he has also worked for Marfrig Global Foods, North American Meat Institute and is now the chairman of directors at OSI Group McDonalds. OSI Group McDonalds holds a Bachelor of Science –Animal Science degree from the Iowa State University. Another keynote person in OSI Industries is Sheldon Lavin who is the Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group McDonalds was ranked among the largest private companies in America by Forbes.

Jeremy Goldstein Has Come Through For Fountain House Once Again:

Jeremy Goldstein has worked hard over his extensive legal career to develop the reputation as one of the finest lawyers in the USA in the area of corporate legal counsel and CEO compensation. His reputation proceeds itself and he has been involved in some of the most critical transactions that have transpired in the corporate world in recent decades. He has done this as the head of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. Though his expertise as an attorney is what Jeremy Goldstein is known most well for throughout his professional career, he also has an undeniable reputation as a philanthropist as well and has made it a major commitment of his life to give back to the community.


Atop thelist of the philanthropic activities of Jeremy Goldstein, his commitment to lending support to Fountain House is one of his top priorities. Fountain House represents one of the top models for the treatment of individuals with mental health issues. The organization has regularly made clear the effectiveness of its programs and has changed the lives of many. Fountain House has an overall mission to assist in the recovery of both men and women who are suffering from the damaging effects of mental illness. The organization is also notable for the outstanding support system that it provides in assisting its members to utilize their individual talents in the atmosphere of a supportive community.


Jeremy Goldstein recently organized an outstanding fundraiser in the form of a pair of fabulous wine dinners. The proceeds of these events went to Fountain House in order to help the organization in doing its critical charitable work. Jeremy Goldstein worked side by side with the Fountain House Board of Directors in order to coordinate these fundraising events. The end result was impressive, to say the least. More than $56 thousand was raised as a result of the pair of wine dinners that were put together under the guidance of Jeremy Goldstein. Learn more:

Steve Ritchie : Backing up his words with action

Current public relations at the Papa John’s company have been in crisis mode due to an internal scandal involving a former employee of the company. Today, Papa John’s is under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie. Steve is no newcomer to the company as his involvement dates back to the late ’90s where he worked as a customer service rep. In addition, Steve has owned and operated a Papa John’s franchise as well as recently being the president of the company.

In a recent apology letter by Steve Ritchie to employees and customers, Steve begins to attempt to bridge the gap formed by distrust and anger against the company. He begins by letting customers know that there is no excuse for the hurtful words spoken within the company, words that have caused him one of the roughest weeks of his life and a pain greater felt within the communities. He adds, however, that people be understanding in the fact that those hurtful words did not represent the company as a whole, not the employees or staff of Papa Johns because, at the end of the day, those people working their locations are our sisters, mothers, brothers, and fathers.

The letter would not end with mere words of apology but with a promise to take action as well. Steve Ritchie announced within the letter that a full audit of the companies culture would take place through its locations. In addition, his senior management along with himself would also travel across the country in an attempt to communicate with employees and customers in a more personal manner. Lastly, is the promise of a more transparent company for everyone. There is no doubt that this new leadership for Papa John’s will cast a light of hope for those who were hurt by hateful speech.

The Growth Of OSI Industries

OSI industries is a food manufacturing company. It also supply food and retail markets in the United States. Some of the foods it deals with include, beef, pork, desserts, pizza, products from poultry, vegetables, and fruits, products that are based on cheese and many other products. The year of initiating company is 1909. It is situated in Aurora. The food manufacturing company is a subsidiary of the other organization called OSI group.

In 2016, the OSI food solutions received an award of prestigious Globe of Honor. This award was presented to them in the city of London. OSI industries are one of the lucky organizations that received an award. This award is not just a by the way, there must be an achievement made to deserve the honor. The main reason for them to receive the award is because they portrayed their excellent environmental management. The industries are managed by a person called Sheldon Lavin. Under his leadership, the company has consistently managed to produce sustainable food. The company has a history of always having ways of managing so many challenges. It is one of the top food producing companies around the globe. It has developed from being a butcher shop to the large organization it is today. Lavin has played a huge role in ensuring that OSI industries reach the top. This is through encouraging the team to embrace new strategies that come along the way. Use of modern technology has also contributed to the growth of the OSI company.

OSI industries have made it a culture to follow the new trends. This is because they are looking forward to ways that can assist them to produce food in friendlier environment. This company has developed to be a very huge company. It has over 2000 workers. The company has 65 facilities. It is also distributed in 17 countries in the world. Based on a study it is position 58 in the world. It has a net worth of $6.1 billion. It has a commitment to sustainability which motivates it to be more innovative. Through innovation, the latest technology is their focus. This has assisted the company in a great way. It has recorded tremendous growth within a very short period of time.

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Vinod Gupta And Five Golden Principles


Vinod Gupta is an Indian-born American businessman, investor, and philanthropist who shares his success and positivity on five basic business techniques and principles. Vin Gupta did not have it easy growing up, and he was not just handed his business success on a silver platter.

Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.

One of the Gupta’s first Business Principles is simple, work hard! Remember to not just be present in a situation, but rather be engaged and involved for the amount of time dedicated to work. One could sit at work for forty hours, and not actually accomplish anything they set out to do. Being present is vital to the success of a business, and without being present, goals may not be reached as easily.

After working hard, the next principal to follow his to be kind to one another. Some believe that the only way to get ahead in business is to stab one another in the back, and Gupta says this is not the case. One can truly see how a person is as a person when they socialize with those people considered to be below them. One should be humble to even the janitor who cleans the floors at night because after all, everyone is an integral part of a business. See Related Link to learn more.

The next two principles to follow, according to Vin Gupta are: having a vision and being flexible with that vision. Having a goal or vision to look ahead to is highly important because one needs to make sure they are reaching for something constantly. And at that same point, be prepared to change your vision. You cannot always expect where the road will go on your road to success, and there will be different turns and twists that one may need to head down if the first road does not work out.

Finally, Vin Gupta attributes his success on his ever-changing ability to learn something new. The world is full of new adventures and classes that are just waiting to be learned. The more you learn and know, the more valuable you will be to businesses around the world!


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Paul Mampilly Encourages Investors to Consider Homebuilder Stocks

Senior Editor of Banyan Hill, Paul Mampilly has almost 26 years of expertise and work experience in the investment industry managing hedge fund portfolios. He worked directly with prestigious firms including Bankers Trust, Kinetics, Deutsche Bank, and Common Sense Publishing. Paul held positions as an assistant portfolio manager, senior portfolio manager, consultant, and senior research analyst. So, in the global markets and investment opportunities, he is on top of the latest trends with valuable information. In October 2018, he informs over 60,000 subscribers about a housing shortage for the millennials.

The millennials are the largest generation in American history who are the ages of 35 years and younger. It’s difficult for them to find houses that meet growing demand, especially in San Francisco and New York, Paul Mampilly stated in his article. He says the housing markets have been increasing for many years and purchases have declined because millennials are experiencing price-out. Paul Mampilly believes the solution to the problems in the market is homebuilder stocks and the construction industry. He advises investors to consider the home construction ETF because homebuilder stocks are coming back.

Paul Mampilly recommends home construction ETF almost three years earlier. He said the shares were down by 30 percent since the beginning of this year. He also suggested in August that ETF investments for holiday season are amplify online retail, Vanguard Consumer, and S&P Retail. Despite the challenges the new millennials face, Paul has faith in the rise in homebuilder stocks. When this happens, they will have opportunities to shop the markets that with reasonable prices for new and older houses.

India-born Paul Mampilly came to the United States and worked many years for Wall Street enterprises. Since joining Banyan Hill in 2016, his subscribers rose from 40,000 to over 60,000 by the end of 2017. He is Editor of Profits Unlimited, a popular newsletter published by Banyan. The publisher releases the weekly newsletter and mails to the subscribers with updated information about investments and stock performances. He also reminded his subscribers to stick with his advice for homebuilder stocks he recommended two years ago.

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The Talos Find

The U.S. oil company, Talos Energy, is seeking to partner with the state-run Mexican oil company, Pemex, to jointly develop a prospective and potentially oil-rich area. The area in question was in 2017 discovered by Zama, a subsidiary of Talos Energy, to contain huge field of oil. The area neighbor’s an area owned by Pemex that was found to also have huge oil field earlier this year. Talos Energy is even now in the works to tap into its earlier find and wants Premex to join its groups of company partners. Talos Energy is led by its Chief Executive Officer, Tim Duncan.

Duncan hopes that he can secure a deal between Talos Energy and Pemex by the end of the year. Mexico’s president-elect, Lopez Obrador, who takes office in December has promised to strengthen Pemex. At this time he has not given many details about how he intends to do this. However, rumors from insiders suggest that he may be offering service contracts to various private companies such as Talos Energy to partner with Pemex in extracting oil. He will be doing this to help curb a 14-year production slump by Pemex.

In September of this year, Mexico approved appraisal plan for what is called the Zama Project in which Talos Energy will invest $325 million to drill two new wells in the area. A very intense study of the territory has led experts to predict that it will produce 100,000 to 150,000 barrels for day Talos and any partners by 2023. The project is in the works right now and will involve the construction of these platforms in 500 feet of water. It is hoped that Pemex can join this Talos led multi company effort by the first of 2019. It looks like this partnership will, in fact, become reality.

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JD.Com Among The Winners Of 2018 Seal Award

This year, will be among other companies that will receive the award for 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. also known as Jingdong is among the leading e-commerce companies that have embraced technology in their operations as a retail infrastructure. The award will be proof of its commitment to carrying out initiatives that support environmental sustainability and its contribution to social innovation not forgetting the impact the company has had on the society through the “Corporate Responsibility Program”.


The team in charge of the CSR at Jingdong is responsible for galvanizing the company by carrying out programs that support sustainable development. It has implemented initiatives that have touched on all areas of Jingdong operations from product production, packaging, selling activities, and their delivery to consumers. These operations are executed in a manner that promotes environmental sustainability and creates other positive impacts on society.


SEAL Award is given to companies that support sustainability, environmental achievement, and exceptional leadership. By receiving this award, Jingdong will be joining other honorees such as Nike, Apple, Samsung among others. The head of CSR at Jingdong recently reported that the company was honored by the award and it will continue to join other global companies in corporate sustainability.


The recognition is an indication of the company’s commitment to carry out activities that protect the environment, alleviate high poverty levels, and supports education and innovation. Jingdong has built a culture where all its people believe that the traditional metrics of performance are not enough, but its performance should also be evaluated by the impact it has on the people in the society. The company’s commitment comes from the belief that it has a responsibility to the society. Go To This Page for more information


Jingdong’s recycling initiative achieved the highest level of environmental impact among the contesting companies. The program’s effects were felt in 47 cities across China and it recycled more than 400,000 toys and more than one million clothing. These were extraordinary statistics and they show that Jingdong is leveraging on its wide customer base to make improvements on the environment. The company is also taking advantage of technology advancement to make significant contributions to environmental protection.


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Sujit Choudhry using constitutional law to proponent for peace

Sujit Choudhry offers his services to the University of California, Berkely School of Law where he is the professor and the dean. At the New York University, he was the professor of law and the University of Toronto he was the Scholl Chair. He is recognized internationally because of his authority when it comes to politics and constitutional law. Sujit has been asked to speak in different parts of the country just because he has in-depth experience in the various fields, refer to ( The passion that he has in law was inspired by the law degrees that he has gained, upbringing from a multicultural background, and the years of experience.

Sijuit Choudhry has spent a better part of his life traveling around the world with the aim of forging the constitutions. That was one thing that drew him to the idea of doing all he could to build a global knowledge network. The networks he wanted to use them in assisting him in the new constitutional democracies, clilck While he was traveling, he found out that there was a lack of up to date research. The lack of information led to him having difficulties in implementing the constitutions and with that he could not offer advice. The degrees that he has are from three different countries. The global background that he has is the reason why he can approach the public policy with a worldly stance.

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Sujit has had the chance of working with different people of all cultures, and he has learned that taking on a more empathetic approach is essential in the constitution building, check him in ( The first step that he has taken to help the constitutional democracies is first getting to understand the viewpoint. The second one is welcoming new ideas by not fearing change. Currently, Sujit Choudhry is preparing himself so that to found the three global collaborative research projects. Sujit was raised in Canada, but he was born in India, his multicultural upbringing was the reason for his global perceptive and his career. His parents were well educated, and with that, they created an intellectual stimulation in their home. The three degrees that he possesses are from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard.

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Dr. Walden Works To Help Her Patients

Austin based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden works to give her patients the best care that she can. Rather than work for the love of money or for the sake of vanity, Dr. Walden believes that her work helps people to become the best person they can be. By helping improve their looks, Dr. Walden greatly helps their outlook on life and overall self-image. Dr. Walden herself has had cosmetic surgery previously and she believes this gives her some insight and empathy concerning her patients’ wishes.

Dr. Walden went to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston before starting her practice. She was the salutatorian of her class before completing her aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She started her practice at New York City before returning to the city of Austin in 2011.

One of the keys to Dr. Walden’s success is her ability to empathize. Over 90% of cosmetic surgeries are preformed on women. With so few board-certified female plastic surgeons in general, many patients are able to open up to Dr. Walden in a way they feel they can’t with a male cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Walden understands many of the plights and desires of her patients and is able to understand where they come from in terms of what they want. Many of her patients feel as though they can discuss changes they want without judgment. Dr. Walden has herself had botox and believes she will someday have a diastasis repair. This helps her to further connect with her patients.

Today Dr. Walden is raising her twin sons in Austin while practicing her craft. She believes wholeheartedly that her work is immensely helpful to women and hopes to continue her work for years to come.

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